Hardy Orchid Plants: Growing Hardy Orchids In The Garden

by johnah on October 30, 2020

Hardy Orchids For Sale: Zone 5

Growing Hardy Orchids In The Garden: What Is A Hardy Orchid?

The term “hardy” refers to plants which are able to survive harsh conditions such as extreme heat, cold, drought and pests. These plants are able to withstand these adverse situations due to their natural resistance. They have adapted themselves through genetic changes over time.

Orchids are one of the most common plants to grow in your garden. Orchids are often used in home decorating because they make beautiful accent pieces. Orchids are also useful in many other applications including medicine, food and beauty products.

Orchids can be grown from seeds or cuttings. Cuttings are easier to care for than seeds but it takes longer to produce flowers and fruits from cuttings. Most orchids grow in soil but there are a few that can be grown in other growing mediums. Orchids need certain nutrients to thrive.

They need a large array of minerals which can only be found in the soil. Orchids are also prone to infestations by pests and diseases. For this reason, it is also important to apply pesticides and other chemicals to strengthen their immune system and protect them from infestation.

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