Persian Star Plant Info: How To Grow Persian Star Garlic Bulbs

by johnah on January 7, 2021

Persian Star Plant Info: How To Grow Persimmon Tree Bulbs

The following are some interesting facts about persimmons. They may interest you if you want to grow Persian star plant info: How To Grow Persimmon Tree Bulbs.

1) The name “Persian” comes from the Arabic word “Parsifal”.

It means “the tree of paradise”, which was once a sacred garden in ancient Persia.

2) Persians used to make their own wine from the fruit of the persimmon tree.

3) A persimmon tree grows up to 20 feet tall and produces thousands of tiny fruits called nectarines.

These nectarines are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent scurvy.

4) The leaves of a persimmon tree are edible and have been eaten since prehistoric times in parts of Asia Minor (Turkey).

5) Persimmons were one of the first plants to be cultivated in Europe.

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They were brought to England during the Middle Ages. The English settlers named them “pistils.” The term “persimmon” came into use around 1770 when John Adams wrote a poem entitled “Persimmon Grove,” which described his home at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

6) Persimmons are native to Iran and Afghanistan where they have been grown for centuries.

It was common for Persian kings to plant orchards of persimmons for their royal gardens.

7) The “Hachiya” is the most common persimmon grown in North America.

It is a very sweet fruit but it has a tannic acid that must be removed before eating. The Hachiya persimmon can be eaten when it turns soft and squishy like jelly or pudding.

8) The “Fuyu” is a hard-dried persimmon that can be eaten firm like an apple.

9) In the early days of Hollywood, the Academy Awards were known as the “Oscars”.

The statuette was originally called “Oscar”. It was created by a set designer from the movie “The Racketeer” and named after Oscar Pierce, the man who created the award in 1928. The first Oscars were tetrahedrons because of their four triangular sides.

10) The first Oscars were made by a Chicago firm called “The Chicago Novelty Company”. They specialized in cigar-store Indians. The man who ran this company, Louis Franklyn, later sold it to a skilled wood-carver and toy maker named Bob Currier.

When Franklyn died, Currier bought the rights to the Oscars and still owns them today.

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These are just ten interesting facts about persimmons and the most well-known of all the persimmons is the FUJI. The following is a brief description of the most popular persimmon in the world, the FUJI:

1) Most people that eat FUJI like it very much.

It is sweet but firm to the taste. It can be eaten both soft and firm.

2) The FUJI can also be dried to preserve it.

It does not need any additives or preservatives. This makes it very convenient for hiking trips and other outdoor activities where there is no access to fresh food.

3) The FUJI has been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years and is believed to help prevent coronary heart disease.

Eating persimmons is a very healthy habit that everyone can enjoy.

The making of this website and my efforts to help persimmons get the recognition they deserve has been a labor of love. I dedicate it to my parents who instilled in me a desire to make the world a better place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You are what makes the world a better place.

Thank you.

Please enjoy your stay here and come back often.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael W. Hernacki

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