Snake Plant Problems: Leaves Curling On Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

by Peter on October 26, 2020

Mother-in-law’s tongue is curled up. She is so embarrassed because she forgot to brush her teeth yesterday.

Her husband says that it looks like she had a bad dream last night. But when he touched her mouth with his finger, he found out that it was indeed crooked!

Is there anything wrong with mother in law?

Yes, there are some problems with mother in law’s tongue. Mother in law’s tongue is curled up due to snake plant problem. There are many kinds of problems caused by snake plant. Some of them include:

1) Mother-in-law’s tongue is bent inward (curved).

2) Mother-in-law’s tongue is twisted outward (twisted).

3) Mother-in-law’s tongue is wrinkled (wrinkled).

The following picture shows the problem of mother in law’s tongue. The right side of her tongue is curved while the left side is twisted.

When she touches her lips with her fingers, they curl inward. If she were to touch her eyes, they would not bend at all. We can see that the problem has a negative effect on the way she looks.

How does Mother-in-law’s tongue become bent inwardly?

The bending of mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the most common problems caused by snake plant. Sometimes it is so severe that it curls up like a spiral. The cause is due to the lack of nutrition in her body (especially lack of calcium and magnesium).

How to avoid Mother-in-law’s tongue from becoming twisted, curled, and bent?

Mother-in-law’s tongue should drink more milk and eat more calcium and magnesium. She can eat some oyster.

Oysters contain a lot of calcium. Eating 5 or 6 oyster can help her solve the problem of mother-in-law’s tongue in a week or so.

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