Wax Plant Care: Tips On Growing Hoya Vines

by johnah on November 14, 2020

Wax Plant Care: Tips On Growing Hoya Vines

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor Care: Tips On Growing Hoya Vines

Hoya Plants are very popular plants in the garden. They’re easy to grow, they produce flowers every year, and they have beautiful foliage. However, wax plants aren’t quite as well known as other succulents like succulent amaryllis or succulent azalea. But don’t let their lack of fame fool you; wax plants are actually pretty cool looking!

The leaves of wax plants are long and thin, with a few petals at the top. The leaves are usually dark green in color, but some varieties may be pale pink or even white. Wax plant leaves tend to curl up when touched, which makes them look cute and cuddly. Some varieties will have no leaf curling at all.

They come in many different colors, from light yellow to bright red. Most varieties are greenish-yellow, but there are others that appear almost black. There’s even one variety called “red wax” that looks like it was painted on!

There are several ways to keep your wax plant alive and happy. The most common way is to put your plant in a bright window with plenty of sun. Wax plants tend to love natural sunlight, so make sure they’re not getting burnt! You’ll also want to keep them out of drafts. Make sure the temperature in the room they’re in stays between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another option is to place your wax plant in a brightly lit room. If necessary, you can place a grow light above the plant to give it all the light it needs. Using this method allows you to control the temperature in the room. The temperature should stay between 65 and 85 degrees.

You can also plant your wax plant in soil or in a container filled with rocks and water. If you’re using a water/rock container, make sure it has drainage and never allow it to overfill!

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