Berry Harvest Time: Best Time To Pick Berries In The Garden

by johnah on November 24, 2020

Berry Harvest Time: Best Time To Pick Berries In The Garden

Best time to pick berries?

The answer depends on several factors such as the type of fruit, size, maturity, and other characteristics. If you want to pick only one or two types of fruits then it is better not to wait until the last minute. You can always go back later if you miss something. However, if you want to pick all kinds of berries then it will take longer than usual.

How many types of berries do I need to choose from?

You can easily get enough varieties for every taste preference. For example, you may like blueberries and blackberries but not raspberries. When choosing which variety to pick, try selecting a few different ones so that you have plenty of choices. Also, make sure you select a variety with good quality. Some varieties are less sweet than others. Choose the one that suits your tastes best.

What kind of berries should I pick?

There are three main types of berries: blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. Blackberry is a member of the daisy family while strawberry belongs to the strawberry family. Blueberry is a member of the gooseberry family while raspberry belongs to the rose bush family. All berries are generally picked when fully ripe. The berries can be sweeter and juicier if you pick them straight from the plant, however, it is possible to pick them even a few days before then store them in the fridge once ripe.

When is the best time to pick berries?

It really depends on which part of the country you live in. For most varieties, you need to wait until the season is just right. If you pick them too early then they will not be sweet but rather tart. If you pick them too late then they may fall from the plants when touched or after a decent rain. All berries ripen at different times so make sure you know when to pick which variety. The best way to know this is to ask your neighbor or do some research online.

How can I pick only ripe berries?

You need to know the type of berry that grows in your garden. The same varieties ripen at different times so you need to keep on top of them each day. When you spot a ripe one then simply pick it and taste it. If it tastes good then pick as many as you can, if not then wait until a few more days. It is always best to check each day so you don’t miss out on the right time to pick.

What is the best way to store berries?

You can store the berries in a refrigerator for up to a week. You can also freeze them whole or use them as a base for recipes such as smoothies and pancakes. It is best to keep each variety separate so that you do not get them mixed up once defrosted.

What is the best way to eat ripe berries?

You can simply pick them straight from the plant and eat as is. If you want to use your berries as a side or in a recipe, you can wash and dry them first. You can use a paper towel to pat dry then place them into the container of your choice.

What is the best way to dry berries?

You need to clean the berries first such as removing leaves and twigs. You can then lay them on a screen in a dark place that has good air flow. You need to check them daily and take them inside if it looks like it might rain. It will take a few days before they are completely dry and you can store them in an air tight container or ziplock bag in a cool dark place.

What is the best way to freeze berries?

You can freeze berries whole or use them as a base for recipes such as smoothies and pancakes.

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