How To Water Watermelon Plants And When To Water Watermelons

by johnah on November 15, 2020

Watermelon Plant Stages: First Stage Of Growth

The first stage of growth is called “seedling”. Seedlings are small plants which have not yet developed into full grown plants. They will continue to grow until they reach maturity. Once mature, they become large, vigorous plants with many leaves and flowers.

How Much Water Do You Need For A Watermelon?

You may ask yourself why do I need so much water for my watermelons?

The answer is simple. Watermelons require a lot of water. It takes up to three times more water than other fruits like peaches or tomatoes. If you want your watermelon to produce fruit, then it needs plenty of water.

When Should You Water Your Watermelons?

It depends on the type of watermelon you are trying to grow and when you wish to start watering them. The best time to water your watermelons is during their seedling stage. Seeds are the smallest stage of growth. So if you want to get your watermelon started before its seedling stage, then you must wait till after the seeds sprout before watering them.

Types Of Watermelon That Can Be Tried Out: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

There are four types of watermelons available in India – red, yellow, green and blue varieties. Of these four types of watermelons, the red and the green watermelons are more popular.

The red variety has a red rind with black seeds. It is sweet in taste with a juicy texture. This type of watermelon is available in round shape. The yellow colored watermelon has a pale yellow rind and contains medium size black seeds. It tastes sweet and has a hard texture.

It is available in oval shape.

The green watermelon has a dark green rind and contains black seeds. It is sweet to taste and has a hard texture. It is available in oval shape as well. The blue watermelon has a bluish green rind with black seeds. It tastes sweet with a hard texture.

It is also available in round shape.

How To Water Watermelon: How Much Water Do You Need For Watermelons?

Watermelons need up to 3 times more water than other types of crops. They are also very sensitive to the amount of water. If you don’t give them enough water, they will not grow at all. It is important to always keep this in mind when growing watermelons.

If you have the right type of watermelon, then you can grow them in pots. You should know however that they will be sitting on your balcony or roof top and will not be growing in the ground.

Watermelons like a lot of water and do not like to dry out. You must keep an eye on the weather forecast before watering them. They also need nutrients and potassium to grow well. Make sure you provide them with these nutrients through the water you give them.

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