Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them

by johnah on November 4, 2020

Do Deer Eat Rose Plants?

Duck hunting season is here! If you are like most of us, you have probably been looking forward to it since last year. There are many reasons why you might want to hunt ducks and other waterfowl. For some, it’s just a way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. However, there are others who hunt ducks because they believe that killing them helps protect their crops or livestock from predation by these animals. Some hunters even go so far as to say that if ducks were not protected by law, they would kill all of them.

Some people believe that ducks will only attack humans when provoked. Others think that they will attack humans without provocation.

Still others believe that ducks don’t actually have any natural fear of people, but rather humans have created a myth around duck attacks in order to scare the birds into staying out of certain areas where human activity is taking place.

Whatever the reason, there is no denying that ducks do occasionally attack people. Even though it seems like ducks don’t really care whether someone is hunting them or not, they still react to being attacked.

They may try to escape, they may fly away in panic, or they may attempt to fight back with their sharp talons and beaks. In fact, sometimes a duck can even bite through clothing before dying of blood loss due to its injuries.

There are also the situations where a duck is not shot accurately or at all, yet the hunter still ends up being attacked. It is these types of “unexpected events” that can turn a simple hunting trip into a horrible nightmare.

The following stories are from people who have experienced everything from almost getting killed several times by ducks to having actual physical contact with them. Some of these stories may seem amusing, while others may make you shudder in fear.

Enjoy the stories, but whatever you do, don’t end up as a cautionary tale yourself.

Aggressive Mallard with intent to do harm

I have been hunting for 20 years now and I feel I have learned many things about ducks and their behavior. One thing that has always stuck with me though is to never, and I mean NEVER, turn your back on a duck no matter how friendly it may seem.

This one time, I was at a local lake where there are tons of decoying areas. I was there with two of my friends and we had set up in a decoy spread right next to a small group of ducks that were already there.

I made sure to only set out two decoys so as not to look too strange to the locals and they seemed fine with us being there. All was going well until the sky started to get darker, and the ducks started to get ready to fly away for the day.

I thought for sure they would just leave the area since there weren’t that many of them flying around, but instead 5-6 of them decided to land right in the spread!

I couldn’t believe it and I definitely wasn’t going to pass up a chance like this, so I decided I would shoot one of these stragglers.

I aimed at the largest one and pulled the trigger only to miss it completely. I was so mad that I didn’t even pay attention to the flock taking flight.

It wasn’t until my friend yelled “get down!” that I turned around to see what the heck he was talking about.

This is when I saw all 6 of the ducks I had missed come barreling back towards me. Needless to say, I did exactly what my friend said and got flat on the ground.

All of the ducks flew just over me and it was here that I noticed how large they actually were. I had no idea that ducks could get that big.

All of this commotion finally spooked the other ducks in the area and they all took flight as well.

This left me with a decoy spread full of angry ducks coming right at me! I tried to run, but these ducks were faster and had more of a beeline towards me.

I was actually able to get out of the way of most of them, but one still clipped my shoe and fell on top of me.

I finally got the “chicken” out of it’s body and flung it off of me just in time to see the rest of the ducks turn around for another pass…

My friends eventually got all the ducks to leave me alone, but not before I got scared and fell into the water.

I was never so happy to see a goose in my life.

Close Encounter of a Very Large Kind

My brother and I were out hunting one fall morning and we had just set up on a slough that was supposed to have a lot of ducks in it. We didn’t have to wait long before we started seeing groups of ducks flying overhead and heading for the slough.

The first group we saw only had a half dozen or so in it, but a couple other groups came in and there was finally a good-sized flock in the slough. There had to be at least two-dozen or more birds in the slough now so we were looking forward to finally getting out shells off of the hide on our truck.

I was watching the flock and my brother was getting his shotgun ready when a large black shape swooped down out of the sky and snatched two ducks right out from under the rest of the flock!

I had never seen anything like it before, but I knew it wasn’t a bird. It made a weird wailing sound as it headed back up into the sky.

Did you see that?”

I asked my brother.

He was still trying get his gun ready, but looked up and said “Yeah, that wasn’t a bird.”

We watched it fly until it finally disappeared from sight. We didn’t shoot any ducks that day and we couldn’t get anthing else to even come into the area for the rest of the weekend.

We told a few of the other guys at the camp what had happened and they just kind of laughed and said we got “swamp fever” and believed in “Big Foot”.

Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them - Picture

My brother and I just looked at each other and started laughing. We knew what we saw!

We Still Like to Go Camp There!

I have some more stories about out on the prairie, but they are another time…

Suffice to say, I have seen a lot of strange things out there.

However, these large birds are just one of many different types that I and my brother have seen out there. We still go to the same places because it is so beautiful out there and there is plenty of water and game.

There is not always an abundance of wildlife there, but we never seem to have any problems with predators while we are there. Our firearms are for safety and to hunt with, but we always keep them close at hand while we are there.

The prairie may be a hostile environment at times, but it is unlike anyplace I have ever been. There are still many secrets lurking out there and new things to see every time we go.

We don’t go as often as we used to, but that just means we save the prairie for special occasions. It is still a place that makes you feel small compared to the granduer of its beauty.

Some people think that these stories are exaggerations or outright fabrications, but my brother and I have both seen enough out there to know better.

We may not ever really know everything that is out there, but we have both seen so many things that we know for certain that there is still a lot out there that we have yet to discover. We may have even seen the same creatures at different times without knowing it.

Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them at

People don’t know that there are a lot strange things out there. They don’t want to know because they are comfortable in their little box of conformity.

I think that is one reason why people find my brother’s and my stories so hard to believe. We aren’t like them and we live for the adventure while they live vicariously through the movies.

Maybe one day we will go and never return, but I doubt it. The prairie still has a strong lure to my brother and I.

We still have a lot of exploring to do!

Until then, I will keep my stories to myself because most people just won’t believe them and I don’t like to waste my time.

It is not a loss, because I don’t go there to impress people. I go there to experience it and enjoy the wildness of it all.

I know that there are things out there that WE still haven’t discovered and that is what makes it so exciting. The fact that we don’t know everything is what makes it so fascinating.

You can’t really know about the prairie until you have walked it and breathed in its fresh air. You can’t really know about the wildlife until you have watched it and not intruded on its habitat.

You can’t really know about the plains unless you have felt it surround you and humble you.

I know that there are more stories to be told out there and my brother and I intend on keeping them alive.


The prairie is alive and it speaks to those who have the ears to hear.

Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them at


Bertrand Russell, a famous philosopher once said “The average man never really cares about truth; he is mostly concerned with the satisfaction of his desires.”

I think this is very accurate and explains why most people find it difficult to believe the stories my brother and I tell. We are not like them and we do not have the same goals in life.

We are wanderers at heart and home is where we park our trailer, not where we sleep in our bed.

We do not feel as they do and we will never be like them. We have chosen a different path in life that most do not take.

We have chosen to live, not just exist. We are not average and never will be. There is no such thing as an average person, only those who have fallen into line and given up on life.

For myself, I have decided to keep on keepin’ on. I will keep on writing my stories and sharing my adventures.

Maybe one day my words will live on past me through the eternities.

Until then, I say once more…

Goodnight, friends. Good morning, strangers!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Have you found Jesus?

Your friendly neighborhood storyteller,




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To: SeekAndFind

Sounds like a cool story.

by 21 posted onby bighead (Education is when you talk. Learning is when something talks to you.)

In honor of this thread, I am listening to Rush’s “Grand Designs” right now.

by 22 posted onby RushIsMyDrug (Socialism denies people the right to discover their full potential-G. W.


To: bighead; cripplecreek

That’s a nice story. Thanks for posting it up.

To: SeekAndFind

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but…

I’ll never forget a couple of times I saw the Eagles in concert… The Last Farewell tour was magical…

by 24 posted onby bassmaner (If you’re going to kill the guy, at least pull the trigger)

To: bighead

Nice story about one of my favorite bands. I saw them in concert back in ’79 or ’80 and it was a great show.

Thanks for sharing.

To: SeekAndFind

Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them at

by 26 posted onby Porterville (You aren’t your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank.

You’re not your height or your weight.)

To: SeekAndFind

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I am old enough to remember the early years of rock and roll, and have been listening to it ever since, but I will confess that I never made it to a concert in those early years. I had a job and a family to support and concerts were too expensive. So while I listened to some of the music, I never actually experienced it live. In recent years I have made up for that short coming by seeing a number of concerts by a variety of artists, but unfortunately the older I get, the more issues I seem to have with going to these events. One such issue is with the cost involved due to the price of gas and parking at large venues. The other is health related. I am having a harder and harder time just walking around now days, so needless to say I have scaled back on the concerts and just listen to music at home now. My kids think I am crazy for listening to music on FM radio when I could be listening to it on my Ipod. I tell them I like to support the artists, so I still buy Cd’s from time to time. Some of my favorite bands are Styx, Foreigner, Journey, and The Cars. Also, I still remember listening to the Beatles and watching them on TV when they were just starting out. In fact one of the big things when I was a teenager was the TV mini series “Shakepeare” which was broadcast in April of 1964. It was something really big at the time. One of my older sisters had a huge crush on Paul McCartney, so it is strange to think back now and realize that I have essentially lived in the same time period as all of these musicians. I had my own experiences with the Viet Nam war, the moon landing, and the assassinations of the 60’s, not to mention all of the music and fads. It just shows that despite what some people claim, time does indeed march on.

To: SeekAndFind

Thanks for sharing! I saw them in concert twice.

Once at Sandstone Amphitheater in Kansas in 1978 and at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit in 1983 on their Farewell Tour. They were great concerts which I’ll never forget.

by 28 posted onby qam1 (There’s no argument too stupid to have with liberals.)

Roses And Deer – Do Deer Eat Rose Plants And How To Save Them -

To: SeekAndFind

I saw the Eagles in concert in Fresno, CA twice in about a 3 or 4 year period. Once when they were coming off the “Greatest Hits” album and then a couple years later when they were promoting the “Dirty Laundry” album.

I remember the place going wild when they played “Hotel California” at both shows.

To: SeekAndFind

I saw them a couple of times in the 70s. Front row center both times and was about 5 feet from Don Henley as he belted out the songs.

My friends and I drove to both shows from the Central Coast…about a 7 hour drive each way. Best concerts I ever went to.

To: SeekAndFind

We had a little band in high school. I played drums and sang some backup.

One of my friends was dating a girl who was related to the guy who owned the recording studio where the first Eagles album was made. He let us go into the studio and record 6 songs. We thought we were on our way to fame and fortune! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE…



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