Seed Pods On Elephant Ear Plants: Do Alocasia Elephant Ears Have Seeds

by johnah on November 20, 2020

Elephant Ear Plant Flowering – What Does Elephants Eat?

The elephant ear plant (Alocasia) is a tropical evergreen tree native to Africa and Asia. It grows up to 10 feet tall with long slender branches. The leaves are opposite green and oval shaped, 3 inches across at their widest point and 1 inch thick. They have five leaflets each. The flowers are white or pinkish purple and bloom from March through May. The fruit is a round capsule covered with tiny seeds, which when eaten by elephants causes them to excrete milk. When the cows drink it they become pregnant again!

What Does Elephant Ear Plant Taste Like?

It tastes like almonds! I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s so sweet. It’s not bad though, but I prefer something else. You could probably eat elephant ear plants raw if you wanted to get really grossed out. There are many recipes online where people use elephant ear plant raw meat in various dishes, such as elephant ears stuffed into fried chicken or even baked into pies!

Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Flowering?

The blooms are only open during the day and then they close at night, or when it’s dark. The next morning they will open again. Inside the petals of a lot of flowers you can see a lot of little “things”. These are called stamens. Most flowers have more than one stamen, but Alocasia has eight! All of them are yellow and pointed. These rub against the bottom of the flower (called the pistil) and this moves the pollen from one stamen to another.

What Do Elephant Ear Plant Seeds Look Like?

The fruit of an elephant ear plant is called a pod, which is full of little round seeds. If you look at the pod it’s green on the outside and tan on the inside. It’s divided into four parts with each part containing many tiny seeds. The pod is shaped like a squashed pumpkin and about the same size. There are hundreds of these pods on the tree and each one contains hundreds of seeds!

How To grow elephant ear from seed?

The only way to grow an elephant ear plant is from seed. The problem is, you can’t just throw the pod on the ground and hope it grows. It needs to start growing in complete darkness. This is why you should plant the pod in a damp paper towel. Fold up the towel and put it someplace dark like a drawer. Check it every day because once you see the seed “sprout” you will have to transfer it to a pot right away. When it sprouts don’t be afraid if it looks weird or has two heads, this is normal for some plants!

What Do Elephant Ears Plant Seeds Look Like?

The seeds for an elephant ear plant are contained inside a pod that resembles a squashed pumpkin. When you open the pod you will find hundreds of tiny seeds that are brown or black in colour. Each one is shaped like an long bean. They are very hard so don’t worry if you bite one, it won’t go mushy in your mouth!

Can You Eat Elephant Ear Plant Seeds?

You certainly could but they aren’t very nice!



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