Care Of Amazon Lily Flowers: How To Plant Amazon Lily Bulbs

by Peter on October 26, 2020

The Amazon Lily flower bulb is one of the most popular plants for sale in Australia. They are sold in a variety of colors and sizes. There are many different types of Amazon lilies available for purchase. Some varieties have beautiful flowers while others grow up to 6 feet tall with long stems. Some varieties even produce small white butterflies!

Amazon lilies are easy to grow and require little attention other than regular watering. However, they do need to be pruned regularly if they are going to maintain their shape or size. If you want your Amazon lily plant to bloom all year round then it’s best not only to water them but also fertilize them once a month.

How To Plant Amazon Lily Plants

Planting an Amazon Lily plant requires a bit of planning. You will need to choose a location where you can get at least some sunlight during the day. Then you’ll need to dig out soil from around the base of the tree so that you can place your new plant roots into it. After planting, make sure that the soil stays moist until it starts draining off its holding area and drains back down into the ground.

The Amazon lily is also known as the rain lily, due to the fact it grows naturally in swamps and marshes. The plant can grow up to 6 feet tall and has beautiful white, yellow, or orange flowers.

Care Of Amazon Lily Care

The care of an amazon lily plant requires at least six hours of sunlight a day. If you can’t provide that much sunlight then try moving the plant around to increase the amount of sunlight it gets.

One of the negative things about an amazon lily is that it can get very large as it grows. If you want it to stay small, then you’ll need to limit how much it grows each year. To do this, cut the stem that has grown in the springtime before it has a chance to bloom. This will stop it from growing and from producing seeds.

If you want it to grow larger each year, then simply let it grow. In the springtime you can cut it back before it blooms and produces seeds. Once you let it grow again, repeat this process until you feel it’s the right size.

One of the best features of the amazon lily is that it produces white, yellow, or orange butterflies. They are short-lived and only live for a few weeks. You can enjoy the flowers while watching the butterflies flutter around your yard or home.

Where Can I Buy Amazon Lily Plants?

You can buy amazon lily plants from most local nurseries or garden centers. You can also find online nurseries that sell them. You can also check your local newspaper as a last resort.

Most nurseries that sell amazon lily plants should also have bulbs for sale. You can take these bulbs and plant them the following year to enjoy your lilies all over again. If you can’t find bulbs for sale, be sure to ask the nursery if they sell them.

It’s always better to buy your bulbs locally. If you can’t get them locally then you should be able to find them online. Check Amazon or eBay or sites like those to find bulbs for sale.

These amazon lily plants are beautiful and make a great addition to any garden or yard. You can enjoy them all year long. Just be sure to plant them in an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day. Cutting them back if they get too big and planting bulbs can keep them small enough to enjoy in the years to come.

Growing Amazon Lilies From Seed

If you want to try something different, you can try growing amazon lily plants from seed. This method is a bit tricky and requires some skill. You will need to gather the seeds once the lily has bloomed and dried out. Once the large petals fall off you can see small green bulbs. These are seeds and they look kind of like peas.

Gather these and place them in a bag or container. They need to be kept warm and moist to grow. To do this put a small amount of potting soil in the bag and then place the seeds on top. Cover them with more potting soil and then place the bag in a warm area. Keep it moist but not wet. Check it every few days to see if it needs water. Once the seeds sprout, move them to a sunny window and once they get their second set of foliage, you can transplant them into your garden.

You can enjoy these beautiful plants in your own home or yard. Be sure to choose one of the varieties that are appropriate for your area. You can also grow bulbs from lily plants to enjoy them yearly. They are free from most pests and diseases so they are easy to take care of. Amazon lily plants are great accent pieces in any landscape.

So before you go off and buy some lilies from the grocery store or other big box store, try growing your own amazon lilies from bulbs or seeds. You will be glad you did and you can impress your neighbors at the same time.

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