A Garden In The Night: Ideas For A Moon Garden

by johnah on November 16, 2020

A Garden In The Night: Ideas For A Moon Garden

Moon gardens are often used for relaxation purposes. They are considered to be relaxing places where one can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, they have been known to provide some benefits such as improved mood, increased energy levels, reduced stress levels and even weight loss.

These benefits may not only benefit those who use them regularly but also others who visit them during their stay.

The moon garden concept was first introduced to us by the ancient Greeks. There were several types of these gardens, which were located in various locations around Greece. Some of them had statues or other decorations depicting mythical creatures and scenes from Greek mythology.

Other types of gardens contained flowers that grew naturally or were grown with special care and attention. One type of garden was called a “lunarium” (Greek for “moon house”). Lunaria meant “house in the moon”. It was a place where people could go to meditate and spend time alone.

In medieval times, the idea of using the moon as a source of light spread throughout Europe. People began to build large rooms out of glass or crystal in order to illuminate their gardens at night. Many of these rooms still exist today.

Today, there are many different kinds of moon gardens available in various countries all over the world.

There are two main types of moon gardens: indoor and outdoor ones. Indoor ones are great for those who do not have a garden or do not have the space to build an outdoor one. They can also be used in combination with an outdoor moon garden, if one is available.

Outdoor gardens are obviously located outside and they allow people to truly appreciate the moon in its full glory.

Both types of gardens can be combined with other items, such as furniture. For instance, an outdoor garden could be placed on a wooden deck or porch. An indoor one could be combined with furniture, such as a couch or chair, to make it more comfortable.

A Garden In The Night: Ideas For A Moon Garden | igrowplants.net

If an outdoor garden is available then it could easily be combined with a fire pit or picnic table.

The purpose of a moon garden is to provide a quiet place where one can spend time alone or with others in a relaxing atmosphere. It allows one to reflect upon themselves and life in general. It also provides a nice backdrop that allows one to appreciate their surroundings.

If you’re lucky, it can even make for a romantic setting with the right person.

Your First Step: The Moon

The first consideration is where to place your moon garden. It can be placed almost anywhere, but some locations will work better than others. You’ll want to place it somewhere that can provide a great view of the moon at night.

If your garden has a good view of the sky above it then you’re all set. Otherwise, you may want to build a small platform or porch just for this purpose.

The next thing you need to do is decide whether or not you want your moon garden to be indoor or outdoor. If you want an outdoor garden, then you’ll need to decide if you want it to be completely exposed or if you’d prefer some sort of roof over your head. This will also impact where you place it.

Considerations For The Moon: Where And What?

As far as where you place the moon, that’s more or less up to you. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. It can be placed on a high platform so that it’s visible over roofs or other obstructions, or it can be placed somewhere where it can’t be seen unless you look directly at it.

As far as what the moon is made out of, that’s more of a personal decision. The sky is the limit, really. The moon can be made of anything you want, so long as it’s safe and will last a very long time.

You could make a moon garden out of wood, stone, steel, plastic, glass, or any combination thereof. It can be small and simple, or large and elaborate.

The simplest option is to build a small wooden platform with a bench on it. This can either be placed in your garden or in the middle of your yard. If you place it in your garden, then you can decorate the platform in any way you wish.

You can plant small flowers around it or hang wind chimes from the ceiling. If you hang wind chimes from the ceiling, you’ll still want to avoid getting them wet since this may cause problems for their sound. You can also place some candles on the platform during the night to give it that extra touch. This also works well if your moon is made out of glass or something similar. Just be sure not to get it too hot!

If you place it in the middle of your yard, then you may want to surround the platform with bushes or perhaps some short trees. This will prevent others from seeing it too easily and will keep small children and pets from tripping over it. Naturally, you don’t want to use anything that could cause problems, such as Poison Ivy or anything that droops close to the ground.

A slightly more elaborate option is to build a small gazebo around your platform. This will give it some extra protection from the elements and will also provide you with some shade during the day. Again, you can decorate the gazebo or leave it plain.

If you decorate it, then you can hang wind chimes from the roof or plant flowers and such around it.

For those with a bit more time on their hands, you can build a small glass house around your gazebo. This is entirely optional, of course. Just be sure to place it far away from everything else.

Unless you want to end up with a garden full of green instead of flowers and grass!

Another option is to build a small shed around your gazebo. This will provide extra protection for whatever you choose to place in there. The shed can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, as can the interior.

Be sure to include some ventilation, however, as you don’t want the inside of your shed to end up smelling like kennels!

One more option is to build an addition to your house around your gazebo. The style and design is entirely up to you, but I’m sure your wife or husband will have some definite ideas on the subject. As before, be sure to include some ventilation, as well as to not cover up too many of the windows.

Unless, of course, you plan on using artificial lighting in which case it won’t matter so much.

These are just a few suggestions, of course. Whatever you choose to do will be wonderful!

After you have chosen the perfect spot and decided on the design of your moon, all that remains is to sit back and watch the transformation. You may experience some discomfort during this time, so you may want to prepare yourself for it.

As I said earlier, it’s best to be alone for this or at least have a trusted friend or family member with you. The process will take about a month or so, depending on the size of your moon. It will start off by getting hot.

If you’re inside a gazebo, glass house, or small shed, then you’ll probably be fine. However, if you’ve placed it somewhere like your yard or garden, then you may experience some serious complications. Large fires have been known to result from this.

It’s not really the moon itself that gets hot, it’s all the stuff you are pumping into the atmosphere. This could potentially kill your grass or even your trees if you’re not careful. It can also give your rooftop a bit of a warming if you’re placing it on your house.

A Garden In The Night: Ideas For A Moon Garden | igrowplants.net

Just be sure to place some tarps over these things before the process begins.

Once the moon is in the sky, it’s no longer getting any bigger. However, for a period of about a month the color will continue to change and get stronger. Sometimes this can be so vivid that it gives people nosebleeds, so again, if you have young children or babies, make sure they aren’t looking up at the sky for extended periods of time.

Your own eyesight may also become impaired. This is why it’s best to wear some sort of eye protection. This can be as simple as sunglasses, or you can build yourself a pair of specialized goggles from scratch.

I recommend a nice deep blue color to prevent too much bleeding.

Be advised that this process will also change the weather patterns. Most likely you will have less rain and cloudy days. As the intensity continues to grow, you may even find yourself having snowfall!

Be sure to keep yourself warm.

In conclusion, you should now have a nice big beautiful moon hanging in the sky, unless you already had one there before, in which case it will simply be bigger. You’ve also most likely turned your backyard into a tundra, so be sure to get that fixed up.

If you follow these instructions correctly then you should be able to enjoy your moon or moons for years to come. As before, if you do not follow these instructions exactly, you may die or fall into a coma so be careful.

Also, the best way to appreciate your new moon is to spend a lot of time outside on clear nights. You may also want to buy a telescope so that you may see it up close whenever you wish.

I hope you have as much fun with this project as I did!

Good luck, and remember…


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