Testing Moisture In Plants: How To Gauge Soil Moisture In Plants

by johnah on November 9, 2020

Testing Moisture In Plants: How To Gauge Soil Moisture In Plants

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The best way to test the soil moisture level of your outdoor plants is with a soil moisture meter.

But which one?

There are many different brands out there. Which one works well for you depends on several factors such as price, size, and performance.

It’s important to note that testing the soil moisture levels of your plants will not only help you determine if they need watering but it may also indicate whether or not the soil around them needs attention. Good soil should retain moisture well. If it is too sandy, it will dry out very quickly and if it is too clay-like, the water will not be able to soak in fast enough and your plants will suffer from frequent watering.

When testing to see if soil needs attention as well as the plants themselves, a dial type moisture meter is the best choice. These are easy to use and they are relatively inexpensive. Some of them have metal probes while others have plastic ones.

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