Clematis Winter Preparation – Taking Care Of Clematis In Winter

by johnah on November 13, 2020

What Does Clematis Look Like In Winter?

In winter, clematis are not very hardy plants. They do not survive well under cold conditions. But they are still able to grow in the colder parts of your garden during the winter months. However, if you live in a warm climate then it is better to keep them out of direct sunlight during the winter season. You will need to provide some sort of shelter for them. A greenhouse or other type of shade structure is ideal.

How To Take Care Of Clematis In Winter?

Clematis have a short growing season so you would want to take care of them before the snow starts falling. If you don’t, they might die due to lack of light and warmth during the winter months. So, you need to start taking care of them now!

There are several ways to take care of clematis in winter. One way is to just leave them outside in the cold weather. Another method is to place them inside a pot with a layer of mulch around it. Mulch helps prevent frost damage and keeps the soil moist. Finally, you can put clematis into a plastic bag and freeze it until springtime when it blooms again.

When To Cut Back Clematis Vines For Winter?

You would want to cut back the clematis vines for winter once they have died back and stopped blooming. It’s time to do this after mid-autumn when there is enough frost in the ground.

You can either leave them outside or bring them inside your home. Your choice, really. Just make sure you are taking care of them before the first snowfall arrives.

How To Protect Clematis From Frost?

If you bring your clematis inside for the winter, then a cool cellar or spare fridge is an ideal place to store them. They can stay here until springtime when they start to bloom again. If the temperature in your home is below 55 degrees at night then you should place the plants in a cool location.

If you don’t have either of these options available then placing a 200-300 watt light bulb (not a CFL or LED) close to the plants will help them stay warm enough during the night. Just don’t let the leaves burn!

How To Make Clematis Bloom All Summer?

There are three things that can prevent clematis from blooming all summer long. One is pests, the second is lack of nutrients and the third is lack of sunlight.

Pests are easy to get rid of because all you need to do is apply some pesticides or just pick off the insects by hand. This will get rid of insects like aphids. Fungus is also an issue in clematis so make sure to choose a fungicide specifically made for plants.

Lack of nutrients and lack of sunlight are a little trickier to solve. The best way to prevent this from happening is to add some organic matter into the soil, such as peat moss or grass clippings. This will help keep the soil loose and prevent it from becoming too dense which hinders the flow of oxygen.

If the lack of sunlight is still an issue, you will need to move the plant somewhere that gets more sun. If this isn’t possible then you can try to “train” the plant to grow in a different direction so it is exposed to more light. This won’t work for every plant but if you have patience then it’s worth a try.

Common Clematis Questions

How Do You Stop Clematis From Taking Over Everything?

Clematis can grow REALLY big.

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