Cactus Sunburn Treatment: How To Save A Sunburned Cactus Plant

by johnah on November 24, 2020

Cacti are very sensitive plants. They do not tolerate any kind of sunlight. If they get too much sun, it will cause them harm. Sunburn causes the death of the plant tissue and leaves behind a scarred skin which may take several months to heal completely. Sunburn on cacti is caused by ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight or UV radiation emitted by tanning beds, sunlamps, etc.. Sunscreen can prevent sunburn but cannot eliminate it entirely!

The most common way to treat sunburn is with a chemical called Salicylic Acid (SA). SA helps the damaged cells regenerate faster. It also reduces inflammation and pain.

When applied topically, it acts quickly to reduce redness and swelling. It’s effectiveness depends on its concentration, type of skin and age of the patient.

Sunburn is usually treated at home using a topical cream containing salicylic acid. There are many types of creams available. Some contain only aspirin while others have other ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera gel, glycerin, menthol and other natural substances.

You can buy these creams online or in health stores. The cream must be kept out of reach of children because it contains aspirin which can cause side effects in young children.

After suffering from sunburn, it is important to drink a lot of water and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. You should rest and keep your skin covered with light clothing for the next 24 hours. If you experience peeling or blisters, do not pick at the dead skin.

Let your skin peel off naturally. If your skin starts to flake off, you can gently remove the dry skin using a washcloth. It is also important to keep the burned area moisturized with a good quality, water-based moisturizer.

This blog post is about how you can prevent sunburn on your cactus and how to effectively sunburn treatment for it.

If you need help with your sunburn treatment, please contact your physician immediately.

If you want to know more about sunburn treatment, read the article below.

Symptoms Of Sunburn

The most common sign of sunburn is, obviously, a sunburned area on your skin. The affected skin may be red and you may experience slight fever and headache. Other than the redness, there are no other visible signs of sunburn.

It may take several days before the actual signs appear.

Treating Sunburns

In this section we will talk about how to treat sunburns using homemade remedies.

Aspirin doesn’t actually soothe your skin. It contains salicylic acid that helps your skin regenerate itself. Since it is an anti-inflammatory drug, it also helps to reduce the sunburned area and may prevent peeling.

Crush two aspirins and add a little amount of water to make a paste. Spread the paste on the affected area and leave it for about half an hour before rinsing with cold water. Do this twice a day for about a week.

Aloe vera is an herbal remedy for sunburns and other minor burns. You can also find various aloe vera creams or lotions in pharmacies. Apply the aloe vera cream on the sunburned area two or three times a day for about two or three weeks.

Egg white helps to dry out the affected area and decreases skin peeling. Apply egg white on the sunburned area and cover with a piece of gauze. Leave it on for about an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Do this twice a day for best results.

Plain yogurt helps to soothe skin irritation and heal open pores. Massage a small amount of plain yogurt onto the sunburned area and rinse it off after about ten minutes. Repeat this process twice a day for two or three days to relieve the pain and soothe the skin.

If you don’t have any of these ingredients at hand, you can also use aloe vera gel, cold cucumbers, cold potatoes or even butter. If you have enough time and access to a supermarket, it would be best to choose one of the items listed above.

Cactus Sunburn Treatment: How To Save A Sunburned Cactus Plant -

Preventing Sunburns

Protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to avoid sunburns, so stay in the shade as much as possible and wear a good quality sunscreen with at least SPF15. Reapply it every two hours or immediately after swimming. Don’t forget your lips!

Choose a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15.

As a general rule, if you can’t hold an object in your hand and stare at the sun for more than five seconds, you need sunscreen.

If you don’t take sun protection seriously, you could get what is called “baseball glove hand.” This happens when the skin on your hand thins and develops wrinkes causing it to resemble the surface of a baseball glove.

What To Do If You Get Sun Stroke

If you get sunstroke, you will experience extreme dizziness, headache and nausea. In rare cases, you may also suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, muscle weakness and accelerated heart rate. The best way to relieve these symptoms is to find a cool place and lie down in the dark.

Apply a cold compress on your head and drink plenty of water.

Do not use any caffeinated or alcoholic beverages (like beer). These will dehydrate your system and worsen the symptoms.

Cactus Sunburn Treatment: How To Save A Sunburned Cactus Plant from our website

When To See A Doctor

If you have any serious sunburn symptoms that don’t go away with self treatment, see your family doctor. In extreme cases, you may have to go to the hospital. This is especially true if you suffer from breathing difficulties or a rising fever.

You may also need medical attention if you develop blisters and skin lesions, have extreme muscle aches or any other serious symptoms.

As Many Of Us Are Learning The Hard Way, Sunburns Can Increase Your Risk Of Developing Melanoma, A Rare But Aggressive Form Of Skin Cancer. If You Get Frequent Sunburns, See Your Doctor For A Full Body Skin Examination Every Year.

If you follow the tips above, you will have a fun and safe time at the beach or on your next vacation!


When you are showering, use an aloe vera based soap to wash the burned area of your skin. You can also apply some of this soap before you go to bed and rinse it off in the morning.

If you develop blisters on your skin, don’t pop them! You will increase the chance of infection. Cover them with gauze and consult a doctor if they become painful or swollen.

Make sure that you carry some sunburn treatment supplies in your beach bag or suitcase when you go away. Better be safe than sorry!


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