Tips For Trimming Pentas: Learn How To Prune Pentas Plants

by johnah on November 7, 2020

Pentas is one of the most popular houseplants. It’s easy to grow and it does not require much attention. However, if you want to keep your home looking good, then you need to take some precautions when trimming pentas plants. You will learn how to prune pentas plants properly so that they don’t get too big or make the room look cluttered.

When trimming pentas plants, you should always use sharp scissors because it’s easier to cut them than it is to break their branches. If you don’t have any sharp scissors, then you can still try to do the job but it’ll be harder work and you won’t get very far. So before starting on your task, read through our tips for trimming pentas plants carefully.

The first thing you need to do is remove all the leaves from the top of the pentas plant. Then, you can start cutting off all the branches at once. You can either use a pair of scissors or just use your hands to accomplish this task. There are two ways you can handle this task:

1) Use Your Hands To Do The Job – This method is quite simple and straightforward.

Just hold down each branch firmly while cutting it off completely. If the branch is very thick, then this may be challenging because pentas branches are quite strong. Cutting them off with scissors might be a little more difficult as well since the branches are relatively tough.

2) Use Scissors To Do The Job – This method takes a little bit of skill and practice.

If you hold the scissors too close to the pentas plant, they can get caught in the mat of branches. If you hold them too far away, then it can be challenging to get a good grip on all the branches. You may want to cut off the thicker branches with your hands first and then finish off the job with the scissors.

After you have removed all of the old branches, take a look at the pentas plant.

Is it still as full as you want it to be?

If so, then you’re done and you can just water the pentas plant and place it back in its original position. If you want it to look fuller however, then continue to the next step.

When trimming pentas plants, one of the most important things is being careful not to over trim them. If you take off too many branches, then your plant won’t look very good anymore. Although pentas plants grow back very quickly, you should still try to avoid trimming them too much because they can become damaged as a result.

Some gardeners like to cut pentas plants back severely so they remain smaller in size. This is fine if you’re growing it indoors and have a space allocated specifically for it because trimming pentas plants back severely can potentially damage them. If you want the pentas to flower, then it’s best to trim them very lightly.

Tips For Trimming Pentas: Learn How To Prune Pentas Plants -

Once you have finished trimming your pentas plant, be sure to water them thoroughly so the branches are fully hydrated. After watering them, place them back in their original location so you can admire your handy work. As you can see, trimming pentas plants is a relatively easy process as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. If you want to trim pentas plants properly, then just repeat this process each time your pentas plants start growing too large for their current location.

Are You Having Trouble Trimming Your Pentas?

If you’re struggling to trim your pentas plants because you don’t feel like you’re able to reach all the branches, check out this guide on how to make a really easy DIY trellis from PVC pipes. Just download the template, print it out, trace it on the PVC pipe and start cutting using a bandsaw or jigsaw. If you want a really professional looking pentas trellis, then be sure to smooth out the edges using sandpaper or a metal file.

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