Fixing A Crepe Myrtle That Is Not Blooming

by johnah on November 6, 2020

The following are some tips to fix your crepe myrtle that is not blooming:

1) Check Your Water Source – Make sure that your water source is clean and free from any chemicals or other contaminants.

If it isn’t then you need to change it immediately. You can use bottled water if necessary but make sure that it’s filtered first before using it.

2) Check Your Fertilizer – Make sure that you’re fertilizing your soil properly.

Some cacti don’t like too much fertilizer so you may want to reduce the amount used. Try increasing the time between watering or changing your fertilizer.

3) Change Your Light Bulbs – Make sure that you have replaced all of your light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

These bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs and they produce less heat which means that your plants will grow faster.

4) Replace Your Soil – Make sure that you’ve changed out your soil regularly.

Cactus love rich, fertile soils so make sure that you’re keeping up on your maintenance work!

If you’re still having trouble getting your crepe myrtle to bloom then you should try repotting it. Repotting isn’t easy for everyone so make sure that you follow these directions as closely as possible. First, use a shovel or hoe to make a circular cut around the root ball.

Use a trowel to gently loosen the edges of the root ball before detaching it from the pot. Set the pot off to the side for now. Place some fresh potting soil into a new container. Gently remove the myrtle from its old pot and place it into the new soil. Pack in the soil around the roots and add more soil as necessary. After you’re done, water the plant well using a water bottle or a watering can. Place the new container in a nice sunny area and make sure to keep an eye on it for the first couple of days.

Cleaning Up After Yourself – Eh, It’s Not Like Anyone’s Going To Notice

This step is probably the most important one of all. It’s really easy to just knock over an empty container or to leave a mess in the yard after you’re done transforming your crepe myrtle. However, it only takes a few minutes to clean up after yourself and it could prevent someone from calling the police or even catching you in the act!

When cleaning up, here are some things to look out for:

Fixing A Crepe Myrtle That Is Not Blooming |

1) Check The Soil – When you’re repotting your crepe myrtle, it’s very easy for soil to get EVERYWHERE.

Rocks, roots, and even little grains of soil can spread out all over the place. It’s best to sift through the soil after you’ve finished repotting and remove any debris that you find.

2) Check The Container – You would be surprised at how many people just leave their containers (or parts of them) behind after they’re done repotting.

It’s easiest to remove the labels from the containers first before you start the repotting process. That way, there’s no need to worry about removing them afterwards. Also, be sure to check the area around where you were repotting.

It’s easy for bits and pieces to get left behind.

3) Cover Up – After you’ve cleaned up after yourself, it’s best to cover your tracks a little bit more so no one knows that you were even there.

Try to scatter any remaining soil across the rest of the yard. This way, it looks like the soil just always was there. Also, try to wipe away any footprints that you see with a rag or some leaves.

After that, you’re ready to call it a day!

Tips and Tricks

Most people do not bother with this step since they are in too much of a hurry to get started. However, it is very important! When repotting a crepe myrtle, there are some specific things that you need to look out for.

If you want your plant to live, DO NOT transplant it from a container that has drainage holes. These containers tend to have a lot of holes and pockets where water collects. This will kill your crepe myrtle because it needs a solid container without any holes whatsoever.

You should also pick a pot that is the same shape and size as its current one. Many people make the mistake of using a pot that is too large or too tall since they think it will provide more room for the roots to grow. This is not the case with crepe myrtles.

Fixing A Crepe Myrtle That Is Not Blooming - Picture

They actually do better when they’re in a tight space.

If you can, it’s best to use the same type of soil for your crepe myrtle. If you used a cactus mix before, try to use a cactus mix again. The key is to get the same type of soil that it is already accustomed to because this will ensure that the roots will continue to thrive in that specific type of soil.

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