Signs Of Under Watering Plants: How Can You Tell Plants Have Too Little Water?

In the first place, it is very important to know what are the signs of under watering plants. Some of them may seem like they are not so bad but in fact they could lead to your plants dying soon or even worse. So let’s see some of these signs:

  • 1) Leaves turn yellowish/brown and die back (or at least become shriveled up).
  • 2) Leaves turn brown and fall off.
  • 3) Leaves curl up.
  • 4) Leaves wilt completely.
  • 5) Flowers wilted down to nothingness!
  • 6) Flowers stop blooming altogether.
  • 7) A plant dies from lack of water.
  • 8) Plant becomes dry and brittle, falls over easily, etc.

If any one of these signs appear in your garden, then it means that there is no water in the soil. If you don’t have enough water, then you need to take immediate action to fix this problem. If all of these signs appear, then it means that there is too much water in the soil.

There are several ways to deal with this situation:

  • 1) You can dig out the root ball and replant new roots elsewhere.
  • 2) You can bury the root ball in dry soil.
  • 3) You can place a plastic bag around the base of the plant and put some dry soil around the root ball.


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