Bolted lettuce plants are one of the most common problems faced by gardeners. They may appear like they’re just growing out of control, but it’s actually due to a few factors.

One of them being poor care given to your lettuce plant. Another factor is the fact that there aren’t enough light levels in your home or office for your plants to grow properly.

Lettuce plants are very sensitive to light levels. If you don’t provide enough light, then they won’t grow at all.

However, if you give too much light, then the leaves will start to turn yellow and eventually fall off completely. This is called wilting. When this happens, the lettuce plant loses its ability to produce new leaves and dies within a matter of days.

The other problem with having too much light is that it causes the plant to lose water quickly. If you have too many plants, then the soil becomes dry and soggy.

This results in the plants not being able to absorb nutrients anymore and eventually die.


You need to provide both light levels and watering needs for your lettuce plants so that they’ll thrive! With that in mind here are some tips for preventing bolted lettuce plants before they happen:

Why Lettuce Has Flowers: Preventing Bolted Lettuce

Tip #1: Use the right light. One of the leading causes to bolted lettuce plants is too much light.

If you have more than three or four plants, then you’ll want to introduce a humidity dome for your plants. This prevents the leaves from absorbing too much light and burning off the edges. However, this will also keep the soil from drying out. You have to find a good balance in order for your plants to grow properly.

Tip #2: Water on a regular basis. Lettuce plants need water to live, plain and simple.

Too much water is bad, but so is too little water. If you’re growing your plants in a window sill, then you probably won’t have as much of a problem with keeping the soil hydrated. But if you’re growing your plants indoors and you don’t have a lot of natural light, you might want to consider using a water bottle to keep the soil hydrated. These are relatively inexpensive to buy at your local gardening store.

Tip #3: Keep any other types of light out of the room. If you have windows in your room and they allow a lot of light in, then it could cause problems for your plants.

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