Norfolk Island Pine Repotting: Learn How To Repot A Norfolk Island Pine

The following are some of the advantages of using a Norfolk Island Pine:

It grows well in humid conditions. It does not require much water.

It produces large, healthy trees with good branching and dense foliage. It is easy to propagate from cuttings or root division.

How To Repot A Norfolk Island Pine Tree?

There are several methods to repot a Norfolk Island Pine tree. Some of them include:

Cutting out all the branches at one time. Cutting off only part of the trunk.

Using a saw to remove the top portion of the trunk and then cutting it into smaller pieces. Using a knife to remove the top portion of the trunk and then cutting it into small sections so that each section is its own individual plant.

Which Method Should You Use? Which method will give you the best results?

Method #1 – Cutting Out All The Branches At One Time: This is probably the easiest way to repot a Norfolk Island Pine tree. Just take your time and carefully remove all the branches from the bottom portion of the trunk. Then, just like when you were growing up in Hawaii, simply use your fingers to pull them back together.

The trick is to make sure that the bottom part of the trunk is not wider than your fingers and it is easy to do if you just used sharp pruners to cut off the branches in the first place. Just don’t be afraid to pull them tight and firm.

The tree will heal over the wound in a couple of months and you will have created yourself a more attractive bonsai.

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