Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates

by johnah on November 5, 2020

Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates

Zone 7 is a very diverse climate where there are many different types of plants and animals. There are some species that thrive in hot climates, but others prefer cooler areas. Some species do not tolerate extreme temperatures well at all and need protection from them. The most common type of plants that thrive in zones 6 through 9 are conifers (trees).

They require cool temperatures and moderate humidity. If these conditions are met, then they will produce large amounts of nuts which can be eaten raw or cooked. Most varieties of coniferous trees have cones that grow out from their trunks. These cones contain seeds which mature into small fruits when exposed to cold weather and moisture. However, if the temperature is too high or the rainfall is too low, the cone may not develop properly and no fruit develops.

Dwarf Fruit Trees For Zone 7

There are several kinds of dwarf fruit trees for zone 7. All of them are related to almonds and pistachios. Plums are popular and easy to grow, but they cannot tolerate cold weather. Peaches and nectarines can become damaged if there is a frost, so protected areas are necessary if you live in zone 7a or 7b.

Apricots will not tolerate the cold either. There are a few varieties of figs available which thrive in zone 7. These plants have very large leaves and can grow quite tall, up to 20 feet. They also need a lot of sun and water.

Fruit Trees That Grow In Zone 7

In addition to the above, there are several other fruit trees that grow in zone 7. These include apples, pears, and persimmons. Apples and pears require a lot of upkeep, but they can produce a large quantity of fruit. Persimmons are not easy to find locally, but many people enjoy them.

These plants can reach up to 40 feet tall and produce small orange fruits in the fall. They like it when the temperature drops and the humidity rises. Other kinds of fruit trees that grow in zone 7 include jujube, limettas, mulberries, and sumacs. All of these plants can be very helpful when it comes to survival.

Nuts That Thrive In Zone 7

There are several kinds of nuts that thrive in zone 7. Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, grow on bushes that can reach up to 20 feet tall. These bushes produce nuts with a brownish-green shell and a light colored meat inside. They need a lot of water, especially after they have leafed out in the spring.

The bush will begin to drop its leaves as the weather gets colder. Hazelnuts can be eaten raw or they can be crushed and made into paste. They contain a lot of protein and they have a sweet and buttery flavor. There are also black walnuts available in zone 7, and these trees grow much larger than the hazelnut tree. The nuts also grow inside a shell, but they are very tough and difficult to crack open. Black walnuts need a lot of water, especially during the summer months.

The Best Trees For Zone 7 – (Best Overall)

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates - Picture

While many people only think about fruit trees when it comes to orchards, there are some nut-bearing trees that grow in zone 7 as well. These include chestnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts. All of these plants can reach up to 40 feet tall and produce their respective fruits.

These plants do have issues with disease. Many of them cannot survive a prolonged drought and they aren’t naturally resistant to pests.

If you live in zone 7 or somewhere close to it, these plants can be very beneficial for your survival. They produce nutritious nuts and their fruit can be turned into alcohol.

You can grow these plants on your own, you only need to make sure they are protected from the harsh winter weather.

If you have experience growing these plants, or if you just want to learn more about them, you can do so at the link here:

Full List Of Fruit And Nut Bearing Trees

Keep in mind that not all plants will grow in every zone. The map is broken up into zones, and depending on your exact location, you may be in a different growing zone. This link will tell you exactly where you are:

Learn Where You Are On The Map

I’ve created a guide that will help you determine which plants you can and cannot grow in your area. All you need is your zip code.

If you grew up around plants, you probably know a lot about them already. If not, then you might be surprised to learn that certain plants need more than just water to survive. Some require a change in season, while some require a change in climate. Thankfully, there are a few plants that grow no matter where you are located.

You can’t really go wrong with plants in the first place. They need sunlight, water, and nutrients from the ground to survive. If you’re having trouble finding a plant that will grow in your area, look to plants that grow near your home. This should give you a good idea of what to try.

Mushrooms can grow in the strangest places. Wood chips, rich soil, and even lawn clippings are all used by various types of fungi. Just be sure you’re not picking something poisonous. It’s best to do some research if you’re going foraging.

Most plants you will probably be able to identify right away, but there are a few that could be mistaken for something else. It’s always best to be sure, just in case. If you aren’t sure about a plant, then it’s best not to try it out for eating.

Luckily there is a book that you can use as a guide. It’s called “Snell’s wilder’s rule book”. Snell was a man who traveled to many different countries and recorded all the plants he found. He then created a book that listed all these plants in an easy to read format.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates - Picture

You can purchase this book at any bookstore, but due to its rare nature, it tends to be a little expensive. Try shopping around.

If you can’t afford this book, then you can still try going online and looking at pictures of various plants. You can try to match them up to the book later. Use the search function on your computer to look up what the plant looks like, or you can try taking a picture of it and searching that way.

It’s important you learn as much about the plant as you can before you try eating it. The wrong plant can make you very sick or even kill you.

Although there are many different types of mushrooms, only a few are actually good to eat. Many are poisonous and can cause severe illness or death if consumed.

It’s best not to mess around with mushrooms if you’re not sure what they are, just steer clear of them altogether.

Some types of berries can be eaten without any problems, but again, some can make you sick or even kill you. It’s best not to take chances and only eat berries that you are completely sure about if you’re going to consume them.

The easiest way to tell if a berry is poisonous is by its color. If it’s green, red, yellow, or blue, then there’s a chance it could make you sick or even kill you. If it’s black, white, brown, or purple then you should be safe.

You can also try tasting a small amount of the berry. Always make sure to check the plant it’s growing on, as some are poisonous too. Tasting a small amount first will prevent you from getting sick or possibly killed by a poison. If you experience no side effects within the next half hour, then you should be safe to eat more.

Snakes. They can be tricky to hunt, but provide valuable nutrients that you need to survive.

You need to be quick and keep your eyes open, as they can attack when you least expect it. Sometimes they blend in with their surroundings, so keep a look out for small irregularities in your surroundings. Never go anywhere without a stick or some other form of weapon close by.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates |

It’s important to learn how snakes behave when they feel threatened, and how you should react in order to safely catch one.

Once you’ve caught your prey, skin it and eat it immediately, or store it for later.

Prairie dog is a common sight across the plains and grasslands of the post-apocalyptic world. It can be eaten, but only in the desperateest of conditions, as it is extremely toxic to the human body.

You can’t eat this.

While not particularly harmful to consume, it has a very bitter taste that is difficult to get down. It is recommended you only eat it in survival situations when no other food is available.

You can eat these mushrooms, but only if you cook them thoroughly before consuming as they are highly toxic when raw or undercooked.

These tiny plants are in the mustard family and can be eaten both raw and cooked. They have a slightly bitter taste.

These plants are also part of the mustard family and can be eaten raw or cooked. They taste a little like garlic.

These plants are very high in vitamin C, providing ten times more than an orange. They can be eaten raw and need no preparation before eating.

While these mushrooms are not particularly tasty, they can be cooked and eaten.

These small aquatic organisms can be eaten both cooked and raw. They have a rubbery texture and a mild taste.

These small red berries are edible, but have a very sour taste that may take some getting used to.

While these red berries are edible, their bitter taste means they are not particularly palatable.

These nuts can be eaten when cooked, but their taste is extremely bland.

While not particularly tasty when eaten raw or uncooked, they still provide a vital source of nutrients.

These plants are part of the lily family and grow extremely commonly. While their thick leaves and stems are bitter, their bulbs can be eaten when cooked, and are a very valuable food source.

These green vegetables are in the same family as cabbage and broccoli. They have a slightly bitter taste and can be eaten both raw and cooked.

These yellow berries taste a little like bananas.

These purple berries taste a little like sweet grapes.

These red berries taste mildly of apples.

These black berries taste a little like blueberries.

These green berries have a slight lemon taste to them.

These plants are in the same family as mushrooms and have both a nutty and sweet taste to them.

“It’s amazing how much you can tell about something by it’s silhouette.” You think to yourself as you look at the drawings in front of you.

“It’s like a skill of its own.”

You had been spending more and more time in the library lately, taking in all the knowledge within. You had already worked out that some of the information was wrong or lacking in some areas, but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment you got from reading it.

Some books were obviously fiction, tales of adventure or stories written for children. But even then you had found some interesting facts hidden within the pages.

It had been a week since you had arrived at the library and so far you had managed to survive off of the plants you found in the woods nearby and the small animals that you had hunted with your bow and arrow.

You had spent most of your life living in a city where hunting was banned, so this was all new to you. It was actually a lot of fun.

You had also managed to explore quite a large area around the library. The woods were huge and it seemed to go on forever in every direction. But you noticed that there were certain paths that animals seemed to take, as if they were traveling on a route from one place to another. You weren’t sure where these paths lead to and it was too risky to travel along them alone.

You assumed that maybe an animal far more vicious than yourself used the paths and they traveled along them for safety reasons.

You had briefly thought about trying to get a pet in order to lower the risk while traveling, but after a brief search you hadn’t seen any animals big enough to tame. Though you did find a small bird that was a different color than the rest, it was pretty and you decided to call it Bob.

“Bob!” You exclaimed as you opened your eyes and saw the small bird land on the small wooden shelf. “I didn’t know you were able to talk! Well, I assume you can since you just said hello.”

You pet the small bird as it nuzzled into your hand before flying off again. This was the only one of its kind that you had seen and you hoped that it belonged to someone and they were missing it, otherwise it would be pretty cruel to keep it here with you.

You checked the traps that you had set the previous night and were happy to find that you had caught something. There were several small rabbits in one of the snares, which would make a good breakfast for you.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates from our website

You spent the rest of the day hunting and exploring the woods until it finally started to get dark. You decided to set up camp in a secluded area near a small stream so that you could keep an eye on the rabbits that were roasting over the fire.

“This is the life!” You think as you enjoy your dinner, not bothers by the fact you’re in the middle of the woods, alone.

After cleaning up your campsite you head to bed and fall asleep pretty quickly, looking forward to the adventures that awaited you tomorrow.

Year 12

“No, no, not like that! Put your finger here and your thumb there. Like this!”

You show the boy how to hold the bow properly and let him have a go, he hits the target with ease, much to his delight.

“I want to be just like you when I grow up!

Will you be my teacher?”

He asks hopefully.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be around that long kid.” You say with a smile. “But if I am, maybe I’ll be your teacher.”

Can we go hunting after school today?

I’ll get my dad to drop me off here on his way to work.”

“Sure kid, whatever you like.” You reply with a smile.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates -

The next few years were certainly eventful. Tommy’s father had been more than happy to drop him off at the library every morning on his way to work. The boy was a good student, but enjoyed learning out in the wild with you more. You had even introduced him to shooting a bow and arrow, something his parents were extremely happy about.

He got good enough to where you only had to give him some basic tips now and then. You were the closest thing he had to a father and he was the closest thing you had to a son.

You taught him everything you knew, even some things you learned from books. You never had any siblings and your relationship with your parents had always been strained, so having a pseudo-family was pretty nice.

Unfortunately as Tommy grew older his desire to go out and see the world beyond the library and the town it resided in grew stronger. When he turned sixteen he outright told you that if he wasn’t able to leave and go out into the world that he would run away and would come back when he was successful or dead.

You had tried to talk him out of it, but he was resolute with his decision. The next day he had packed up some supplies into his bag and gave you a hug and told you he’d be back soon.

Months passed and you hadn’t heard anything from him. You figured if he was dead or successful, either way you assumed he would have contacted you. You had tried going to the town’s sheriff about him but he claimed he couldn’t really start a missing person’s report based off one kid, even if that kid was sixteen. You pleaded with him, you bribed him, but nothing seemed to work.

It was as if one of your family members had just vanished off the face of the earth.

It took a toll on you, you nearly lost all will to live. You stopped going out on hunts and doing your normal routines, you had become a recluse. The only person who managed to get you to come out of your shell a little was the Sheriff, he offered to go into town and try to find out information about what happened to Tommy but you declined. You didn’t want him wasting his time on a dead man.

“Maybe I should just end it all.” You say to yourself one night after another sleepless night. “It’s not like I’ll be able to learn what happened to him and I can’t go on like this.”

You go to your cabinet and pull out your rifle, the one you used for hunting. You checked it the same day you found out about Tommy, just to make sure it was in working condition. It was a necessity for your line of work after all.

You grab the bolt, pulling it back and looking through the scope. You were a good shot, but your aim was always a little shaky when it came to yourself. You didn’t want a painless death, you wanted to go out in an explosion of skull and brain matter, even if that made zero sense.

“Yeah… that sounds about right.” You chuckle to yourself before putting the gun in your mouth.

You grab the bolt, taking a deep breath as you let it out slowly. Then you pull the trigger.

You feel a sudden pain in your head as you fall back, hitting the cabinet and falling to the floor. You groan, clutching your head as blood pours from your nose and ears. You attempt to stand but fall down again due to dizziness.

“Shit..” You groan, clutching your head.

You feel a presence near you, but you’re too disoriented to even bother looking. A bright light appears near you, and you try to shield your eyes from it. You can’t make out the shape of what ever is causing the light, but you can hear it speaking.

Thought you could escape did you?”

The voice asks.

You don’t respond, still trying to get your bearings. The voice continues.

“I know you did, I watched you try and bargain with me.

You think I didn’t notice?


As your senses start to come back, you realize something. That voice is familiar somehow…

Who are you?”

You ask.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates at

The figure moves closer, brightening the area so you can make out their form. You see a humanoid figure wearing a black suit, white shirt and black tie. His face is completely white, and it looks distorted in a way you can’t quite make out. It’s like a sketch drawn by a half skilled artist.

His eyes are just black dots, but they seem to stare right into your very soul.

“You may refer to me as the Craxil.” He answers.

The Craxil?

But that’s just a legend, a bed time story raccoons tell their cubs!” You remark.

“On the contrary, I assure you I am very real. To think, you mortals created me, or rather, you created the conditions for me to exist.”

You’re starting to piece things together in your mind. This creature, this Craxil as he calls himself has been here all along. You just never knew it before.

“Humanity has always worshiped you gods, and I’ve been here to make sure you continued to do so. Why you created me in the first place.” He says.

“No! We created the gods to help us, to better ourselves! We created them to-“

“Control you. Rule you. Restrict you. Direct you.

This is what you were going to say isn’t it? But how do you know this is true? How do you know I am not here to liberate you from the oppressive godhood that seeks to direct your path and tell you how to live?”

This is shocking to hear. You’ve been brought up to believe the gods were here to help humanity, not control them. The Craxil goes on.

“While I have enjoyed our time together, I’ve enjoyed watching you all more. I’ve especially enjoyed the past few decades, as I’ve been able to directly influence a few select groups of your kind. Unfortunately my presence has not gone unnoticed by the rest of your pantheon, and they seek to remedy this slight. I am unable to fight off all of them, and as such, I must withdraw from this realm for a time until I am able to build up my strength and retaliate.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates on

That being said, I have grown rather fond of those whom I have influenced. While I do not wish to see them harmed in any way, I cannot guarantee their safety if they remain with you. This is why I ask that you release them from your influence.

Can you do this for me Human? I trust you have been given an explanation as to how this can be done?

You will not suffer any ill effects, I give you my word.”

“Yes, the… Wolf-Creature told me I simply had to burn the images and say the incantation.” You reply.

“Then do so, release me from this world and our paths may never cross again. However, should you change your mind, should you wish to return to my fold, simply burn the images and recite the incantation again. I shall return.”

The Craxil pulls away from you and out of your mind. For the first time in a long while you feel 100% yourself. You’re about to destroy the images when you remember that you never asked the Craxil about how to get back home.

“Hey wait!

You still there?

What do I-“

A black mist rises from the ground and you breathe it in. You feel dizzy, but manage to light the images on fire and completely consume them.

What is happening?

! I can’t see!” You say as you drown in black mist.

“I have been watching you, Human. I am always watching you.” The Craxil’s voice echoes in your mind.

“Always… watching…

Human…” You hear one last time as you lose consciousness.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates -

Hours later you wake up to the sounds of jingling bells and the grunting of a large boar-like creature.

“Grrrowl!Grrrowl! Ya!

Wha? Where am I?”

You hear the creature say.

You find yourself in a very dark stable with piles of large droppings on the ground. You’re covered in them and they’re freezing cold. Its obvious you’ve been sleeping in a pile of pig manure for quite some time. An obviously annoyed voice calls out to you.


Who are you, and what are you doing in my stables? Wait a minute, why are you covered in pig manure?”

“I’m your long lost uncle.” You say sarcastically.

“Hmm, not sure I have one of those. Now answer my question or things will get ugly.

Who are you and what are you doing in my stables?”

You hear an ogre ask from outside the stall.

“My name is Kit, I was taken in the night by a large wolf-like creature.”

Taken? What were you doing out this late? Where are your parents? Why were you outside?

Wait, nevermind, I don’t want to know… Come with me, I’ll take you to the village chief. He’ll know what to do with you.

You follow the ogre out of the stable and take a look around. A large stone keep takes up most of the village, surrounded by a crude wooden palisade. You see several smaller buildings but most are closed up tight. Possibly taverns or other places of entertainment.

Maybe this place isn’t as boring as it seems.

As you walk through the streets, you notice practically everyone is an ogre. Maybe a few halfbreeds here and there but for the most part these ogres are all pretty big. You must be in ogre territory and these are mountain ogres from what you’ve heard. Not the smaller plains variety.

They pay you no mind as the large obnoxious creatures walk by, go about their daily business or stare at you with hostility. You soon make it to the keep and before you know it you’re escorted to the chief’s chambers. As you would expect he’s even bigger than the ogre that brought you here.

What’s this? What’s this?”

He asks.

He has a deep voice that is a cross between a grunt and a growl. You’re still covered in crap, but he doesn’t seem to care. He calls for a squire to come clean you off as he listens to the Ogre that found you.

“I was on my way back from purchasing some slaves from a Black Root Trader and I heard whimpering in the stables. When I went to investigate, I found this one covered in pig manure. The stables are for pigs and pigs only, so I brought him here.”

“Hmm, well we’ll figure out what to do with him later, dismissed.”

You’re finally cleaned up thanks to the squire and meet the chief. He offers you a seat by his side as a large boar roasts over a firepit. He’s much friendlier than the rest of his subjects and goes on about his day.

You find out that his name is Zog and his wife’s name is Sotak. He mentions that there aren’t many people here and that most are either in their homes or at the tavern. You tell him a shortened version of your story, leaving out certain details. He seems saddened that you lost your family and offers you a place here in his village.

You accept and he tucks into his boar and you both drink boar’s blood.

You’re given a cot in his chambers and he tells you to rest up as tomorrow you’ll be working in the mines. He also tells you that there will be a celebration tonight since they just brought back a large supply of coal.

You go to sleep and think about your situation. You’ll have to be careful if you want to leave, as Zog has stationed a couple guards outside the doors. But you can’t stay here forever. You need to either escape or convince Zog to let you leave.

The next day you meet with Zog in the great hall of the keep. He tells you he already spoke with the rest of the villagers and they agreed that you could work in the mines. He takes you there personally and tells you that you’re to work alongside the other miners.

The mines are nothing like you’ve ever seen, or smelled for that matter. You see ogres crammed into tunnels digging away while others haul carts of coal and minerals to the surface. It’s very unsafe as there are many cave-ins but Zog doesn’t care. He cares about results and if that means killing all his workers then so be it.

You spend a couple weeks working the mines and while you’re exhausted most of the time you’re able to learn more about the layout of the place. There are only a few guards stationed inside, as the majority of Zog’s subjects (Those that don’t work the fields or trades) work in the mines. Zog has no real need for a standing army. While he’s huge and strong, his great weakness is his arrogance.

He believes he is indestructible and that no one would dare attack him. Unfortunately, Zog is right. The people are so brainwashed that they would rather die than betray their “Beloved Leader”. The only ones you’ve seen speaking out against him are the new goblin slaves that are being taken care of by a hag. They’re weak and frail, but they still deserve to live. You wonder if they will if this keeps up.

You notice that the guards aren’t the only ones stationed here. A massive ogre named Gruz is as well. Zog mentions that he is one of his greatest warriors and fought in the Orcish War. He’s been loyal for years and has a strong mind, which is why Zog keeps him close.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates - Picture

Since you’ve been here, you’ve had to do a lot of things you weren’t proud of. But none compared to what you are going to do now. Not even your bestial friends could convince you to do it when you were younger. You’re going to have to kill this monster, or die trying.

Later that night, you sneak into Gruz’s room. As you expected he’s a very deep sleeper so it doesn’t take too much effort to slit his throat. He wakes up just long enough to look at you in shock before slumping dead on the bed.

You hear a group of guards rush to the door and lock it. Then they tell the other guards to go get Zog, as they don’t want to open the door. You run out the window and scale down the wall with the rope you stole earlier. There are still some guards on the ground but they seem unsure of what to do.

You start fighting them and take them all out. You then rush into the forest surrounding the city and escape.

You run as fast you can and don’t stop. You don’t even know where you’re going but you know you have to keep going. Eventually, you can’t move anymore and fall unconscious. Fortunately, it’s spring so you don’t freeze to death.

Unfortunately, this also means there are a lot of dangerous animals and people around that are also roaming.

You wake up to find a person standing over you. You think he said his name is Mallack and that he’s a woodsman but you’re still very groggy so you’re not sure. All you know is that he brought you to his home and is currently fixing your broken and bloody body with natural remedies. You’re certainly feeling better after a few days.

You spend some time with Mallack and his family and they treat you as one of their own. You enjoy your time with them but you know you can’t tarry too long. Eventually, you tell Mallack everything that happened and ask for his help. He doesn’t agree with Zog’s treatment of the people but he’s a little worried about opposing him.

After some more cajoling, he agrees to let you use his home as a sanctuary and says he’ll gather the rebels. It takes about a month for him to get everyone together but eventually they arrive. You expect Zog to find out what’s going on pretty quickly but he doesn’t. Apparently the mayor of Arrorn is a lot more popular than the mayor of Naleen and people are a lot less scared to hide rebels from him.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates - Image

Months turn into years and the rebellion grows in power. Pretty soon, you’re leading a full-fledged army towards Naleen. Naturally, Zog isn’t aware of this until its nearly time to strike. He’s got enough troops to handle things on his side but he’s getting very paranoid now.

This could work in your favor if he decides to crack down hard on the people to make sure they don’t rebel.

The day comes and the two armies clash in a field. There isn’t much strategy, it’s basically just ten years of frustration being released on both sides. There are three fronts to this battle with all of them nearly equally matched.

This is a full on war and people are going to DIE.

As the battle progresses you learn one very important thing…Zog is a whole lot smarter than you thought. You were counting on him staying in the city and playing defense but that isn’t the case at all.

He has a FIFTH army of his own that you never knew about. It’s mostly elves and they take you in the rear pretty quickly.

You’re so busy fighting that you don’t even realize Zog himself is there. He knocks you off your horse with a jet of flame and you fall to the ground with a thud.

“Well, look who we have here. The traitorous scum who has been leading my people to kill each other.”

You try to get up but Zog’s kick sends you back down. He then sets you on fire and you roll around trying to put it out.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates - Image

“Stop playing with him Zog! Just put him out of his misery already!” one of the rebels shouts.

Zog lifts you up by the hair and says, “say your prayers betrayer.” He then blasts you in the chest with a burst of flame. The impact of it sends you flying backward where you land next to a corpse. You don’t get back up.

After the battle is over, Zog gives the rebels a short speech about how they should never have defied him in the first place and then goes on about how he’s not going to kill them because they’re still needed to help rebuild Naleen. He then tells them that anyone caught opposing him in anyway will be executed.

It’s not much of a difference than how it was before really.

Still, Zog is the ruler of Naleen. He marries your sister and life goes on.

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