Bok Choy Planting Time: When Do I Plant Bok Choy

by johnah on November 3, 2020

Bok Choy Planting Time: When To Plant Bok Choy.

The first thing to remember when planting bok choy is that it needs a good soil mix with lots of organic matter like compost or manure. You need to provide enough room for your new plant so that it will have plenty of space to grow and spread out its roots. If you don’t give your bok choy enough room, then it won’t get any root system development at all!

When you are ready to plant your bok choy, start by digging a hole big enough for your new plant. Then fill the hole with potting soil and add some peat moss if possible. Make sure there is no air pockets around the base of the pot because they could cause problems later on. Place your newly planted bok choy into the ground and water well.

Watering too much may cause it to rot before it gets very far along in its life cycle!

You can also use a drip irrigation system. However, make sure that the water doesn’t go down into the bottom of the pot since this might cause rot.

In case you want to keep your bok choy in a container for longer than one year, then you should consider transplanting it every three years instead of just once. This may also be necessary in some areas where the soil may not be the best for bok choy. You may find that you need to add manure or other nutrients occasionally if your bok choy is in a container.

Bok Choy Planting Time: When Do I Plant Bok Choy.

Many people wonder when the best time to plant a bok choy is since they can be planted at just about any time of year. It’s true that you can plant a bok choy in the fall or even during winter (just protect it from frost), but the best time to plant a bok choy is just before the last frost of spring. This is because you’ll get your first harvest much sooner this way when grown outdoors.

Bok Choy Companion Plants.

If you’re wondering what to plant with bok choy, the answer is just about anything! It’s a tough plant that really doesn’t have any enemies in the garden. Still, it does grow best when planted with corn so that it can provide some shade for the corn. It also grows best with most other plants.

Bok Choy Growing Tips.

When growing bok choy you should realize that the plants are very susceptible to getting their roots damaged.

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