Types Of Early Spring Blooming Flowers

by johnah on October 30, 2020

Types Of Early Spring Blooming Flowers:

The types of early spring blooming flowers are the most diverse. There are many different kinds of them.

Some of these flowers have been around for centuries while others were discovered only recently. They all have one thing in common – they bloom from March until June.

In general, the types of early spring blooming flowers are:

Dendrobiums (dandelions) Dendrophyllum spp. (wild dandelion) Dendrocnidea spp.

(old fashioned dandelion) Nardostachys spp. (new fashion dandelion) Scrophulariopsis spp. (round leaf toothwort) Tradescantia fluminensis (bush violet) Tradescantia zebrina (zebra wandering Jew)

Dendrobiums are also called dandelions. Their flowers are the most known.

These types of early spring blooming flowers look like furry yellow stars. They usually bloom from the tip of the stalk until the bottom. When they dry out the lower petals fall off and start to blow away in the wind. They are easy to recognize because the petals look like little teeth. These types of early spring blooming flowers are very common and grow everywhere around the world.

Dendrophyllum are also called wild dandelions. They bloom only a few weeks longer than dandelions and look almost exactly like them.

The only difference is that the round leaf toothwort has a leaf that looks like a tooth in the middle of its flower. The petals of this types of early spring blooming flowers are also covered in white bristles. Dendrophyllum usually grow only in the mountains, unlike dandelions which bloom everywhere on Earth.

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Dendrocnidea are the old fashioned dandelions. They are a rare and endangered species.

They look almost exactly like dandelions but they have a slightly different pattern of petals and a yellow center instead of a white one.

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