Zone 7 Evergreen Groundcovers – Growing Evergreen Groundcover In Zone 7

by johnah on November 1, 2020

Evergreen Ground Cover For Sun: What Is It?

Evergreens are perennials which grow from one year to the next. They have long life span and they will not die down after a few years. Evergreens can reach up to 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Evergreens are very easy to grow in your garden since they do not require much care or water. Evergreens are considered as one of the most common types of landscape plants.

Evergreen Groundcover Plants For Shade: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Shade is a type of plant that grows under certain conditions such as high altitude, desert areas, and even in some places where there is no sunlight at all. Shade plants produce their own light source through photosynthesis. These plants provide shade when they receive less than optimal amount of direct sunlight during the day time. Shade plants are commonly used in gardens because they provide shade for many different purposes.

The Benefits Of Evergreen Groundcover For Sun:

Evergreen ground covers are suitable for any kind of garden. They work well in cool climates, but they need more attention when it comes to heat.

If you want to use them in hot climate then you must make sure that these plants get enough sunlight during the day time. These plants are considered to be one of the best ways for creating a natural barrier between you and the soil. You can use them along pathways and around garden beds. There are some different types of evergreen groundcovers available such as;

1.Heather Plant:

These plants have flat carpet like foliage. They bloom beautiful bell shaped flowers during spring and summer seasons.

Heather plant prevents soil erosion and it holds the soil in place. You can use heather plant as a ground cover for sunny or partially sunny areas.

2.Moor Grass:

The moor grass plant has arching leaves that are blue green in color. These plants grow well in places where the soil is acidic and wet.

The flowers that bloom on this plant are purplish in color. You should plant the moor grass in shade or partial shade.

3.Holly Fern:

These plants have glossy narrow leaves with scalloped edges. These plants have small yellow flowers that bloom during the late fall and early spring seasons.

Zone 7 Evergreen Groundcovers – Growing Evergreen Groundcover In Zone 7 |

You should use holly fern in ground cover for shade or semi-shade areas.


The mazus plant has blue green leaves with yellow and purple flowers. These plants grow best in partially shaded areas, but they also grow well in full sun.

You can use these plants as groundcover for shady areas.

Evergreen Groundcovers For Sunlight: Some Final Words:

Evergreen ground covers are an excellent way to make your space look beautiful and natural. With these plants, you can tackle the problem of weeds, bare soil, and even mud.

You will also find that these plants provide a natural barrier between you and the soil. You can take advantage of this natural process to your benefit. Evergreen ground covers also provide excellent habitat for wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and some small mammals.

Now that you know more about evergreen ground covers you can decide whether or not they are right for your situation. These plants can be used in flowerbeds, along walkways, or even in rock gardens.

They are a great and low maintenance way to cover large areas.

Our Final Thoughts On Evergreen Groundcovers

Now you can go out and find the exact right kind of evergreen groundcover for any sun situation. You will also find that these plants can thrive in conditions that other plants would not be able to grow in.

Zone 7 Evergreen Groundcovers – Growing Evergreen Groundcover In Zone 7 - Picture

This makes them a versatile choice for adding natural beauty to your yard. You can also add different kinds of groundcovers together to make an even larger area of coverage.

They are another great low maintenance addition for your yard and they help to block out the soil and keep it from being able to be seen which helps in keeping a nice clean neat look. They are a great way to cover up large expanses of what might otherwise look like dead space.

It is always nice to have some evergreen plants around whether it be in your yard or even in a planter on the patio. There is just something aesthetically pleasing about the evergreens that is pleasing to the eyes.

You can use them however you want and wherever you want. They are very versatile when it comes to placement.

You can put them in your flowerbeds or even in between the cracks of your patio.

It is amazing how a little evergreen bush can completely change the look and feel of any area that they are in. They are just one more thing to love about the great outdoors.

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