Rosary Vine Houseplants: How To Grow Rosary Vines Indoors

by johnah on November 9, 2020

Rosary Vine Houseplants: How To Grow Rosary Vines Indoors

What Is A Rosary Vine?

A rosary vine is a perennial evergreen shrub or small tree with large, white flowers that bloom from May through September. They are native to Mexico and Central America. They have been cultivated since ancient times and were used to bless travelers traveling through the area. Today they are grown for their fruit, which is eaten fresh or dried.

How Do You Grow A Rosary Vine?

Growing a rosary vine indoors requires patience and attention to detail. These plants require very little maintenance other than regular pruning and trimming. They grow well in most climates. However, they do not like direct sunlight so it is best to keep them out of the sun during hot summer months. If possible, place your rosary vines outdoors where they will receive some shade and enjoy cooler temperatures during winter months.

Where Can You Find A Rosary Vine?

You can buy rosary vinage at garden centers and nurseries. You may also find them growing wild along roadsides or in parks near homes. Most people consider them to be an invasive species. If you do collect your own, make sure that you cut off a shoot that is growing above the ground.

What Does The Rosary Vine Look Like?

The rosary vine has heart-shaped leaves with small teeth around the edges. They are green on top and silver on the underside. The plant flowers from May through September and then produces yellow berries.

How Do You Care For A Rosary Vine?

Due to their invasive nature, rosary vines require regular pruning and trimming. Most people recommend doing this during fall or winter months when they are least active. It is important that you pinch off new sprouts as soon as they start to grow. You should also trim off the growing tips of the vines.

How Do You Prune A Rosary Vine?

Pruning a rosary vine is not difficult but it is an involved process. It is important that you trim them back to the stump. However, it is also important that you do not cut into the woody part of the plant. Using sharp pruning shears for the job will make it easier and prevent you from accidentally cutting into the woody part of the plant.

What Is The Life Cycle Of A Rosary Vine?

The rosary vine goes through a perennial cycle, which means that it will grow shoots every year. They are actually more like vines than shrubs. The shoots can grow very quickly. If you do not control their spread, they will soon take over your yard and strangle the life out of anything nearby. In fact, they are considered to be an invasive species in some areas.

What Are Other Names For The Rosary Vine?

The rosary vine is also known as the “rosery” and the “rosary pea.” The rosary pea is not actually related to peas at all. It was named for the tiny beads, or peas, that form along the vines.

What Does The Rosary Vine Taste Like?

The fruit or peas that grow on a rosary vine have a sweet taste. You can eat them right off the vine when they are fully ripe. They can also be dried and used in crafts or in floral arrangements.

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