What Is Bolting: What It Means When A Plant Bolts

by johnah on November 20, 2020

What Is Bolting?

Bolting refers to the act of growing a plant or animal so it will grow out of control and produce new growth. Boring things are grown with such intent. For example, if you have a garden bed and there is a weed that grows into your vegetable patch, then when the weed gets too big, it may start producing leaves and flowers. If you don’t remove the weed, eventually it will grow into something else (like weeds do). You might think that removing the weed would stop the weed from growing any further, but unfortunately it keeps growing until it becomes a bigger problem than before.

The same thing happens with plants. They get big enough where they no longer fit in their container and begin to grow uncontrollably.

Some plants can even become invasive, like weeds do!

How Does Bolting Happen?

There are several factors that cause plants to bolt. One factor is environmental. Plants can bolt because they are not getting enough light or nutrients. Another factor is genetic. Sometimes a plant can develop a trait that makes them more likely to bolt, which causes them to grow faster and larger than other plants.

Marijuana plants are a good example of plants that can bolt. Marijuana is grown to produce a lot of buds so it can be smoked or eaten for its psychoactive and medicinal effects.

All plants need light, nutrients, and water to grow well but it also needs time. If a plant has lots of buds developing with THC, it doesn’t want to spend its time growing new leaves and stems just to get more sunlight. It wants to focus on producing buds. Marijuana plants will bolt when they are ready to start producing flowers so they can produce buds, even if it means growing taller than their support structure is able to hold up.

There are different kinds of plants that grow uncontrollably. Morning glories and okra are in the same plant family as marijuana.

These plants also bolt when the time is right for them to produce flowers. Other plants like lettuce and spinach will also bolt if the temperatures get too hot or too cold.

Is Bolting A Bad Thing?

Not all plants bolt because they are bad. Some plants that bolt can become invasive. Weeds are usually considered invasive. This means they spread easily and take over a certain area. Having an invasive plant in your garden or farm is no good because the invasive plant will eventually take over the bed or plot it is growing in, then spread to other areas.

When a plant becomes invasive it’s usually because it bolts. Invasive plants don’t care that they are in someone’s garden or farm.

They will continue to grow and spread until something stops them. Morning glories, dandelions, and chickweed are all invasive plants that can be found in many gardens or farms. These kinds of plants bolt when the conditions are good for them to do so.

How Do You Prevent Bolting?

If a plant is prone to bolting, it’s best if you harvest them before they bolt. This isn’t always possible, especially if you grow cannabis and wait until the flowers are ripe before you trim them. If you need some of the leaves for other things, then just harvest a few of the leaves off of each plant so that the plant knows it is still being taken care of and it won’t bolt.

If you are growing vegetables or herbs in your garden, then bolting can be a problem. One way to prevent bolting is to plant fast-growing plants along with the vegetables or herbs that have a tendency to bolt.

What Is Bolting: What It Means When A Plant Bolts - Picture

You don’t want the fast-growing plants to take over, as this might prevent the plants you are trying to grow from getting enough light. It’s best to use plants that are smaller and grow slower than the other plants. Some good examples of these kinds of plants are peas, radishes, lettuce, spinach, and fast-growing grasses or herbs like basil, chamomile, cilantro, dill, and chervil.

If you have an area in your garden or farm where you need to grow a plant that might bolt or spread, then you can use a physical barrier to keep it from spreading. You can use materials that are natural like fencing made out of wood or bamboo.

You can also use materials that are man-made like wires, nets, and plastic mesh.

Caring for plants that might bolt is important. Bolt resistant plants need just as much care as any other plant.

Make sure the soil where you are growing these kinds of plants is nutritious. Fertilize if necessary and water when necessary. If you live in a colder climate, then these plants will also need protection from frost. You can use a frost blanket to provide it or you can just grow them under cover until they are big enough to survive outside for the winter months.

Bolting is a natural process for certain plants. Knowing how to take care of plants that might bolt will help you to prevent them from spreading all over your garden or farm.

The next time you see a plant starting to bolt, you’ll know that it just wants some love and care.

Do you have any experience with plants bolting? How do you prevent it from happening?

Tell us in the comments.

is some, but not all, of the information that is available out there about bolting plants. With some research and common sense, you can become an expert on the subject in no time!

You can also learn about common marijuana growing mistakes for first-time growers here.

Robert Hood is a self proclaimed cannabis addict as well as a Bitcoin enthusiast. He has been growing weed for over twenty years and has been involved with Bitcoin for almost as long.

He is very loving husband and father to two crazy dogs. He’s a Bitcoin investor and enthusiast and is looking forward to the day when cannabis can be purchased legally in the U.S. over the counter. He plans on being one of the first in line!

**This is not professional financial advice and I am not a professional financial adviser. Just an average Joe with some knowledge in the field.

All information found herein was found online and through friends who are much smarter than myself. Always do your own research, consult with professionals in the field, and experiment to find what works best for you. **

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Open Secrets – BUSTED! How to Beat Marijuana Drug Tests

How to Open a Dispensary

You’ve decided to brave the rapidly evolving world of weed legalization and get into the marijuana industry. Congrats!

However, like many business ventures, your chances for success are much higher if you’ve done your homework. Here are some things to consider when opening a dispensary.

What Kind of Dispensary Are You Opening?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself.

Are you opening a medical dispensary or a recreational dispensary?

Currently medical marijuana dispensaries are much less likely to run into legal trouble, however this could change at any moment. Only open a medical dispensary if you truly believe in the benefits of the herb and have a genuine desire to help sick people.

Know Your State Laws

Each state has their own unique set of marijuana laws. In some states, marijuana is completely illegal both for medical and recreational use.

In other states, marijuana is completely legal for recreational use but has limitations for medical use. Then there are states that allow it for both recreational and medical use. It is important that you not only abide by federal law (more on that later) but also state law. Ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of the law. The best way to stay informed on ever-changing state laws is to regularly visit your state’s legislature website.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Open a Dispensary?

You need to be 21 years of age in order to own and operate a dispensary. There have been many debates recently about lowering this age limit but for now, you’ll have to be at least this old.

Who Can Work at a Dispensary?

Dispensary staff should have a passion for marijuana and desire to educate customers on various strains, effects, and proper methods of consumption. Much like alcohol, you shouldn’t hire anyone who has an excessive drinking problem or has been in trouble with the law due to alcohol related incidents. It doesn’t matter if they are 21 or even older. A little extra training never hurt anyone!

When you begin hiring there will be some employees that stand out immediately. These employees will be knowledgeable about the various products and effects of marijuana.

They will have positive comments about their job and express a willingness to engage customers and help in any way they can. These are the employees that are truly passionate about the product they’re selling.

Of course you will encounter some employees who don’t quite live up to your standards. Maybe they aren’t very knowledgeable on the products, don’t seem to like their job, or seem generally unmotivated.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should fire these employees. It sounds harsh but the success of your business relies on quality customer service and it’s impossible to provide good customer service with miserable employees.

What About Employees Under 21?

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to work at a dispensary. Do not ignore this law. Unfortunately not everyone follows it so if you do end up hiring a 19 year old, be careful. Always check for an identification and make sure that they don’t have any alcohol on their breath.

What if I Don’t Have a Lot of Money to Start A Dispensary?

We have some great news for you, you can open a dispensary with as little as $1000 but it will only be able to dispense strains that have low levels of THC. Strains like this are also known as CBD or Cannabis oils. Low level THC strains and Cannabis Oils do not give the consumer the “high” that normal Marijuana does but can still relieve various medical symptoms.

This is a great way for you to start earning money without needing a large start up cost. The trade off is that you won’t make as much as you would if you had more potent Cannabis but sometimes you have to start small and work your way up!

What are the Other Costs Involved with Owning a Dispensary?

Besides hiring employees and purchasing marijuana for resale, you’re also going to have some other ongoing costs. For one, you will need to pay sales tax and income tax on all of the revenue you earn each month. You should also budget some money for marketing because it’s important to get the word out that your dispensary exists!

It’s also a good idea to keep extra inventory on hand for new employees. If you’re going to hire more people, you need to make sure you have enough marijuana for them to sell!

Finally, you will need to make a monthly budget for things like rent, utilities, and products.

Should I Open a Medical or Recreational Dispensary?

This may be the most important decision that you make when starting your dispensary. There are pros and cons to both medical and recreational dispensaries so you need to decide which one will be better for you.

Medical Dispensaries

The main pro of medical marijuana dispensaries is that they offer a product that can help a variety of people who have been diagnosed with various illnesses. The problem with these types of dispensaries is that the product isn’t exactly easy to obtain.

In order to be diagnosed with an illness that qualifies you to buy medical marijuana, you need to see a doctor and get a prescription.

This can be a lengthy process and in some areas has stopped completely due to legalities. Also, only people with a medical card are able to enter dispensaries so your target audience is much smaller.

Consumers who don’t have a medical card can’t even enter your dispensary!

Recreational Dispensaries

The main pro of opening a recreational dispensary is that the target audience is much larger. People of all ages can enter your store so you’ll have a steady flow of customers.

The only downside is that only people over the age of 21 can enter. If you’re under 21, you won’t be able to purchase any items from the store!

How Much Money Can I Make?

It’s difficult to know exactly how much money you’ll make when opening a dispensary. This is because it depends on many different factors like where you’re located and what type of dispensary you decide to open. A medical dispensary, for example, may not do as well as a recreational dispensary due to the limited audience that it attracts.

The general consensus is that you should expect to clear about $50,000 in your first year of operation. This may sound like a lot but you have to remember that you need to pay taxes on this income and you also have significant start up costs.

For example, you need to think about how much money you need to pay for a location as well as the stock that you’ll be purchasing.

Is This Legit or Risky Business?

Any business that involves selling items of any kind is going to have some legal risk. Selling marijuana is no different in that regard. However, unlike selling items such as TVs and phones, selling marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level. This means that the risk is a little higher when you’re running your business.

If you get caught by law enforcement while selling marijuana then you can get in a lot of trouble. You could face steep fines in addition to prison time.

Keep in mind that if you do run into legal trouble then you’re going to be in it alone. Since marijuana is still listed as a schedule one drug, no bank will give you a loan and you can’t even get merchant services due to the fact that selling marijuana is illegal.

The other risk that you have to keep in mind is that there is always the possibility that you could get ripped off. This is especially true if you’re selling a more expensive product such as recreational marijuana.

You can try to cut down on the risks of getting ripped off by buying a security camera for your store or hiring an armed guard.

Opportunities in the Marijuana Industry

There are many different opportunities in the Marijuana industry that you can look into. You don’t necessarily need to open up a dispensary if the risk seems too great.

There are many jobs within the industry that don’t involve interacting directly with the product itself. Here are some ideas of jobs you can do:

Gardener – If you like to garden and know a lot about different types of plants, you could consider becoming a marijuana gardener. People are always looking for people who can grow good quality marijuana so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding work.

Delivery Person – If you have a car and don’t mind making a few trips back and forth from the dispensary to a customers house then this could be a good job for you. You’ll need to be careful when doing this so you don’t attract any attention from the police but it can be a decent way to make some money.

Trimmer – This is more of an entry level position that pays decently. What you would do is prepare the marijuana plant for sale by trimming off the extra leaves.

This can be a tedious job and isn’t really for everyone but if you’re just starting out then this might be a good way to get your foot in the door.


The marijuana industry is still in its infancy and has a lot of room to grow. Even though it’s now legal in some states there is still a lot of controversy surrounding it.

The truth is, marijuana will probably never be legal at the Federal level and might always have an element of “risk” involved with selling it.

That being said, if you live in one of the states that has legalized it then you should definitely consider opening up a dispensary. The profit potential is significant and if you play your cards right then you’ll make a lot of money with little to no risk.

Have you ever thought about getting involved in the marijuana industry? Is it really as lucrative as it seems or is it just another passing fad?

Tell us your thoughts below!

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