Trumpet Plant Propagation – How To Root Trumpet Vine Cuttings

by Peter on October 26, 2020

How To Root Trumpet Vine Cuttings:

1) Select a location where you want to plant trumpet vine cuttings.

You can choose any place that is suitable for your situation. If you are planting trumpet vines in containers, then it would be best if they have some shade so that the plants will not get scorched during hot summer days.

2) Make sure that there is enough space around the area where you want to plant trumpet vine cuttings.

It’s better if they don’t touch each other or soil.

3) Prepare the ground thoroughly with compost, sand, and/or peat moss.

Do not use organic fertilizer because it may harm them. Use only non-chemical fertilizers like those recommended by your garden center or nursery.

4) Cover the area with plastic sheeting.

It helps to protect the roots from getting damaged during transplanting.

5) Water well when necessary.

During the first few weeks after transplanting, water regularly until all parts of the plant start growing vigorously. Then watering becomes less frequent and stops altogether once your trumpet vine starts producing fruit (if you are planning to eat it).

6) Carefully examine the plant once every week.

Look for signs that it is ready to be pruned. If any, immediately cut off all dead or damaging parts.

This will keep them from going all bad at the same time and possibly killing your plant.

7) Stop fertilizing your trumpet vines two weeks before you plan to transplant.

If you are not sure, ask your garden center or nursery personnel before using them.

8) Water well one week before transplanting.

This prepares the plant for its new home.

9) Using pruners, cut off all the aerial roots that are growing outside of the container.

These are usually thicker than the others and can easily be identified. Also use a smaller blade to cut slits on any roots that are growing in a circle around the inside of the pot.

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