Catmint Companion Plants: Tips On Planting Next To Catmint Herbs

by johnah on October 28, 2020

Catmint Companion Plants: Tips On Planting Next To Catmint Herbs

The first thing that needs to be known about catnip is that it is not a weed at all. It is actually a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae). There are many different species of catnip, but they all have one common characteristic – they smell like cats!

So much so, that some people believe that eating catnip will make them feel less anxious or depressed.

Cats are a big part of our lives. They play an essential role in keeping us safe from predators and other dangers, as well as providing companionship. Cats are very social animals; they live with their friends and family members for life, even if they don’t get along with each other.

However, when cats become too friendly towards humans, there is often conflict between the two species. One of the most famous examples of this is the “cottonmouth” fish, which is native to North America. These fish are carnivorous and will attack anything that moves. If a human touches a cat while it is feeding on a catfish, then they may die within minutes due to being bitten repeatedly by these vicious creatures.

In fact, cats are so dangerous to humans because they prey upon birds and small mammals such as mice and voles. The main reason that a cat is going to hunt is because of hunger, and they are always hungry. There are numerous animals that prey upon cats as well, such as wolves, coyotes, eagles, and even large tortoises.

Despite this, there are many places where humans and cats can live together in harmony.

It took humans thousands of years to transform the world from a wilderness into an urbanized landscape like it is today. This transformation occurred in three major stages. In the first stage, humans began to domesticate animals for companionship and labor.

In the second stage, we began to domesticate plants to provide food and other resources. In the third stage, we started to tame and breed wild animals in captivity for the same reasons. Now that most of our needs are met, it is up to us to transform the world once again – this time in favor of preserving nature and biodiversity rather than destroying it. In other words, we need to go back to our roots. The best way we can do this is by domesticating and cultivating predators that have few predators of their own.

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The most important types of animals to domesticate are large carnivores like the puma, cougar, lynx, and wolf. These creatures share many similarities with house cats, but are larger and far less friendly towards humans. In some cases, they can be even more dangerous than a tiger!

However, there are ways of taming these beasts.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians had a habit of domesticating such creatures. To do this, they would raise them from a young age while providing everything they needed, much like one would do with a pet cat or dog. Once the animal is old enough and large enough to not be a threat to their human handlers, they can be used for work or entertainment – such as acting in movies!

Of course, these animals will never become fully domesticated, but they can be used to protect livestock in between filming sessions.

One of the animals that can be tamed in this manner is the puma, also known as the cougar or mountain lion. The ancient Egyptians used these animals as part of their circus and zoos. Young pumas were imprinted onto humans at a young age through hand-raising.

(This is very similar to how we treat puppies and kitties!) They were taught to perform tricks through the use of positive reinforcement, such as the giving of treats. These circus animals were so well-behaved that they could be walked on a leash and would lie down on command.

Pumas are interesting creatures. They are closely related to house cats – in fact, pumas are sometimes called mountain lions or cougars. They are very large felines, usually smaller than a donkey but larger than a bear.

They sport a sleek build and are covered in tawny fur with darker markings over their ears, mask, and across their bodies. While they have a reputation for being fierce predators that can hunt even the largest prey, they can also be quite shy and no more aggressive than your average house cat.

The other animal that was popular for the ancient Egyptian circus was the baboon. These monkeys were not nearly as friendly as the pumas; in fact, they are known for being quite hostile towards humans (and each other). They have sharp teeth that can severely injure a human, strong hands that can break a bone, and a troop of baboons is more than a match for an average human.

Despite this, they can be tamed given enough patience and effort.

Baboons are closely related to humans, sharing nearly 97% of our DNA. This means that they are practically our siblings – closer to us than chimpanzees or orangutans! They have human-like hands, though theirs are hairier and have sharper claws.

Their legs are more suited for climbing, unlike human legs; however, their feet are just as capable as ours. Their faces resemble a cross between a cat and a dog, with a muzzled nose, moist nostrils, and long ears.

The other types of animals you’ll be raising are herbivores; they cannot be raised for meat or milk production because it’s against the law to slaughter them! These animals can either become your pets, workers, or research subjects if they show signs of being trainable. Most of them cannot.

Domesticated animals are animals that have been bred over generations to be tolerant of humans. They do not possess the most intelligence and can often only follow very basic commands, such as “Come here” or “Go there.”

Guenons are a group of African monkeys that have been domesticated by the Africans for centuries. They’re very social creatures, so the Romans have taken advantage of this and bred them to form bonds with humans. While this means that they can be kept in captivity (if a little restricted) and can be trained to do certain tricks, it also means that they are the most human-like of all the animal species.

They have human-like emotions, resulting in them having erratic and sometimes violent mood swings. They can often pick up traits from humans, such as swearing, smoking, drinking, etc.

Guenons come in a wide variety of colors. They can have dark brown, black, or gray fur. Their faces usually have vivid colors, ranging from shades of yellow, blue, green, and more.

They have prehensile tails and oftentimes colorful hair-like feathers on their heads or arms.

Guenons are well known for their ability to emulate human speech. It is very hard to teach them to do this, however; they can only copy the sounds that they hear regularly. Because of this, they usually pick up curse words, foreign languages, and other things that humans are known to say.

They can sometimes be racist or prejudiced, mimicking the words of their trainers. Due to their human-like minds, a guenon can learn a new word or phrase very quickly, making them excellent learners.

Guenons have become popular as pets and entertainers for the upper class. They are usually kept in special zoological parks called Guenon Ranches. Depending on their coloring and markings, guenons can fetch prices up to $500 and up, which is a lot considering the average monthly wage is only $200.

Guenons are mainly found in places like Africa and Rome.

You can also find them in zoos, as mentioned before.

Despite their intelligence and ability to learn, they are still monkeys. It is advised that you do not taunt or pick on them, as they are very good at holding grudges. Always be respectful.

Like all animals, guenons are sentient and should be treated as intelligent creatures, not objects.

The Island

Catmint Companion Plants: Tips On Planting Next To Catmint Herbs from our website

The island on which the city of Kenos is situated is fairly large, about the size of the state of Rhode Island. It’s very green and hilly, with most places covered in lush vegetation. There is a large mountain in the center of the island, surrounded by a dense rainforest.

A small village is situated on the shore, from where boats leave for the city.

The island has lots of wild animals on it. There are no dangerous predators, but there are many deer-like creatures, monkeys, and various other mammals. In the waters surrounding the island, there are a large variety of fish and other sea creatures.

Kenos itself is fairly large as well, about the size of Vatican City. It’s a very modern city, with skyscrapers and trendy boutiques. The buildings are almost all made of glass or some sort of shiny metal.

Hip-looking cars cruise the streets, driven by fashionable people. There are also more rural areas in the city, with older buildings made of old stone.

Kenos is situated on the eastern side of the island, with a large bay on the northern shore. There is a large harbor, where many large ships come to visit the city. On the southern edge of the city is an airport, where many airplanes land every day.

Kenos experiences a warm climate most of the time, with moderate rainfall. The coldest it gets is about 50 degrees, and it rarely snows.

The citizens are very friendly towards outsiders. The police are honest and never ask for bribes. The streets are safe at all hours of the day, and violent crimes are very rare.

Kenos is a very modern city with clean water, clean streets, and good hygiene in general. It’s a healthy place to live.

Kenos is a very touristic city, so you can find many people speaking English. If not, the standard language of the city is Francite, which is known and spoken by almost everyone.


The island’s government is based on democracy and capitalism. The citizens vote for who they want to be in charge of the island, and that person decides what happens on the island. There are also laws put in place to ensure that everyone is safe and happy.

The currency of the island is the Euro, which is worth about $1.40.

If you have any questions about the island or its government, don’t hesitate to ask!

Kenos is a very safe place with almost no violent crime and almost no cases of theft. The police do require people to have a passport to enter or leave the city. Don’t lose it, or the police will have to arrest you and search you before you’re allowed to leave.

Fun Places to Visit

There are many fun places to visit in Kenos, such as the shopping districts, the various bars, or even simple parks where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Shopping Districts: There are many different shopping districts in Kenos. The Gold District is filled with expensive jewelry shops, fancy restaurants, and upscale clothing stores. The Crystal District has more personal gifts and items, such as custom-made glasses or decorations.

There’s also a Technology District which has the newest gadgets and other technological wonders.

Bars: Kenos has many different bars for any occasion. The The Sparkling Fountain is the best place to go for a drink on a hot summer day. It features an 80-foot waterfall, with the fountain’s water continually bubbling and spraying.

Catmint Companion Plants: Tips On Planting Next To Catmint Herbs from our website

The Falling Star is the place to go if you want to enjoy some live music. Many famous singers have performed on their stage. For a more lively atmosphere, the Mad Hatter is a popular place with many college students.

Parks: There are many parks in Kenos, all of them beautiful in their own way. The Oak Park is covered with trees whose leaves change colors in the fall. The Birch Park features a large lake where visitors can rent a paddle boat.

The Rose Garden is absolutely filled with roses of every color and variety.

Sports: Kenos has a few popular sports teams, and many people enjoy attending games or watching them on TV. Soccer is the most common sport people play. Kenos’ main team is the Kenoses Crusaders, who are currently the national champions.

Many people also enjoy watching football, which is a combination of soccer and rugby, or basketball.

Restaurants: There are many good restaurants in Kenos. The Olive Garden offers delicious Italian food and is known for its famous Olive Garden salad. IHOP is the International House of Pancakes, and is open 24/7.

No matter what you order, the pancakes are delicious! The Roast Beef has wonderful food at reasonable prices.

Shopping: Kenos Shopping has many popular stores, such as Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. You can also get your hair cut at the Super Cuts or go to the dentist at their Snap Dent location.

Medical: If you need medical attention while in Kenos, there is a hospital with many helpful doctors. The hospital also has advanced technology to save lives and stop diseases from spreading. There is also an urgent care clinic in case you don’t need extreme medical attention.

Religious: If you’re not religious, then you probably don’t need to worry about going to the religious centers in Kenos. But, if you do have religious beliefs, then these are the places to go. The Kenos Baptist Church is the most popular church in Kenos.

Services are every Sunday morning at 10:30. The First Church of Christ Scientist is another religion with a following in Kenos; it’s known for its silent services.

Places Not to Go

Just because it’s a big city doesn’t mean it’s safe. There are still places you need to watch out for.

Catmint Companion Plants: Tips On Planting Next To Catmint Herbs on

Skid Row: This area of Kenos is full of run-down buildings and filthy streets. Most of the people who live here are either unemployed or criminals. The police almost never patrol this neighborhood, so it’s basically lawless.

It’s not a good idea to wander around here alone.

Run-Down Apartments: Even in Kenos there are places were people don’t go because they are afraid. These run-down apartments fit that description. The police have tried to patrol the area more often, but it hasn’t made a difference.

It’s basically a no-man’s land.

Garbage Dump: This is where all of Kenos’ trash goes. The dump is enormous and smells terrible. Only the bravest people go there, and that’s only to dump their own trash.

City Hall: City Hall houses most of the government officials who run Kenos. It’s well protected by the police, who keep a close watch on it. Any protesters who get too loud or demonstrators who get too unruly are taken away by the police.

City Hall is located near the financial district and the Bluepoint Towers.

Kenos Police Department: The Kenos Police Department is located near City Hall. It has a spacious parking lot, a front desk, holding cells, and the chiefs office.

The Bluepoint Towers: The Bluepoint Towers are five skyscrapers that are connected at the base. They are among the tallest buildings in Kenos and house many businesses. The lower floors are reserved for small shops and restaurants, while the upper floors are luxurious apartments.

The towers are located near City Hall and the Gold District.

The Gold District: The Gold District has a high number of jewelry stores and banks. It’s also where the Kenos Museum is located.

Banks: With all those banks, you would think there would be a lot of thieves prowling the streets trying to get their hands on some easy money. Surprisingly, this isn’t really the case. The banks are pretty secure and have little cash on hand.

Most of the money is kept in huge safes behind the counters.

Eastern Kenos: Eastern Kenos is where the poorer people live. It’s got a bad reputation, though it isn’t any more dangerous than other parts of the city.

The Barrens: The Barrens are located outside of the city limits. No law enforcement patrols this area, so crime is able to thrive here.

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