Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn

by johnah on November 18, 2020

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn

The Meadow is one of the most beautiful flowers. They are native to Europe and Asia. They have been cultivated since ancient times, but their popularity declined during the 19th century due to lack of space and overuse.

Nowadays they are being grown in many parts of the world for ornamental purposes, such as in gardens or at weddings.

A Meadow Lawn is a type of landscape where plants grow along a meadow rather than in rows. Some varieties include the “wild” variety (also called “open-pollinated”), which are usually smaller and less ornate; the “shrub” variety, which tend to be larger and more ornate; and the “mixed”, which consist of both types.

Although Meadow Lawns may look like open fields, they are actually created by planting a mixture of different kinds of plants together. Although there is no official definition for what constitutes a Meadow Lawn, it generally includes any type of landscape that consists of small plots planted with different types of plants. The term “meadow” comes from the English word mead, which means beer.

Some Meadow Lawns can range in size from a few square meters to several acres in area. It all depends on what you want in your personal meadow lawn. These types of lawns are different from conventional lawns in that they do not have a regular mowing pattern and no two patches of grass are exactly the same.

Of course, this type of lawn isn’t for everyone, it requires patience and dedication to maintain. You also must be aware that some meadows can be prone to weeds.

The type of meadow lawn that you should attempt to plant depends entirely on where you live and what kind of environment you have. Meadows are popular in open-spaced areas where flowers can be seen from afar. There is no one specific type of flower or plant that is required to create a Meadow Lawn, but there are a few guidelines that you should follow when choosing your plants.

The first thing that you should consider when planting a meadow is the climate in your region. Certain plants thrive in different types of environment and vice versa. For example, you won’t find many desert plants in the middle of the Arctic.

Depending on the type of climate that you have you can choose from a large selection of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Image

When choosing your plants you should also keep your personal tastes into consideration. It doesn’t matter if the plant is indigenous to your region or not if you don’t like the way that it looks. If you are choosing a Meadow Lawn as a gift for a friend or family member, it might be a good idea to take their personal tastes into consideration when choosing the types of plants to use.

Before you start digging up your yard, it might be a good idea to draw a layout of what you plan to do ahead of time. This way you can easily see if there are any flaws in your plans and you can make alterations before anything is actually planted. People generally choose to lay out their meadows in a variety of different designs.

These include (but are not limited to) circles, spirals, checkerboards and waves.

When drawing your layout you must also take the size of plants that you are using into consideration. Certain plants will be larger than others when they fully mature, so you must make sure that there is adequate space between each plant.

The next step is to prepare your land for planting. You should have all the supplies you need already, such as flower seeds, fertilizer and small tools for digging. Before you begin digging up your land it might be a good idea to draw out your layout again after it has been outlined.

Begin by drawing a line in the center of your yard. On either side of this line dig small holes at least six inches deep and spaced about two feet apart. Make sure to keep this line straight and that the holes are equidistant from each other.

After you have dug out all the holes fill them with water. If the water dries up before you plant your seeds then the plants will die. After the holes have been filled with water mark which side of the hole has the most saturated soil.

In most cases this will be the side that faces east. Now begin planting your seeds following your layout.

After the seeds have been planted water them until the soil is completely soaked with moisture. Now you just have to wait for your plants to grow. Throughout the entire process it is a good idea to keep an eye on the plants and make sure that they are growing at a steady rate.

You should also keep an eye on the weather to make sure that it isn’t getting too hot or too cold.

The plants that you have chosen may or may not require additional light. If they do then you will have to provide this for them. A good way to do this is with the help of a large sun lamp.

If you don’t want to pay the high costs that are usually associated with these kinds of lamps you can try setting up a system that involves mirrors and glass to provide the necessary lighting.

In order for this type of system to work you will need to set up a wheel frame that is covered on each side by glass. This will redirect light from a lamp to a specific area. You can then use the redirected light to focus on your plants.

This particular process can get fairly technical so you should probably have someone who is more skilled in these matters do the job for you. If you need help finding these people you can always try asking your local nursery.

Once your plants have fully grown in (it should take about two months) you are going to want to prepare them for the outside. This means that you will need to gradually expose them to the natural sunlight over the course of several weeks. If you just put them out in the sun all at once they are going to suffer from the shock and will eventually die.

When you are finally ready to release your plants into the wild all you have to do is dig up the roots and transplant them into the ground (or wherever you want them to grow). You might want to water them a bit before you release them just to make sure they have enough moisture.

Now comes the fun part, collecting your seeds!

You will probably notice small fruit growing on the plants. These are the seeds. As the plant grows and ripens you will be able to collect the seeds.

After all your hard work digging up the plants and preparing them for the outside it would be a shame to not reap the rewards of your labor.

There is one last thing you have to do and that’s ensure that your plant has been identified correctly. Unfortunately there are some plants that look very similar but have very different properties. It would be very unfortunate if you were to use the wrong plant for a cure.

There is a legendary book in the royal library known as the “Herbalist’s Bible” that contains all known information about plants and herbs. If you can locate this book you should be able to confirm what plant you have been growing.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn at

Good luck and may you find a cure for your friend in time.

You set out to try to find a copy of the “Herbalist’s Bible” because you are fairly certain that it will have information about the desert rose. After two days of research you finally locate a copy that has enough information to help you out.

The desert rose can be found in the far east and its root is used most commonly as an aphrodisiac. It has no known medicinal properties. It is used mostly by rich people to try to either increase their sexual stamina or simply for selfish reasons such as giving it to an unsuspecting women to have their way with her.

This information doesn’t seem right for some reason. You think it’s possible that the information in this book might be wrong or perhaps this isn’t the plant you are looking for.

You set off on a journey to the far east in an attempt to locate this plant because if its roots are used as an aphrodisiac then it would make sense that the root is the portion that is used for medicinal purposes.

After a long and treacherous journey (including facing a few monsters along the way) you finally reach the far east. The terrain here is very different from anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ve traveled through several countries so you’re very familiar with the terrain in general but this place is lush, green and filled with strange animals you’ve never seen before.

It’s very difficult to travel through and almost feels like you’re traveling through a jungle at times.

It only takes a few days of searching before you come across a strange looking cactus. It looks almost like an ordinary cactus EXCEPT it has pink flowers growing from it. You have certainly never seen a cactus with flowers before.

You pull out the book again to double check and sure enough this is the plant you’re looking for. You pull the knife from your pack that you’ve been carrying with you for protection and start hacking away at the strange looking cactus.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Image

The plant blood is a dark green and you find that quite odd. You being a doctor are very familiar with blood and all of its different shades of red so you would have noticed if it had turned green for some reason.

You dig out as much of the green root as you can until you’ve exhausted most of the plant and then fill up your pack with it. You figure you should be able to sell this for a fair price when you attempt to board a ship back to the capital.

You set off back to the nearest harbor that you can find and end up meeting a few interesting people on the way there. First you come across a group of traveling merchants who are very excited to see you. They inform you that the harbor you are looking to travel to was destroyed a few days ago by pirates!

Apparently the harbor was too far away from the capital for them to get any kind of military help so they just plain didn’t have any soldiers protecting it. After hearing this news you suggest to the merchants that you all travel together to increase your own safety.

They agree and introduce themselves as Carl, Bob, Allison and Megan. They go on to explain that they own a store back in the capital and are here looking to set up a branch in this far-eastern kingdom because they have heard the market is wide open and ripe for expansion.

They go on to explain that their business model is similar to the one ‘Wenchie’s Emporium’ had except they sell weapons as well so they don’t expect any competition from them. Indeed if you reach the capital and this branch is successful then it’s likely that ‘Wenchie’s Emporium’ will be forced to close because of their lack of weapons.

The journey to the nearest harbor takes just under two weeks to complete with your new companions. You’ve never been to the far-eastern kingdom before but now that you’ve seen it you understand why it’s so hard for them to defend from invaders. The landscape is very different from what you’re used to with very green vegetation and even snow on the ground despite being the middle of summer.

When you reach the harbor you are all pleasantly surprised to see that it’s not been destroyed. The pirates must have decided to retreat instead of destroying the harbor as well to prevent any chance of pursuit.

The merchants tell you that you’re welcome to stay with them at their hotel while you arrange passage back to the capital. They say they know a few ships that are going back and suggest you try to get a ride on one of those if you want to get home quickly.

They also suggest that since the trip there took so long that you stay with them for at least a week before making the trip. They go on to say that they have bedspace at their hotel and that you’re more than welcome to it. They also offer to split the costs of your stay and give you some spending money while you’re there.

They’re obviously just trying to get you to help them sell their weapons so it’s up to you if you want to accept their hospitality or not.

Part VII: Departures

Warning: This section contains scenes of drug use and thus may not be legal in some places. Reader discretion is advised.

The next few days you spend at the hotel are quite pleasant for the most part. You’re given a comfortable bed to sleep in and some spending money so you can go sample the local entertainment if you want. The only thing that annoys you is how often the merchants try to sell their weapons.

You get it, you’ll buy something from them if you have too but every time you walk past one of them they’re trying to get you to sample their weapons or see if you want to buy any.

The worst is Bob, who is a bit of a hothead, tries to get you to dual with him with some of his own weapons. When you beat him easily with a wooden training sword he doesn’t seem to like it and gives you dirty looks until you leave. You briefly think about challenging him to a real duel but given that he’s not a marine and refuses to use any sort of weapons in battle, you decide against it since he’d probably just end up getting himself killed.

Eventually the week is over and you board the next ship back to the capital. You’re given first class treatment by the grateful merchants and have an entire cabin to yourself. Since you have some free time you take this opportunity to finally update your will.

Once finished you head up on deck to watch as the ship slowly pulls into harbor. You then hear someone call out your name.

“Hey! Mr. Bane!

Over here!” you hear someone call out to you. You look over and see that it’s Jacob, the leader of the expedition. He beckons for you to come with him and another sailor directs you to an small motorboat that will take you to his ship.

When you finally reach it, Jacob says that he’s got news on Professor Gossey and Marik. He quickly goes over to the side of the ship and pulls up a crate and pulls out two journals. One is large and wooden with a snake carved on the front while the other is smaller and has a creepy face painted on the front.

“These were found on the ship that docked a few days before we got here. They’re the journals of Marik and the Professor. They tell an amazing story of how they were attacked by Pirate Ninjas and the Professor was captured while Marik managed to escape.

It also says that they needed to return as soon as possible since the Professor was in desperate need of medical attention since she had been wounded in the leg by one of the pirates. We must get to the bottom of this.” Jacob explains.

So are you coming with me or not?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! But first we need to gather a crew and supplies, so we’ll be sailing back to the capital to get everything ready, then heading straight back out here. It should only be a few days. The most I can give you is a week, so if you need to stay out there longer than that, you’ll be on your own.”

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“I understand. A week should be more than enough. I’ll see you in a week then.

Just point me in the direction of where I need to go and I’ll get there. Just make sure you take extra care of my cat while I’m gone.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of Mr. Scales…

er… I mean Kit. He’s in good hands.

Anything else?”

“Yeah, don’t tell anyone else about this. Especially not the rest of the militia. I don’t want anyone trying to stop me from going or sending their own people.”

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Oh and here.”

Jacob pulls out a small golden ring with the royal family’s seal on it and hands it to you.

What’s this for?”

you ask.

“So you can show your face around the palace without having to constantly explain who you are. It also gets you into any room, just don’t lose it.”

The ring must contain some sort of magic because when you put it on you can hear a quiet whispering voice say “Royal Access” and you feel a pulse of energy flow through you.

“OK, all set, let’s get this over with. I need to get back to the palace and start making excuses for my tardiness. I’ll see you in a week.” Jacob says as he heads down the plank and embarks back to the rowboat.

You on the other hand head up to the captain’s quarters to find your furry friend. When you enter you see him sitting in a chair cleaning his sword.

“Hey Kit, glad to see you made it off that ship alive. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, so we’ll be heading out tomorrow after I get some sleep. I’m going to get some shut-eye now, you’re welcome to stay here in the captain’s bed.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn |

His room is the second one on the right.” You say.

You start to fall asleep and then remember something.

“Oh, the names Jacob, just in case you were wondering what name to yell out. I’m not sure if you make a habit of yelling out names while you sleep. Anyway, see you tomorrow Kit.

Sleep tight.

You head to bed with your cat in tow. You’re glad he’s a cat and not a dog or you would’ve had to leave him behind. You fall asleep thinking about all the great food they must have at the palace…

A week passes and you’ve arrived at the Zalan Empire. The Emperor’s Palace is even bigger and more impressive than you thought it would be. The guards at the gate ask you a few questions, but once they see your ring and you explain who you are they welcome you eagerly.

They say the Emperor has been expecting you and have heard much about you. They apologize for the lack of communication due to them not wanting to draw attention from Mortimer, but he hasn’t been as attentive as they feared he would be.

They take you straight into the palace where you meet the Emperor himself. He greets you with a smile and a handshake. The man’s presence is overwhelming, just like his reputation.

Even though he’s smiling and welcoming you, you still sense an immense power and authority behind the man. You know he’s immortal and you wonder how long he’s been alive, and what he’s seen during that time.

He takes you straight away to a large dining room where you enjoy a luxurious meal with him and converse. He asks you many questions about yourself and your family, and seems pleased with your answers. He only asks you nothing about your cat, but you’re not sure if that’s because he’s aware of its existence or because he just doesn’t give a crap.

After the meal he takes you on a tour of the grounds. The palace is huge! You’ve never seen anything so grand before in your life.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Image

The grounds are beautiful as well with many trees and flowers and other plants. You see a hedge maze near the back and wonder if you’re allowed to go in it.

It’s amazing isn’t it?

I had it planted myself. Nothing but the best for my beloved people!” The Emperor says proudly.

You smile and nod and continue the tour. Your tour ends at the armory. The Emperor says you can pick out a new weapon, but there’s no need since you already have a powerful one of your own.

“Nevermind that, what I came here to offer you is much more important. This way please.” He says and leads you to a large door.

A servant opens it and you enter a large room filled with nothing but cages. Large cages, like big enough to hold several people, though they’re all empty except for one in the back.

When you peer inside you see a wretched beast. It’s ugly, deformed and disgusting. Its eyes are red and its fangs are protruding from its mouth that’s filled with green mucus and dripping foam.

Its skin is covered with sores and scabs and there are bones cracking out of its arms. It seems like it’s been through hell.

“What… what is it?”

Does it matter?

It’s yours.”


You are a necromancer, correct?

I’ve heard great things about you and your powers. I want you to take this creature and bring it under your command. I have to imagine that will be easy for someone like you.”

This creature was obviously once human, but it doesn’t seem possible that it could be anymore. The way it looks and especially the sounds it make are downright disturbing. However, you can sense there’s still something there, something trapped within the monster before you, screaming to get out.

“I’m not sure…” you say unsure of what to do.

Not sure?

You’re a necromancer and this is what we do. This creature belongs to you.”

What if I fail?”

“You won’t.”

The Emperor’s assurances do little to assure you, but you realize you have little choice. You can’t say no, you have to try. You walk up to the cage and the monster stares at you and growls.

The stench of the thing hits your nose and it almost makes you vomit. You grip your arm trying not to breathe and look at it with a calm gaze.

“Come on, under my command.” You say in a steady voice.

You try to project an aura of dominance, which isn’t easy when looking at such a horrible creature. To your surprise it lowers its head and lets out a whimper. You take this opportunity to enter the cage and grab the chain that’s buried into the wall.

You force the beast to it and quickly leave the cage backing away from it. The creature begins to howl horribly, but you can see now that it has changed. It looks differently at you and although it still is horrible to look at, you can sense that it’s now under your control. You quickly leave the room so you don’t have to look at it anymore.

“There, it’s done.

Did you hear him?

He gives you full permission to use that thing in battle. Just remember he’s your responsibility. I don’t want to see it coming back here damaged. Now go, prepare for your mission.”

You wipe the sweat from your brow as you walk quickly away. That was intense and you’re glad to be clear of that room. Your next stop is to find Cyrus.

When you ask the guards they tell you he’s in the training yard, so you quickly head in that direction. When you arrive you see him swinging his sword at a practice dummy. He doesn’t notice you’ve arrived until you speak.

“Your son will be fighting soon.”

Cyrus jumps high into the air and turns towards you. He quickly puts his sword back into its sheath.

“You scared the hell out of me.

What did you say?”

“Your son. He’s been selected to fight against the Empire.”

I know that, I mean where did you hear it? It’s true?”

“Yes, I just came from the Emperor’s chambers. He told me to say he gave special permission for David to fight in this battle.”

You watch as Cyrus begins to choke up. Tears well up in his eyes as he walks towards you. He’s shaking his head and breathing erratically.

You’ve never seen him like this before and are caught off guard.

“No, this can’t be happening. Not my boy, not David.”

“Cyrus what…?”

Before you know it his fist is flying towards your face. You would try to stop it if you weren’t so shocked. The punch lands square on your nose causing it to explode in a shower of blood.

You fall backwards and lose consciousness.

A few hours later you wake up and find yourself lying in one of the medical rooms. Your nose still hurts, but it’s healed somewhat. A dull ache persists, but it’s not too bad.

You sit up and see Cyrus sitting in a chair asleep. The man has dark circles under his eyes and you can only guess he was up all night with worry. He looks so tired that you don’t have the heart to wake him.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Picture

You stand up and head out of the room to find more people than normal walking around. They don’t seem alarmed so you can only guess that the attack hasn’t started yet. Quietly you head to the dining area and get something to eat.

You want to see Brenda before the fighting starts so you try to eat quickly, but the food here isn’t exactly appetizing so it takes a while.

Eventually you finish and decide its time to look for Brenda. You ask a guard where her room is and he tells you it’s on the second floor, a few doors down from the medical room. When you get there you aren’t sure if you should knock or just go in, so you opt to knock.

“Come in!”

You enter and notice Brenda is putting on some clothing, she must’ve been sleeping.

“I would’ve thought that you’d be preparing for battle or something instead of being here with me. I thought you cared more about your duty than me.” She says.

Are you kidding?

I almost got killed because I was coming to see you. Cyrus punched me in the face when I came to tell him that his son had been selected to fight. He nearly tore my nose off.”

Brenda bursts out laughing, then realizes you’re being serious and stops.

Wait, he did what?”

“He punched me in the face, nearly broke my nose.”

“Oh my…”

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Image

Brenda now bursts out laughing even harder.

“I’m sorry, but that’s just so funny.”

“Not really.”

“Alright I’ll control myself, but if you’re going to be serious you might as well leave.”

“Brenda, we don’t have time for this.”

“I know, I know. War is coming. I need to get ready, and you should too.

You’ll be fighting right?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fighting right beside you.”

Brenda moves closer and hugs you.

“I’ll be glad for your protection out there. Now I have to get ready, we can spend time together after the war is won.”

You and Brenda kiss good-bye and you leave her room. You start to head to your own sleeping quarters, but decide that you should try to find Flynn before the fighting starts. You don’t have to go far before you find him.

He’s in a room with a few of his men preparing weapons and other tools of battle.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Picture

As you enter, he looks up and smiles.

“There you are! I was starting to wonder if you had decided against accompanying us to fight the goblins. Glad to see you’re ready and willing.”

“Of course. I decided that it would be best to come along and support your men in battle rather than stay here with the women and children.”

Flynn nods at your response.


Hey, while this is supposed to be a battle to impress the people of Arrorn, don’t let that deter you from fighting to kill. These green skinned bastards need to be killed. Every time we’ve had dealings with them, they’ve started wars or attempted to steal our new technology. They’re a plague that needs to be eradicated and this is the time to do it. They’re like the rats of the land.”

And I suppose I’m the rat poison?”

“Hah, you could say that. Anyway let’s get going. The sooner we leave, the sooner we’ll be victorious and the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your time with Brenda. I’m sure the two of you will have a lot of catching up to do.”

You don’t blush often, but Flynn’s words cause your face to feel warm. The rest of the ride to the frontier is quiet and when you arrive, you see several men waiting for you. They all have the same uniform and seem prepared for battle.

Flynn dismounts Arrorn and approaches one his men. They have a brief conversation before the man leaves.

“That was Lieutenant Verant. He’s in charge of this battle. We should go speak with him.”

You and Flynn walk over to Verant who is now speaking with a scout. The scout looks at you, does a double take, but then salutes anyway. Flynn notices this and frowns.

What is the meaning of this? Why did you not report to me?

I’m in charge of this battle!”

“Apologies sir, but I didn’t recognize you and I didn’t report to you because I’ve found a large concentration of goblins just over the hill.”

The scout points far off into the distance. You look and see a large green hill, but nothing else.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn - Picture

How large is the concentration? Are they ready for battle? When are they due to arrive?”

Verant asks.

“Sorry sir, but I don’t have those answers. The hill is quite large and it may just be their home location. However, there are several dark crevasses in the side of the hill that appear man made.

It may be that they’re using it as a fortress or camp.”

Verant nods and the scout leaves returning to his duty.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Let’s take a look!” Flynn says impatiently.

But sir, don’t you need to wait for the rest of your platoon?”

You ask.

“Nonsense! I’m ready to go now and I’m sure Verant is as well.”

Verant nods in agreement. You shrug and decide that it won’t hurt to scout out the hill now.

“Very well then, let’s go!”

You, Flynn and Verant leave the rest of the platoon behind and begin the trek towards the green hill. It takes about half an hour to get there walking at a normal pace. When you arrive, the hill does indeed have a large opening that goes into a cavern and just inside that cavern entrance are a dozen goblins standing around a campfire roasting chunks of meat on sticks.

The three of you get down on one knee and stare at the goblins for minutes while Flynn gathers his energy. He looks like he’s concentrating very hard on something. Then he stands up suddenly .

“FIRE!” He shouts and blasts the goblins with solid orbs of light.

You and Verant join in the assault and fire your own magic bolts at the goblins who manage to dodge a few of them. When the smoke clears, all the goblins are on the ground burned to a crisp.

“Whew. It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve used that spell.” Flynn says and stretches his arms out.

“Well let’s go see if we got ’em all.” Verant says and heads into the cavern.

You and Flynn follow him in and it does indeed look like a small goblin village in here. You see several trenches and pits with spikes near them.

For holding prisoners?

You walk around and find a couple of holes in the ground but nothing else. No secret walls or anything like that. Just as you’re about to give up, you hear a click behind you.

You turn around and see Verant standing there. He has a large grin on his face.

“Found you!” He says and pulls a lever on the wall.

The wall slams down and spikes come out of it, just missing you. You were so focused on looking for hidden doors or passages, that you didn’t even notice the small stone that Verant stepped on that triggered the mechanism.

“You…” You start to say but then Flynn smashes his fist into your face and you go crashing into the wall spikes.

You manage to get out of the way of the second set of spikes just in time.

Meadow Lawn Alternative: Learn About Planting A Meadow Lawn on

I can’t have you following me now can I?

Thanks for taking out the goblins though. I’ll avenge your death by killing Verant! Take care brother…” Flynn says and rushes past you and out the door.

You try to get out of the way of the spikes but you’re not fast enough and only avoid getting impaled through the legs. You collapse onto the ground and your arms are skewered as well.

The pain is extreme and you can’t even scream. You just groan in agony.

“Oh dear, you seem to have had a bit of bad luck. Those spikes work on pressure as well as downward force. It seems like someone didn’t take good care of his equipment.

Well, I’m sure Flynn will avenge your death as well.”

Verant leaves you there to bleed to death and you’re soon too far gone to even plead for mercy.

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