Graptosedum Plant Care: How To Grow A California Sunset Succulent

by johnah on November 11, 2020

What Is Graptosis?

Graptosis is a disease caused by the fungus Phytophthora ramorum. The disease causes the plant to wilt and die. The disease is spread through contact with infected soil or water, which may be contaminated from other sources such as irrigation systems, storm drains, etc.. Symptoms of the disease include wilting of leaves and stems followed by death of plants within several weeks after symptoms appear.

The first signs of the disease are usually seen in late summer/autumn when the foliage begins to drop off. Leaves turn yellow and eventually fall off completely. Plants will continue to wilt until they die.

Death occurs due to dehydration, lack of nutrients, and excessive heat stress (above 120°F). The disease is not contagious; it only affects plants that have direct contact with infected soil or water.

Symptoms of Graptosis Disease:

Causes Of Graptosis Disease:

How To Prevent And Treat Graptosis Disease:

Gravelosedum Plant Care Guide For California Sunset Succulents:

If you are looking for graptosedum plant care, then you have come to the right place. It can be difficult to grow succulents if you are not accustomed to it. Graptosedum is one of the most beautiful succulents around.

You can find a wide range of colors from these plants. They are used in landscaping and even as houseplants in some cases. Graptosedum Plant Care can be perfected with relative ease once you know what these plants require.

What Are Graptosedum Succulents?

Graptosedum succulents are a part of the stonecrop family of succulents. They are related to the jade plant, which are also succulents. They come in a wide range of colors including green, yellow, red, pink, and even white. This is a fairly new plant and not much is known about it. They have recently become more popular and are becoming quite a favorite among succulent collectors and gardeners.

What Do Graptosedum Succulents Look Like?

The succulent has small leaves that grow in rosettes with one or two inch leaves. New leaves start off being a light green and then eventually turn into the various colors mentioned above. The leaves can be smooth or have a little bit of a fuzzy look to them. They are very beautiful plants that can be used in landscaping, container gardens, and even as houseplants.

Where Can You Buy Graptosedum?

You can find these succulents online or at your local nursery. It is best to buy them from a specialty nursery rather than your local big box store. They are so new that not all local nurseries carry them. You can find a specialty nursery, or even buy online if you wish.

What Graptosedum Care Does This Succulent Need?

This is a low maintenance succulent that only requires a little bit of attention. They prefer to be watered about once a week or even less, depending on how hot it is outside. So, if it is extremely hot and dry where you live, then you may need to water them once every five days or so.

You can water them from the bottom or the top, whichever is easiest for you. They are fairly shallow rooted plants, so getting the water to them shouldn’t be a problem. If they are grown in containers, then you will want to make sure that they are drained of all the water after they have been watered.

Keep in mind, the potting soil will also dry out, so you may want to use potting soil that retains less water if this is a problem.

It is best to fertilize these succulents about once a month using a very weak 10% solution. It is best to use a general purpose fertilizer that is mixed at half the strength recommended on the package. It isn’t necessary to use a fertilizer specifically made for succulents.

Graptosedum Plant Care: How To Grow A California Sunset Succulent on

How To Propagate Graptosedum

You can easily propagate these succulents by separating the offshoots that grow around the base of the original plant. Just be sure to leave at least two leaves on the branch you are taking and then replant in a similar potting soil that does not retain water any more than necessary. You should see some growth within a few weeks and they should take within a month or so.

Graptosedum Growing Tips

As with most succulents, these prefer to be planted in a soil that does not contain any artificial ingredients or added fertilizer. These can usually be purchased at your local garden center and should have no fertilizer in it. Most garden centers should have pots and other supplies that you may need.

These are fairly shallow rooted plants, so the pot should have a diameter no more than eight inches so the roots are not too cramped.



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