Lady Fingers Care Guide: What Is A Fingertips Succulent

by johnah on November 6, 2020

Lady Finger Cacti Care Guide: What Is A Fingertips Succulent?

Cotyledons are edible flowers which grow from the bark of trees or shrubs. They have been used for centuries in many cultures and religions as food and medicine. Some species are poisonous if eaten raw, but most varieties taste like sweet fruit candy when cooked into a dessert. Many people believe that eating them will cause hallucinations, but there is no evidence to support such claims. There are several types of Cotyledons, including the familiar orange and yellow varieties found in gardens and homes. Other kinds include red, white, pink and purple varieties.

The name “fingernails” comes from the fact that they resemble fingernail clippings or nails. They are often referred to as “crotch fingers.” They are usually small, round or oval shaped and vary greatly in color. Most common colors are yellow, greenish blue, brown and black.

They are sometimes called “fringes” because they resemble fringes around the edge of a flower. They may be white or pale pink with various shades of grayish brown. The edges may be smooth or rough depending upon their age and texture. The outer skin is sometimes smooth and thin while the inner skin is thicker and meatier.

The skin may be thick or thin depending on the age of the cotyledon. Younger cotyledons have a thicker skin than older ones. They can be eaten at any age, but they taste best when harvested when young.

Cotyledons can be found in most grocery stores, local markets or specialty food shops. They are usually sold whole or chopped in pieces. The price can range from very cheap to very expensive, depending upon the variety and quality. They are a popular ingredient in various recipes.

When purchasing, select cotyledons that are soft to the touch, free of blemishes and have a fresh odor. Blemished or discolored cotyledons should be avoided. Dried up cotyledons with a dark brown tinge should not be purchased either.

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