What Is A Bow Rake?

A bow rake is a type of hedge trimmer. They are used to trim hedges or other low hanging branches. There are various types of bows, but most commonly they have two handles and one end with a blade that can be sharpened for cutting. The blades usually range from small to large and have different lengths. Some types may even include a handle so the user does not need to hold it while using it.

The main purpose of a bow rake is to cut down on the amount of time needed to do the job. For example, if you had a tree branch that was too high and required you to climb up onto it, then a bow rake would allow you to quickly reach your goal without having to take your hands off the ground. Another benefit is that they can be very effective at removing leaves and debris from around trees.

Types Of Bows And Rakes

There are several types of bows and rakes available today. Most often there is a difference between a straight rake and a curved rake. A straight rake is one that has no curve to it. Curved rakes have some sort of curvature to them. Straight rakes tend to be less expensive than their curved counterparts, but they are also more difficult to sharpen due to the lack of curvature.

Curved rakes are easier to sharpen, but can be more expensive.

A specialty rake is called a thatching rake. They look similar to bow rakes, but the metal strips are wider apart and the head of the rake is shaped differently to help with moss removal or thatching on roofs.

The sharpness of a blade can also be an important factor to consider when buying one. A dull blade will not do as good of a job as a sharp blade. It tends to rip rather than cut the material and is more likely to cause damage to the hedge or plant.

Types Of Woods Used

There are several types of woods that bows and rakes are made of. Some of the more common woods include beechwood, ash, and hickory. Each wood has its own benefits and can be used for different types of jobs. Beechwood is a very strong wood and is great for heavy-duty rakes. Ash wood is also very strong, but is a little lighter than beechwood.

It is easier to work with and is better for specialty rakes.

Hickory is also a popular wood for bows and rakes due to its flexibility. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it also recovers well from it.

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When choosing the type of wood for your rake, you will need to consider what you will be using it for. Different woods are better for different jobs.

The Beech Wood Advantage

Beech wood is widely regarded as one of the best types of wood for making bows and rakes. It is a very strong wood and holds up very well over time. It is slightly heavier than other woods, but it is easy to work with and takes a good edge when sharpened. It can sometimes be difficult to find equipment made from beechwood, but the extra strength makes it worth searching out.



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