Hickory Nut Recipes

What are some of the best ways to use hickory nuts?

There are many different uses for these delicious nuts. Here’s a list of recipes that you can try out:

1) To make a jam or jelly.

You can buy ready-made jams and jellies at your local grocery store. They’re usually made from peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and other fruit juices. Try making one yourself!

2) To make a peanut butter cookie.

Make sure to add enough flour so it doesn’t become too sticky. If you don’t have time to bake cookies, try making them into muffins or brownies.

3) To make a granola bar.

Granolas are often made from oats, walnuts and dried fruits like raisins and dates. You can even make them into bars using the same ingredients!

4) To make a granola drink.

A granola drink is a great way to get your kids (or anyone else!) started on healthy eating habits. Just mix together some water, honey, milk and fruit juice and enjoy!

5) To make a smoothie.

Smoothies are great because they’re easy to prepare and can be customized according to taste. Mix up some frozen berries, bananas, strawberries or any other fruit you want in there!

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6) To make a sandwich spread.

Sometimes, all you need is a good sandwich and some fresh bread. Try spreading it with jam or peanut butter!

7) To make a Mexican dessert.

Take some hickory nuts, cover them in dark chocolate and then roll them in chopped nuts. So yummy!

8) To make a pesto sauce.

It’s delicious on pasta, but you can also use it as a spread for bread or crackers.

9) To make a salad.

All you need is lettuce, tomatoes, some sliced apple and honey mustard sauce.

10) To make a pie.

Can you imagine how delicious hickory nut pies will taste?

Try making some today!

11) To make a curry. Curry dishes are usually very aromatic and flavorful. Try adding some honey to cut through the spice a bit.

12) To make a stir-fry. All you need is some vegetables, meats (if you want) and a little bit of hickory nuts.

13) To make hickory nut butter. All you need is a blender and some hickory nuts, and you’re ready to go!

14) To make a relish. All you need is some diced vegetables, such as peppers, onions and carrots, and some honey for flavor.

15) To make a dip. All you need is some sour cream or yogurt, which can be flavored with many different ingredients, such as mustard, pickles, paprika, etc.

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16) To make a tapenade. A tapenade is a type of spread that’s made by pureeing garlic, anchovies, capers, olives and lemon juice. You can also add some herbs for extra flavor.

17) To make a bread-stuffing. All you need is some bread, onion, celery and some herbs.

18) To make hickory nut butter cups. This is a great recipe to make with kids because it allows them to get creative. Simply fill some muffin cups two-thirds full with melted chocolate, then top with a spoonful of hickory nut butter.

Refrigerate until solid, and you’re done!

19) To make a fruit salad. Try adding some chopped apples, bananas, blueberries and marshmallows to a bowl of fruit salad. Yum!

20) To make a curry potato. Simply cut some potatoes into cubes, add some oil to a pan and fry them up until they start to turn golden brown. Then add some curry powder and fry for another minute.

Finally, add some vegetable stock, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.

21) To make a salad dressing. Mix together some olive oil, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper and you’re good to go.

22) To make a pizza. You can’t have a birthday party without pizza, that’s for sure!

23) To make a pesto. This is made in much the same way as the pesto sauce, but without the bread and with added nuts. It’s delicious on pasta, potatoes or even as a spread.

Hickory Nut Uses: Tips For Harvesting Hickory Nuts from our website

24) To make some muffins. This recipe uses some of the more “exotic” ingredients like baking powder and soy milk. It also requires a blender to mix together the wet ingredients.

25) To make a pancake tower. Simply add some blueberries, chocolate chips and chopped nuts to your pancake batter, then pour the batter on a hot pan and cook until each pancake is golden brown. Stack them up and you’re good to go!

26) To make a cobbler. Here, we’re using frozen fruit, so it’s the perfect recipe if you want to make something quickly. All you need to do is mix together some flour, salt, baking powder and sugar, then add some milk and oil.

Add the frozen berries and pour the mixture into a casserole dish before topping with a spoonful of flour, butter and sugar.

27) To make a bread soup. This is a very easy recipe that uses ingredients which should be in most people’s kitchen. Simply dice up an onion and fry it in a pan with some oil.

Once the onion is soft, add a tablespoon of flour to absorb the oil. Then, simply add some vegetable stock, salt, pepper and vegetables (canned are OK to use) to the pan and simmer for about 15 minutes. Finally, add some soda bread to thicken it up a bit.

28) To make a frittata. A frittata is an Italian egg-based dish that’s usually firm enough to cut into slices. Simply add some oil to a pan, chop up some vegetables (I suggest red onion, green pepper and mushroom), whisk together some eggs and milk and add the vegetables before pouring the mix into the pan and cooking until it firms up in the center.

29) To make a chocolate muffin. This is a very easy recipe that’s great for kids. Simply put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk together.

Next, pour the mix into a muffin tray and cook at 400F for 15 minutes.

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30) To make a quiche. This recipe uses a pastry base rather than shortcrust, but it’s still easy enough to make. Simply add some oil to a pan, cut up an onion and cook until it’s soft, then add some mushrooms and peppers and cook until they start to go soft.

Next, crack an egg and whisk it with some milk, salt and pepper. Add the vegetables to the egg, then put the mix in a pastry case before baking in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400F.

31) To make some pancakes. This recipe is very easy and doesn’t require any special ingredients or equipment. Simply mix together some milk, baking powder, flour, eggs and butter, season with salt and sugar and you’re good to go.

32) To make a daube. Beef daube is a typical French dish that’s really easy to make. Simply cut up an onion, carrot and celery and fry them in a pan with oil, then dump in some beef (cube steak is traditional, but almost any steak will do) and fry it until it starts to brown.

Add a cup of red wine and some beef stock, then season with herbs (such as thyme, bay leaf and oregano), cover and simmer for 2-3 hours. Once done, the beef should be so tender that it dissolves almost instantly when pressed against the side of the pan.

33) To make a stir-fry. This recipe is very easy to make and uses ingredients that are more common than you might think. Simply cut up your chosen meat (such as pork or chicken) along with your vegetables (such as peppers, mushrooms and bamboo shoots) and fry them in a wok, making sure the meat is fully cooked through.

Finally, season with Oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper and sugar.

34) To make a daal. Daal is a typical Indian dish that’s very easy to cook and makes plenty of food for several servings. Simply fry some onions and garlic, then add some dried red lentils and fry them too.

Once they start to change color, add some vegetable stock and season with salt and pepper. Bring it all to the boil, chuck in a couple of bay leaves, then turn down the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Next, add some cream, more salt and pepper to taste and chopped rosemary, then serve.

35) To make fried rice. This is a very easy recipe for a quick lunch or dinner. Simply cook some rice, then mix in an egg and some soy sauce.

Chop some leftover meat or vegetables (such as peppers, mushrooms and bean sprouts) and fry them in a pan with some oil. Once the meat is browned, add the egg and rice to the pan and stir until everything is mixed together.

36) To make gnocchi. This is a fairly easy dish to make, and is really more of a meal than a recipe. Boil some potatoes and mash them, then add salt, flour and milk until you have a soft dough.

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Make sure it’s all mixed together well. Next, roll the dough into little logs with your hands and cut them with a sharp knife into small gnocchi. Drop the gnocchi into boiling water and cook them for about 5 minutes, then drain and serve with your favorite sauce.

To make a simple tomato sauce, fry an onion and some garlic in some oil, then add a tin of chopped tomatoes and simmer until it reduces a little. Finally, add some oregano and basil to the sauce. You can also add other ingredients such as mushrooms, green peppers or olives if you want.

You can serve the gnocchi with a simple tomato sauce, pesto sauce or even a cheese sauce if you want.

37) To make a soufflé. This is a very easy recipe that most chefs learn early on because it’s so simple. You will need:

5 egg whites

100g sugar

300g softened butter

300g flour

2 lemons and 1 tsp lemon rind

Melt the butter, then add the flour and mix well to form a paste. Add the lemon rind and 2 cups of water, then boil the mixture and simmer for at least 20 minutes. Next, add the soufflé mixture to the egg whites and mix well.

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Finally, bake the soufflé in a large pan at 350F for around 30-40 minutes. If you don’t have that big a pan, make it in two batches rather than try to make one giant soufflé because if it splits it’s not going to look good.

You can serve your soufflé just by itself, but it’s a bit plain for some people so you can serve with either a fruit or chocolate sauce.

Another way is to serve it in a bowl of chocolate sauce. To do this, first make the chocolate sauce (see above). Then, make the soufflé as above and pour it into a bowl.

Slowly pour the chocolate sauce over the soufflé and then serve.

If you want to make the soufflé a bit fancier, you can serve it in glasses. To do this, first of all follow the instructions for making the soufflé up until it’s time to put it into the oven. Then, instead of putting it into a pan, put it into small glasses (make sure they’re clean!) and then bake them for around 10-15 minutes.

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