Ornamental Ginger Plants – A Guide To Flowering Ginger Varieties

by johnah on November 6, 2020

Ornamental Ginger Plant Types For Sale

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is one of the most popular culinary herbs in the world. There are many different kinds of ginger which vary greatly in taste and color. However, there are two main types: Zingiber officinale var.

morganii and Z. officinalis var. citriodora. Both types have similar flavor and color but differ in size, shape, and other characteristics.

The two types of ginger plant are not interchangeable. You cannot grow both types of ginger at the same time or even within the same garden.

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a variety of one type over another:

You want to save money; you may only need a few plants rather than thousands of them.

You want to get a particular kind of ginger plant because it grows well in your area.

You want to support a local business that sells the variety you’re interested in.

You can’t afford to buy all the varieties of ginger available! Here’s where our list comes into play. Our list contains hundreds of varieties of ginger plants for sale, so you’ll never run out!

Let’s talk about the history of ginger first.

History Of Ornamental And Edible Ginger

The history of ginger is very ancient and fascinating. Archaeologists have found ginger in ancient Egyptian and Indian civilizations, so we know it’s been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Some people also believe that ginger was used as a form of currency in ancient Asian markets.

But the history of ornamental and edible ginger does not start there. It starts in Australia. In fact, it starts in a very unlikely place: a prison.

If you were to travel to Australia in the mid-20th century, you would notice something strange about the scenery: there are no trees or plants except for one small area: a prison yard. The prisoners had managed to start a garden in their prison yard, which grew many different kinds of plants from around the world. One of these plants was ginger.

The prisoners shared the seeds with others, and soon enough people were growing ginger all around Australia. From there, it spread to other parts of the world. Many people started to grow ornamental ginger in their own backyards.

It is now one of the most popular types of herbs grown for aesthetic purposes.

The other type of ginger, edible ginger, is also popular but less so. Edible ginger can be found in many grocery stores and markets around the world. If you’ve ever had sushi, then you’ve probably eaten a bit of ginger!

It’s mainly used for cooking purposes nowadays (at least in America), though it still retains many healing properties as well. Let’s talk about the two types of ginger plants separately.

Ginger Plant Types

There are two main types of ginger plants: edible and ornamental. You can easily tell the difference between the two. Ornamental gingers have flower stalks that rise up from the center of the plant, while edible gingers do not.

Edible ginger is mainly used for cooking and isn’t as visually appealing as ornamental ginger, though it serves the same purposes (such as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and having a nice scent).

Ornamental ginger plants are mainly grown for their looks and their fragrance. They’re very colorful and have a nice smell. Most of the time, you can’t eat ornamental gingers, though some are spicy like pepper or have a nice flavor when cooked.

Most ornamental gingers are just for show though, except for one particular type:

Ornamental Ginger Plants – A Guide To Flowering Ginger Varieties | igrowplants.net

Zaanland Ginger

Zaanland ginger is an edible ginger that has a purple-ish hue to it. It’s mainly used for cooking, but also has a nice scent to it. It originated in the Zaanland region of the Netherlands and was about as tall as an average adult (though some Zaanland gingers can reach up to 3 feet when fully grown).

Zaanland gingers are known for their beautiful purple color (hence their name) and their unique taste. Zaanland gingers are very popular in the culinary world and are eaten in many different kinds of dishes. They can be found in markets in the Netherlands and other parts of northern Europe.

While Zaanland ginger is the only type of ginger that can be eaten as well as looked at, ornamental gingers still have their own purposes. Most ornamental gingers are used just for show. They can be used in flower beds or other sections of your yard.

You could even have a “ginger garden” if you wanted to! They’re very pretty and have a nice scent, so they make for great decorations.

In some places, ornamental gingers are used as signals. In the Netherlands, for example, one tradition from the town of Bergen is to plant a row of red-flowering gingers along the road. This warns travelers of a coming obstacle.

If the road is lined with red gingers, it means that there is a sharp downhill grade in the road ahead. If the road is lined with white gingers, then there is a sharp uphill grade. Finally, if there are no gingers lining the road, then the road is level.

This tradition of planting gingers along roads started sometime in the 17 th century.

Ginger Trivia

There are over 2,000 varieties of gingers! Most varieties have very colorful flowers.

A plant called “flowering pink apple” is one of the most popular varieties of ginger plants. These gingers originated in South America and were brought to Europe in the late 16 th century.

A type of ginger called “Williams’ Bon Chretien” was brought to England in the 1620s. It is still popular today, and many people grow it in their gardens. It’s a type of edible ginger.

Unlike most plants, gingers don’t have flowers before they produce fruit or nuts.

Ginger Trivia Questions

Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following is a common ginger variety?

A) Flowering pink apple

B) Williams’ Bon Chretien

C) Zaanland

2. When did gingers first come to


A) 1620s

B) 1730s

C) 1830s

3. What color are most varieties of gingers?

A) Red

Ornamental Ginger Plants – A Guide To Flowering Ginger Varieties at igrowplants.net

B) Black

C) White

4. Where did gingers originate?

A) South America

B) Northern Africa

C) Asia

5. What does ginger typically taste like?

A) Sweet

B) Spicy

C) Bitter

Answer Key

1. A) “Flowering pink apple” is a common ginger variety.

It’s a type of edible ginger that originated in South America. It was brought to Europe in the late 16 th century.

2. B) “Williams’ Bon Chretien” is another common ginger variety.

It was brought to England in the 1620s and it is still popular today.

3. A) Most varieties of gingers are red in color.

4. A) “Flowering pink apple” originated in South America.

5. A) Most gingers taste sweet, but there are also some gingers that have a spicy flavor.

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