Growing Jade Houseplants – Tips For The Care And Maintenance Of Jade Plants

by johnah on November 19, 2020


Growing Jade Plant in the house is not difficult. However, it requires some time and effort.

You need to have patience and you must know what you are doing. If you don’t want to spend any money, then just start with a small amount of plants at first and see if they do well or not. After all, there are many varieties of jade plant available online so you can choose from them easily.

You will get a better result if you buy plants from a reliable source. Some sellers offer free shipping, but others charge extra for that service.

A good seller will provide quality products at reasonable prices. There are several ways to deal with Jade Plant care in the house:

1) Use a potting mix to make your own jade plant soil (see How To Make Your Own Jade Plant Soil).

2) Buy jade plant pots and use them yourself.

3) Purchase jade plant pots from a reputable vendor and use them yourself.

4) Purchase jade plant pots from a reputable vendor and order them directly from China.

How To Make Your Own Jade Plant Soil:

The best way to make your own jade plant soil is to buy it.

But you may wonder why you would need such soil?

Because the soil that is available in the market contains harmful substance. The soil that is available in the market contains fertilizer, insecticide and many other types of toxic material. Such elements are not good for plant growth. So you need to make your own jade plant soil at home to provide with a suitable environment.

Jade plant soil is not too difficult to make. You can make the jade plant soil by using three things, Perlite, Vermiculite and Peat Moss.

All you need is a bucket and a mixing device. Follow the steps below if you want to make the soil yourself:

Put two small shovels of peat moss into your bucket and then add a layer of perlite. Keep adding ingredients in layers until the bucket is nearly full.

Do not forget to moisten the soil mix before use.


The Common Jade Plant or Money Tree is only one of many varieties of jade plant. It’s botanical name is Craspedia Picta, and it originated in South Africa.

It does best in dry soil, so it makes an excellent houseplant. It’s a succulent with jagged, dark green leaves and small yellow flowers. A potted jade plant makes an excellent gift for someone who likes plants but doesn’t have the time needed to care for them. This variety of jade plant is also known as a “money tree” because of the coin-like patterns in the center of its leaves.

Arrowhead plant or Duck Foot is another popular variety of houseplant that’s easy to care for. It’s botanical name is Syngonium Podagraria, and it originated in Mexico.

It’s a great hanging plant that thrives in hard water. It has arrowhead-shaped leaves and small white flowers. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a houseplant but doesn’t have a lot of time to care for it.

Pony Tail is another excellent variety of jade plant. It’s botanical name is Ponyta Colon, and it originated in South America.

It has long, narrow leaves that are similar to the mane of a pony. It also has small yellow flowers and a woody stem that can be used as a rope. Its long, narrow leaves give it an added appeal. If you have limited space, this may be the plant for you.

So there you have it! With these tips and suggestions, you should be able to pick out the perfect jade plant for your home.

Remember– knowledge is power!

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Jade Plant Care Tips

Jade plant care is very easy. In fact, this plant is hardy enough that you could pretty much just throw it outside and it would be fine.

However, if you want to maximize the size and number of leaves you can get out of it, there are a few jade plant care tips that you should follow.

Light Needs:

The first jade plant care tip is lighting. The best lighting scenario for your jade plant is bright, indirect light.

If you have a south-facing window that’s unshaded, that should work fine. East or west-facing windows also work. You can even put it on a shelf near a bright bathroom light. However, do not put it too close to a window; otherwise, the leaves will burn. Apart from light, the jade plant doesn’t need any special care.

Water Needs:

The next jade plant care tip is watering. You shouldn’t let this herb sit in water.

Therefore, when watering, you should pour water directly onto the soil (below the leaves) and then wait for the top layer to dry out. You should do this about once every week or two. It doesn’t need watering very much since it’s a succulent. However, make sure not to let the soil dry out completely– this might kill it. If this happens, it’s likely that the plant will bounce back after you water it again.


If your jade plant has brown spots on the edges of its leaves, humidity is probably too low. You can solve this by putting the pot in a small tray filled with small pebbles and water.

Don’t let the water get anywhere near the base of the plant; otherwise, it might rot. If your jade plant has yellow spots on the edges of its leaves, it probably needs more sun. If you see little bugs crawling on your plant, you have a bug problem. Eliminate the bugs by hand, and then spray the plant with insecticide to make sure no new bugs come.

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Jade plants make great gifts for people who don’t have a green thumb or who don’t have enough time to take care of one. With these jade plant care tips, you shouldn’t have too much trouble making sure your jade plant lives a long and happy life.

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