Varieties Of Radish: Guide To Different Types Of Radishes

by johnah on November 20, 2020

The variety of radish is one of the most common vegetables grown in India. There are different kinds of radishes which vary from small round ones to large oval ones. They are all edible and used in various ways like salads, soups, stews etc.

There are several types of radishes including sweet red, yellow, white and purple varieties. The main difference between them is their color.

Some varieties have a sweet taste while others are bitter or even spicy tasting.

Types Of Radish: Guide To Different Types Of Radishes

Sweet Red Radish (Raphus cucurbita)

Sweet red radishes are commonly known as raspberries and they come in two colors – pink and red. These radishes are very popular in Indian cuisine.

They make good side dishes such as vadas, dal makhani, kheer or any other dish where you want to add some sweetness. Sweet red radishes are not only delicious but also nutritious too since they contain vitamin C and potassium.

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