Keeping Squirrels Out Of Gardens: Tips On Protecting Tomatoes From Squirrels

by johnah on November 13, 2020

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Garden: Tips On Protecting Tomatoes From Squirrels

In the United States, there are many different types of squirrel species. Some like to live in trees while others prefer open areas such as gardens or yards. However, all squirrels have one thing in common; they love to eat tomatoes! If you want your plants to remain healthy and produce good fruit then it’s imperative that you protect them from unwanted visitors.

There are several ways to do so. One way is with traps. Traps work well if you place them around the perimeter of your garden where squirrels may easily access them. You can also use poison baits, which will kill any potential predators before they get too close to your crops. Another method is using a variety of deterrent products designed specifically for gardening purposes. These include peppermint oil, garlic, citronella candles, etc.

Keep in mind that these products aren’t meant to harm squirrels. They’re just intended to repel them away from your crops.

There are two main methods for keeping squirrels out of your garden: (1) using traps and (2) using deterrent products. Which method you choose depends upon what type of garden you have and how much trouble you’d like to avoid.

If you’re a hands on type of person and don’t mind getting dirty, then using traps is the way to go. There are several different types of traps to choose from (i.e. Conibear, scissor, etc.) However, the most popular one by far is the classic Victor metal trap.

This is due to it’s reliability and ease of use. As the name implies, this particular brand is made out of metal rather than plastic. This is important because squirrels have a tendency to be a lot more wary of going near anything metal. Other types of traps are easier to avoid due to their design. If you plan on using traps, it’s recommended that you use them in high traffic areas such as the front yard or garden perimeter.

If you’re a more hands off type of person and would rather let technology do the work for you, then repellents are definitely the way to go. These products work by either masking the smell of your crops (so the squirrels can’t find them) or by making the area itself an undesirable place to be. Products such as the Bellogard Gel and the Garden Gel are easy to use and last a long time. All you have to do is spread it evenly around the perimeters of your garden.

Other types of repellents work by making the plants smell or taste bad to the targeted animal. For example, Ropel is a product that smells like pepper and is harmful if consumed. While slightly more expensive than the other repellents, it’s worth it if you have a lot of valuable crops.

Regardless of which method you choose, please be advised that these methods may or may not work. It also depends on how determined the squirrels are and how many of them there are. If your garden is in an area where there are a lot of squirrels then none of these solutions will work very well. Also, if you don’t consistently check your traps/repellents throughout the week then you probably won’t catch anything.

Keeping Squirrels Out Of Gardens: Tips On Protecting Tomatoes From Squirrels on

Remember that the best way to keep squirrels out of your garden is to make it an unappealing place for them to be in the first place.

Good luck and happy gardening!

Remember to always check your traps frequently if you’re using the trap method. If you don’t, you probably won’t catch anything.

If you have any tips of your own, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Happy Gardening!

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