Varieties Of White Potato – Growing Potatoes That Are White

by johnah on November 17, 2020

Variety Of White Potato – Growing Potatoes That Are White

The variety of white potato (also known as “white” or “polka dot”) is one of the most popular types of potatoes grown commercially today. They have been cultivated since ancient times and are still used in many countries around the world. There are two main varieties: the European white potato, which originated from Northern Europe; and the American white potato, which originates from Southern America.

Both varieties have similar characteristics, but there are some differences between them.

European White Potatoes

White potatoes come in several colors, including white, pinkish-red, yellowish-orange and greenish-yellow. These potatoes are usually smaller than their red counterparts and tend to be sweeter tasting. They grow well in cool climates with good soil conditions.

They do not require much water when grown properly. The best quality European white potatoes are often called “Polk’s” because they were originally grown in England.

American White Potatoes

In contrast to the European white potato, the American white potato is larger than its red counterpart and tends to be sweeter tasting. They grow well in warm climates with good soil conditions. They require less water than their European counterparts and do better if planted in areas with rich organic matter such as composted manure or manure left over from past crop rotations.

They do not grow well in cooler climates and often rot in cool, damp soil.

What Are The Similarities Between The Two?

Both varieties of white potatoes are low in calories and rich in nutrients, such as protein, thiamine and potassium. They also have a low glycemic index, which means they break down slowly in the body and do not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar. They are often used in the preparation of other foods, such as being mashed and used to make French fries.

What Are The Differences Between The Two?

The biggest difference between the two varieties is their size at maturity. Other differences include:

– American white potatoes have a paler flesh color than their European counterparts.

– They grow well in warm climates and sunnier locations, such as the Southwestern United States.

Varieties Of White Potato – Growing Potatoes That Are White at

– They have a longer growing season than their European counterparts. Because of this, they are harvested later in the year.

– They have a longer storage life than their European counterparts and can be stored up to nine months without spoiling.

– They are often found as an ingredient in many convenience and frozen dinners due to their long shelf life.

– They are often used to make French fries.

What Varieties Are There?

There are several varieties of white potatoes, including:

– Alaskan Eyes: These potatoes are small and oval in shape with a pale yellow skin and a creamy white flesh. They have reddish eyes. They have a thin skin and a sweet flavor.

They grow best in areas with cool nights and mild days.

– All Blue: These are high yielding, all-purpose potatoes that have light blue skin when mature.

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