Crocus Planting Tips: Learn When To Plant Crocus Bulbs

by johnah on October 29, 2020

Crocus Planting Tips: Learn When To Plant Crocus Bulbs

How Long Do Crocus Blooms Last?

Crocuses are perennials and grow best in full sun. They need plenty of water but not too much because they will wilt if left wet. If you live in a dry climate then you might want to consider growing them indoors where there is sufficient moisture to keep them alive. However, if you have a sunny location then crocuses will thrive.

If you’re looking for a plant that lasts longer than other plants then crocuses are your choice. You’ll get more blooms per pot than most other flowers and it’s easy to care for since they don’t require much attention at all.

You can expect your first crop of crocus bulbs to bloom within two weeks after transplanting them into their new home. After flowering, they will remain blooming until frost.

When Should I Plant Crocus Plants?

The earliest time to plant crocus plants is during the winter months when temperatures are colder. Spring is usually the best time to plant them since it’s warmer and you won’t have as many cold nights. Summertime isn’t bad either since it’s hot enough for them to flower but not so warm that they’ll wilt underfoot.

Do You Plant Crocus Bulbs In The Ground Or In Pots?

You can plant crocus bulbs in pots or in the ground as long as you prepare the soil and keep them watered. They grow best when they’re planted close together so you may want to consider putting several bulbs in one pot. If you do this, then you’ll need to water them more often.

Where Can I Plant Crocus Bulbs?

You can plant crocus bulbs just about anywhere except in shady areas that don’t get any sun at all. The sun is essential for them to bloom properly. They also need well-drained soil so make sure that your garden or chosen location doesn’t have a high water table.

How Far Apart Do You Plant Crocus Bulbs?

You should plant crocus bulbs no less than five inches apart since they grow and spread rapidly. If you’re using pots then they can be placed closer together depending on the size of pot. Also, if your pot is smaller then you’ll need to plant more bulbs in it so they don’t touch each other or else they won’t flower well.

Can You Plant Crocus Bulbs In The Fall?

You can plant crocus bulbs in the fall but keep in mind that it takes them a while to get situated so you won’t see any flowers until the spring. Early in the fall is the best time to plant them because the ground isn’t as cold and they will have enough time to form roots before winter sets in.

What Kind Of Soil Do You Plant Crocus Bulbs In?

You should plant your crocus bulbs in well-drained soil that is fertile. Avoid planting them in rocky or sandy areas since they need good nutrients to grow and bloom properly. If your soil is on the heavier side then add some organic matter to it such as compost or rotted manure.

What Kind Of Container Do You Plant Crocus Bulbs In?

You can plant crocus bulbs in pots or in the ground. If you’re planting them in pots, then you should use a pot that’s at least six inches deep since these bulbs need to be planted deep. Also, the bigger the pot, the more bulbs you can plant in it since they like to have room to grow and spread.

After Planting Them, What Maintenance Do They Need?

You shouldn’t have to do much maintenance with crocuses other than watering them every couple of days. If you notice that the foliage is dying off faster than they’re growing then you should add some compost or fertilizer to the soil. Beyond that, all you need to do if snap off the dead flower heads after they finish blooming.

When Should You Start Watering The Crocus Bulbs?

You should start watering your crocus bulbs as soon as you plant them. You don’t want the soil to dry out completely otherwise they may not grow at all. They will need watering once a week or more depending on how hot it is and the weather.

When Should You Transplant Them?

Crocus bulbs can be planted in the springtime or in the fall when the temperatures start to cool down. If you plant them in the spring then they should be ready to bloom by late spring or early summer. If you plant them in the fall then they will bloom the following spring. Transplanting them shouldn’t be done until after a few leaves have grown since crocuses tend to be very delicate right after they’re planted.

When Do The Flowers Bloom?

The crocus flowers should start blooming about six weeks after you plant them. They will continue to bloom until the weather starts to get too hot and then they will stop growing altogether. You don’t want to remove the dead flowers since they need this for nourishment to produce more flowers.

What Are Crocus Bulbs Good For?

Besides being able to add some beautiful flowers to your garden, crocus bulbs are also good for adding nutrients to your soil. Once the foliage dies off then you can dig them up and mix them into your garden or compost pile.

What Do Crocus Bulbs Look Like?

These pictures of common crocus flowers show what they look like when they are just starting to sprout and what they look like once they have bloomed.

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