Growing Abutilon Flowering Maple: Learn About Abutilon Requirements Indoors

by johnah on November 14, 2020

Growing Abutilon Flowering Maple: Learn About Abutilon Requirements Indoors

The following are some facts about growing abutilon flowering maple. These facts will give you a better understanding of what to expect from your new abu plants. You may not have known these things before, but now you do!

1) When you grow abu plants indoors, they need light 24/7.

They cannot survive without it. You must provide them with bright lights at all times. If you don’t, they won’t thrive or even grow properly.

2) Some types of abu flower indoors like the ones shown here; however others do not like such conditions and prefer to live outdoors where there is no direct sunlight.

3) There are many different kinds of abu flowers.

Each type needs its own environment to flourish. For example, the ones pictured above are called “Yellow Leafed” because their leaves turn yellow when they bloom. Other types of abu flowers include “Red Leaves”, “Blue Leaves”, and other colors too.

4) The best time to start growing abu plants indoors is during winter months when the temperature drops low enough for them to survive and grow well.

If you start from seeds, the flowers will bloom in several months. Keep in mind that each type has different growing and flowering times so read up on the particular type of abu you want to grow.

5) Some types of abu plants prefer to be outside or inside, depending on the time of year.

For example, the “Yellow Leafed” type starts as an outdoor plant then gets brought inside when it’s time for it to bloom. The “Red Leaves” type is best to grow as an outdoor plant that gets brought inside later.

6) When growing abu plants from seeds, the best soil is one that is loamy and has ample room for root growth.

Growing Abutilon Flowering Maple: Learn About Abutilon Requirements Indoors - Image

The soil also needs to be well drained since abu plants do not like wet feet!

7) When you grow abu plants from seeds, they can take up to 12 weeks to bloom.

The “Yellow Leafed” variety will usually take a little longer due to their long life cycle. Be patient and enjoy watching your blooming abutilons every few months!

8) When growing abu plants from seeds, you really want to use fresh seeds and not ones that are old since these have a higher rate of failure.

As with any plant, if you want your seeds to be successful then you should use seeds from flowers that have successfully bloomed in the past. Keep the seeds in a dry and dark place until you are ready to plant them.

9) Some abu plants are annuals, which means they only live for one year.

Other abu plants are perennials, which means they survive more than one year. It all depends on the type of abu you decide to grow!

10) Some types of abu plants are known to attract birds and butterflies since the flowers have nectar in them. Other types of abu plants do not. It all depends on the species of abu you decide to grow.

If you’ve never grown abutilon plants before then it might be a good idea to start with one of the annual types like “Red Leaves” or “Yellow Leafed” first so you don’t get upset if they die on you. The reason I say this is because abu plants are a bit more challenging to grow than other plants, especially if you are new at it.

If you’ve got some more experience under your belt and you want to try something new then you might want to try the abu plant called “Carnival” which has flowers that are completely covered in fuzz! It’s a very rare variety that not many people know about so you might be able to wow your friends with this one.

Planting and growing abutilon plants can be a fun and interesting hobby if you give it a try. Just remember to do your research before planting anything and make sure you understand the particular needs of each type since all abu plants are different!

Happy planting!

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