Cherry Laurel Shrubs: Tips On How And When To Plant Cherry Laurel

by johnah on November 10, 2020

Cherry Laurel Shrub (Lilium trifoliorum)

The Cherry Laurel Tree is one of the most popular trees in the world. It grows up to 40 feet tall and has a wide spread.

The leaves are green with yellow edges and they have no teeth at all. They look like little prongs sticking out from the top of the leaf. The flowers are white or pink and bloom from March through June.

How To Grow Cherry Laurel Trees?

You may want to plant cherry laurel trees if you want to enjoy the beauty of the forest while enjoying the benefits of their foliage. You can do it! But there are some things you need to know before planting your first tree.

First, you need to decide what kind of tree you want to grow. There are two types of cherry laurel trees: the dwarf and the evergreen.

The dwarf variety is smaller than its larger cousin, but still big enough to provide shade and shelter for small animals such as mice and voles. The evergreens are bigger than their dwarven cousins, but not so large that they would block sunlight from reaching other plants or animals.

It is best to plant cherry laurel trees in soil that is acidic. You can find this type of soil in any forest, but if you would rather not wait that long then you can always create your own.

You need to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with manure, leaf mold and some topsoil. Mix all of these ingredients together and then plant your cherry laurel sapling in the middle. Cover the hole with more of the mixture and water it well.

How To Take Care Of A Cherry Laurel Tree?

When you plant your cherry blossom tree, you will have to give it a lot of attention for the first few weeks. This means watering it twice a day and making sure that there is no more than 2 inches of water in its container. Once it starts growing leaves and flowers, you can water it only once every three days. Don’t forget to add some mulch on the surface of the soil to retain moisture and keep it cool.

How To Prune A Cherry Laurel Tree?

The best time to prune a cherry laurel tree is during the winter months between the months of December and February. If you want to prune your tree for aesthetic reasons then follow these steps:

Decide which branches you want to keep or get rid of. You have to cut the branches that you want to discard at the point where they join the trunk.

Cut the branches that you want to keep back to the first set of major branches.

Once you are done pruning your tree, water it well. This will help a lot in the recovery of your tree’s health because pruned branches can dry out easily.

Note: If you don’t want to prune your tree at all, then just cut the branches that are broken or damaged. This way your tree will be able to focus all of its energy into growing leaves instead of growing new shoots.

What Disease Or Pests Attack A cherry laurel Tree?

There are no major diseases or pests that attack the cherry blossom tree.

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