Storing Garlic: Tips On How To Store Garlic From The Garden

Garlic Storage Container Types

Storage Container Size For Garlic: What Is Best?

How Much Do You Need To Store Garlic?

What Are Some Other Ways To Store Garlic?

The best way to store garlic is in a cool dark place. If it gets too warm, the moisture will evaporate and the garlic will lose its flavor. A refrigerator or freezer are good choices because they keep food at their optimal temperature for longer periods of time without spoiling. Keep in mind that if you leave your garlic out on a windowsill, it may get dusty and moldy quickly.

If you have a small space, then you can put it in a glass container. However, if you’re going to use it again soon, then you’ll want to keep it in a larger container. (You could even make your own garlic storage container.) If you don’t have any room for storage, then just throw away the whole cloves after using them up.

Garlic cloves contain water which means that they won’t last long outside of the fridge or freezer.

If you’re planning on using it within a week or two, then you can keep your garlic in a cupboard. A more common option is to keep it in the pantry. However, that may result in more spoiling because of the frequent opening and closing of the door.

You have many options when it comes to storing garlic. They include keeping it whole or crushed, or in oil, or as vinegar, or dehydrated and more. You might even want to try some of the unusual storage methods like in a bag or in clay.

Before you pick one, make sure that it suits your needs and that you can easily access it when you need to use it.

What Kind Of Storage Container Should You Use?

You can store garlic in any air tight container. Just be sure that you check on it every once in awhile so that it doesn’t spoil.

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