Dogs And Catnip – Is Catnip Bad For Dogs

by johnah on November 25, 2020

Dogs And Catnip – Is Catnip Bad For Dogs

Cats are known to have a very high metabolism rate, which means they burn up their food very quickly. Cats usually eat once every few hours or even less often than that.

They do not get hungry all the time and when they do it’s only because there is something else in front of them that needs eating too.

On the other hand, dogs need to eat more frequently. A dog’s stomach can easily hold enough food for several days at a time.

When a dog eats, its body releases hormones into the bloodstream that cause him to feel full. These hormones make it difficult for a dog to stop eating without feeling sick or getting upset with itself. If your pet is constantly hungry, he will probably continue eating until he gets sick or dies from starvation.

When a dog eats catnip, he feels good and relaxed. His digestive system works better and he doesn’t get upset with himself anymore.

On the contrary, if your dog eats catnip, he may become aggressive towards other animals or humans. Some dogs actually prefer to eat catnip over human foods! Other dogs will refuse to eat anything but meat and bones. Others still will try any kind of food that comes their way, including catnip!

One thing is certain: when a dog eats catnip, he feels good. It’s the closest thing to feeling high that dogs will ever get!

In fact, some animal psychologists actually use catnip to treat aggressive or anxious dogs. It’s a much safer and more reliable method of calming your pet than any drug store can sell you!

A dog doesn’t have to eat catnip all the time to enjoy its effects. It only takes a single chewing of catnip to get the calming effects.

The more your pet chews, the better he will feel. Dogs will become very friendly and playful when they eat catnip. They may roll around on their backs or sides or just stare off into the distance with a goofy look on their face!


Dogs And Catnip – Is Catnip Bad For Dogs -

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Is Catnip safe for my cat?

Catnip is completely safe for your cat. In fact, it’s completely harmless for any mammal! It’s part of the mint family, and humans can sometimes be allergic to it as well. However, the chances that your cat will eat enough catnip to cause illness are very low.

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