Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

by johnah on November 22, 2020

Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant: A Great Green Option To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

It’s true that bamboo grows well in most places around the world. However, it is not so easy to grow bamboo indoors because of its low light level compared with other plants. There are many reasons why lucky bamboo plant is a great green option for reducing your carbon footprint.

1) Lucky Bamboo Plants Are Easy To Grow Indoors!

Growing bamboo indoors is very simple and straightforward. You just need to provide proper lighting for them.

Lucky bamboo plants do not require much water, but they will still benefit from regular watering if needed. They have been known to thrive even under extreme conditions like hot or cold temperatures. You can use any kind of fertilizer that suits your taste when planting lucky bamboo plants in your home or office.

2) Lucky Bamboo Is A Good Alternative To Solar Panels And Wind Turbines!

You can easily install solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity. These types of energy generation devices produce lots of noise, pollution and waste heat.

Lucky bamboo is a good alternative to these kinds of technologies since it does not emit harmful pollutants into the air or cause any harm to human health. It will not be a bother to your neighbors and will also look very nice as an accent piece in your home or office.

3) Lucky Bamboo Is A Sustainable Resource!

With the rise in global temperatures, the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. This is causing a dramatic rise in sea levels.

Lucky bamboo does not require a lot of water to survive and grow. It can even thrive in brackish water and survives well in times of drought. There are many parts of the world that are experiencing water shortages, which can be solved by planting bamboo in these areas. Lucky bamboo also does not require any fertilizer to grow, this will save a lot of money for people who want to plant this resource.

Lucky bamboo also has healing properties and can even cure serious illnesses when ingested. It can also amplify the effects of other medicines that a person may be taking.

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It has been used in Chinese medicine for over a thousand years. It also has anti-stress properties and can help to relieve tension, allowing a person to relax.

4) Lucky Bamboo Is A Beautiful Accent Piece!

Lucky bamboo has stunning green foliage and can really liven up any dull or dreary room. Since it has strong root structures, it can even be used as an anchor in a large container.

It can also be used to beautify outdoor gardens, pathways, entryways, lobbies, restaurants and many other places.

Some homeowners use lucky bamboo as decoration. It is very easy to care for and requires very little maintenance to survive.

Even neglectful owners can keep this beautiful plant alive for many years.

5) Lucky Bamboo Is A Valuable Decoration!

Even when a lucky bamboo plant loses its charm, it is still of some value. The hardy root structure can be used to grow new plants.

When a lucky bamboo plant has outlived its usefulness, all you have to do is chop it into pieces and plant those pieces in soil. In no time at all, you will have a whole new batch of lucky bamboo to use for decoration or whatever purpose you desire!

6) Lucky Bamboo Can Be Propagated With Its Own Asexual Reproductive System!

Did you know that lucky bamboo plants are capable of reproducing without the use of pollination?

The spike sheath that surrounds each stem’s node contains a small bud. After a period of time, this bud will develop into a new plant. All one has to do is pop off the spike sheath and plant it in soil. It will eventually grow into a whole new plant!

This is a great way to propagate new plants. All one has to do is find an established healthy plant and start harvesting its spike sheaths.

Be careful when popping them off. You do not want to harm the main plant.

You might want to wear safety gloves while performing this task since the spike sheath contains little prickles that can irritate your skin if you handle it too much.

Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant -

Many people are using this propagation method to grow countless numbers of lucky bamboo. Since it is very easy to do and takes very little effort, just about anyone can do it!

If you are interested in selling or giving away some free plants to friends, coworkers or family, all you have to do is follow these steps and grow yourself an empire of lucky bamboo!

How To Do Propagation:

1) Get a container that has good drainage.

2) Add soil to the container.

Your soil mix should consist of about 2 parts of ordinary dirt to 1 part of peat moss to 1 part of sand. Some people also add a handful or two of bone meal to the dirt mixture.

This is optional and up to you.

3) After the container is full of soil, stick the spike sheath into it.

4) Gently water the container so that the soil is moist but not saturated.

5) Place the container in a warm sunny area.

6) Water it every 2 to 3 days.

The moisture should drain out the bottom of the container. If it doesn’t, then you are watering it too much.

If it starts to become dry, then you need to water it more often.

7) After about a month, your lucky bamboo plant should be big enough to transplant into the soil of your choice.

8) If you want to increase the number of plants, take a pencil and push the spike sheath off of the stem.

Plant it right beside the main plant and gently water it. It should start growing roots on its own.

If not, then you either didn’t prepare the soil properly or you planted it at the wrong time of the year.

Here ends another edition of the Lucky Bamboo care guide. Remember, a happy plant makes for a happy owner!

…You can’t keep a good plant down!

Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant - Image

Search the internet for online nurseries that specialize in lucky bamboo. Many of them will offer free plants with the purchase of a larger one.

Often the freebies are just broken off stumps, but they’re still “alive” and can be propagated into full-fledged lucky bamboos. All you need to do is follow the steps listed in this guide and in no time at all, you will have an entire patch of these wonderful plants!

If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always take the stalks to a local nursery and have them do it for you.

Another popular way to get free lucky bamboos is to go to a Chinese restaurant that you like and ask if they have any extra stalks. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to give them to you if they are just going to throw them out anyway.

What can you do with all those extra bamboos?

Why, sell them of course! It is much easier to sell a plant that you don’t have to root or pot. You can even charge more for them if you get a reputation as “The Guy” to go to for lucky bamboos.

Most people like to hang the stalks in their windows. Not only is it a nice decoration, but the plant is supposed to bring good luck.

Some believe that each individual stalk has its own unique personality and energy. Others believe that all lucky bamboo plants are born on February 29th, are very affectionate, and like to be tickled.

Even if you don’t want to sell the bamboos yourself, there’s a good market on Ebay. All you have to do is take really nice pictures of your stalks and learn how to write an appealing sales pitch.

And if the market ever dries up, you can always eat them. They’re supposed to be very good for you and most people say they taste just like apple.

(But don’t eat the leaves or the roots, those parts are poisonous!

There you have it: the Complete Guide to Lucky Bamboo, brought to you by…well, me!

There are many religious symbols that people wear for good luck. The cross, the star of David, the fish, even a four leaf clover.

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Karma Tips:

When looking for a book on a certain topic, make sure it’s not a textbook, bible or some other important book. Psychologically, these sorts of books are very different than others and can cloud your judgement.

Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant |

You may find that you’re experiencing some dizziness or nausea. This is a normal side effect of developing your powers.

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Note: All characters and events in this story are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is coincidental and just plain weird.

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Grow Lucky Bamboo Inside – Tips For Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant |

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