How To Plant Raspberries: Care Of Raspberry Plants

Raspberry plants are very easy to grow. They require little care and they produce large amount of fruits.

If you want to plant raspberry plants then you must know the best way to do it. You will need some tools which include; soil, potting mix, seeds, scissors and a knife.

The first thing you have to do is prepare the soil for planting raspberry plants. You can use garden compost or even sand if you don’t mind using up your own garden waste.

Use any type of soil that will not harm the plant and is suitable for growing other types of vegetables such as carrots, onions etc.

You can also buy soil at most gardening stores. It is advisable to purchase soil with good drainage properties so that the roots of the plants get enough water to grow well.

Once you have prepared the soil, place it into a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Then put it somewhere where it won’t be disturbed during planting season.

You can also plant your raspberry plants in containers made from glass or plastic because these materials are easy to clean and disinfect them after use.

Now you are ready to buy your seeds. You can use fresh seeds but most nursery stores sell seeds that have already been incubated and they are ready for planting.

It is good to ask at gardening centers for advice on planting raspberries because they will tell you what is best.

The older the seeds the lower their rate of success so it is best to plant only fresh ones. Let’s say you planted your raspberries in February, March or April.

You must never plant the seeds in soil outside until at least mid May. This is because the soil temperature must be at a minimum of 5 degrees centigrade at least.

You can start planting your seeds 3 to 4 inches apart and then thinning them out when they are older. Raspberries produce a lot of foliage so avoid planting them too close together.

How To Plant Raspberries: Care Of Raspberry Plants - Image

The roots of these plants grow very large so make sure you have enough place to accommodate them when they need it most.

When you have your newly planted seeds in a place with plenty of sun, keep them moist and wait for them to sprout. This should happen within a week.

You can use a spray bottle to keep the soil moist as this increases the rate of success.

When you are finally sure that the raspberries are growing well, it is time to start pruning them. Keep only the strongest and healthiest plants while getting rid of the others.

You can do this by cutting off the canes which have weak or unhealthy leaves. This is hard work but necessary for a good harvest.

Now you are ready to start enjoying your delicious raspberries!



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