Eggplant Harvest: Information On How To Harvest An Eggplant

by johnah on November 17, 2020

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Eggplants are one of the most popular vegetables in Japan. They’re easy to grow, they taste good and they’re cheap! That’s why many Japanese eat them every day. However, there are some things you need to know before harvesting eggs from your own garden or buying them from a shop.

How To Pick Eggs From Your Garden Or Shop?

When picking eggs from your garden or shop, it’s best to wear gloves and protective clothing. You don’t want to get any dirt in your eyes while peeling the shell off. If you have small children, you might not even want to peel their shells because they could easily swallow the whole thing. Also keep in mind that some types of eggs are harder than others (or even brittle) so be prepared for that possibility too.

Which Types Of Eggs Are The Most Common?

The most common types of eggs are white, brown and blue (or purple). White and brown eggs are usually the cheapest. Blue eggs can be more expensive. There is another rarer type of egg too, called the double yolk egg. These are the most expensive eggs of all. You might want to have one every once in a while as a treat for yourself!

How To Make Sure You Are Eating Healthy When You Eat Eggs?

Just like other types of meat or vegetables, some eggs are better for you than others. For example, most of us know that fried eggs aren’t as healthy as boiled eggs and so on. Although not many of us know why! (Mostly because we’re not scientists!) If you really want to know which eggs are best for you, keep reading!

The Best Types Of Eggs Are…

The best type of egg to eat is a free range egg.


Because it has more vitamins and minerals in it than the average egg. A free range egg also has less fat and cholesterol and more protein. However, you do have to be careful when buying free range eggs because some people try to trick you by putting a picture of a chicken on the carton, but really, the chickens weren’t free ranging at all!

Which Should You Avoid Eating?

Probably the worst types of eggs to eat are factory farmed eggs. Factory farmed eggs come from chickens that are kept in small cages. They never get to go outside and they barely have enough room to move. The shells of factory farmed eggs are usually a different color too. They tend to be darker, although some can even be pink! It’s best just to avoid eating these types of eggs because they aren’t good for you at all.

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