Strawberry Companions – What To Plant With Strawberries In The Garden

by johnah on November 6, 2020

What To Plant With Strawberries In Container?

The strawberry plants are very easy to grow in containers. They do need some care but it’s nothing too difficult. You don’t have to worry about them getting root bound or anything like that because they’re so small and delicate compared to other houseplants. If you want, you could even just water them once a week and they’ll thrive just fine!

Strawberry Plants Are Easy To Grow In Containers.

They’re pretty much self sufficient when grown properly. There isn’t really any special care required except maybe watering them every now and then. They won’t die if left out in the sun all day long either, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them watered at night either. Just give ’em a little extra sunlight during the day and they’ll be happy enough.

You Can Even Keep Them Indoors For A While And Make Sure That They Get Enough Light.

If you live in a place where there aren’t many natural light sources around, then you might have to keep your strawberry plants indoors for awhile. But if you live somewhere with lots of natural light, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just make sure that they get plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day and night time. Don’t forget to water them regularly too!

You Can Even Pick And Eat Them When They’re Ready!

As a bonus, you can also pick and eat your strawberry plants if you’re feeling hungry. Actually, you’ll probably want to do that every now and then as it encourages the plant to produce more fruit for you. So there you have it! You can enjoy some delicious fruit with your healthy houseplants!

Keeping it Clean.

Like most plants, your strawberry plants will need to be watered once in awhile. But don’t over water them because that can kill them too! You should probably water your plants whenever the soil has dried out. Don’t let it get bone dry though, because that could damage or even kill your houseplants too.

These plants can actually grow quite large if you allow them to do so, so make sure you give them enough space. If you want to grow them in a container, then make sure that the container is at least 10 inches deep. That should allow enough space for the roots to grow.

They grow best in well drained soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. The substrate should also be light and a bit nutrient rich. You can even add some fertilizer to it every once in awhile for added nutrition.

Strawberry Companions – What To Plant With Strawberries In The Garden at

Just don’t overdo it because too much of anything is bad!

Don’t worry too much about pests because the only pests that will attack your strawberry plants are aphids and slugs. Yellow sticky cards or sheets will help catch any sneaky aphids that are lurking around. Slugs can be captured using metal or even glass trays because they can’t crawl up the slippery surface.

The Best Time To Plant Your Container Strawberry Plants.

If you live somewhere that experiences four distinct seasons then fall (autumn) is the best time to plant your container strawberry plants outdoors. They can be planted in pots or even in the ground, but make sure that the soil is well prepared and has all the necessary supplements added to it.

The plants can even be planted in the ground and left outdoors all year round, but you will need to provide them with some type of shelter or protection over winter. A cold frame would be ideal, or you could even construct something yourself.

If you don’t want to bother with constructing anything yourself, then you can even buy special covers for your strawberry plants. These covers are specially designed to protect the plants from harsh weather conditions.

Remember to keep your container strawberry plants indoors for at least a month before planting them outdoors. This will give them a chance to adjust to the conditions and get used to outside weather again. Once you’ve done this then you can plant your container strawberry plants outdoors and enjoy a fresh serving of delicious, ripe fruit come summertime!

Or You Could Just Buy Some!

Or you could just buy some at the grocery store because growing container strawberry plants isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of effort, time and dedication that not everyone is willing to put in.

If you do decide to grow your own container strawberry plants then that’s fantastic! You will be able to enjoy sweet, delicious fruit all year round and say goodbye to over priced produce forever.

But if you don’t want to or can’t grow your own container strawberry plants then there’s nothing wrong with that. You can just as easily go to your local grocery store and buy some fresh produce if you want. You can be a free range, organic fruit eater or you can be a lazy, mass produced fruit eater. It’s all up to you!

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