Apple Tree Rooting: Learn About Planting Apple Tree Cuttings

by johnah on November 13, 2020

Apple Tree Rooting: Learn About Planting Apple Tree Cuttings

Apple tree cutting is one of the most popular ways to propagate apple trees in the UK. Many people want to plant their own apple trees and they are not able to do so because they don’t have enough space or money.

They wish to learn how to plant an apple tree but they lack some basic knowledge about it.

The following information will give you all the necessary information to successfully plant your own apple tree. You may choose to buy some apple tree cuttings if you wish.

If you decide to purchase them, then please read our guide on buying apple tree cuttings carefully before making up your mind.

How To Root An Apple Tree Cuttings?

Before we begin, let’s get something out of the way first: Do NOT try this at home! Doing so could result in death. This method involves submerging an apple tree trunk in water and then planting it into soil. It is not recommended for beginners and should only be attempted by experienced gardeners with sufficient resources to ensure success.


Prepare the soil as you normally would. In most cases, the best soil for your apple tree is well-draining loam that’s rich in organic material such as manure and compost.

If you live in an area with acidic soil, then lime will be necessary as well.

The Location

After preparing the soil, you need to decide upon a location. Apple trees need at least five hours of direct sunlight every day.

During winter, they should ideally receive at least two hours of sunlight every day. This will ensure proper growth and development.

The Spade

Use a spade or shovel to dig a hole two times as wide and two times as deep as the root ball of your apple tree. This will provide it with the space it needs to grow.

The Water

Get a container of water and thoroughly mix in some rooting hormone into it. If you do not have any then you can use a little bit of sugar instead.

The Rooting Hormone

What is rooting hormone and what does it do?

The answer to both questions is actually the same: Root hormones are hormones that, as the name suggests, encourage the growth of roots.

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