Rose Petal Beads – What Are They?

The term “rose” comes from the Latin word for flower or “petals”. There are many different types of flowers, but they all have one thing in common: They’re made up of tiny seeds (or seeds) that fall out when they bloom. These little seed pods look like miniature roses!

When these tiny seed pods burst open, their contents are a beautiful pink color. They’re called “rose” because they resemble the petals of a rose. You might think that it would be pretty if you could make your own rose petals using dried flowers, but unfortunately, there’s no easy way to do so.

In fact, you probably wouldn’t even want to try it. A rose is a very special flower that represents love and beauty. If you were going to attempt something like this, then you’d most likely end up ruining the delicate flowers with chemicals or other harmful substances.

So why bother trying at all? Why not just buy real roses instead?

Well, there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, real roses don’t last very long at all. They wilt and turn brown soon after you get them. In fact, they’re really only meant to be admired for a day or so. If you want to preserve the rose forever, then it’s best to try something else.

Secondly, there are actually several different types of flowers that are similar in appearance to the rose. Many of these varieties can be found in your own backyard or even in the woods nearby!

Finally, if you still really want to try making a rose, then you can always ask a professional florist to do it for you!

But before we go any further, what exactly are dried roses good for anyway?

Well, as we’ve already mentioned, dried roses are mainly used in art projects. Some people make paintings and other works of art with them. In addition to this, some people like to put them in their rooms or even around the house.

So what are you waiting for?

If you want to try creating a work of art with these dried flowers, then take a look at the steps below. They’ll show you how to do it yourself!

How to Make Rose Petal Beads


* Nail File

* Bowl

DIY Rose Beads: Learn How To Make Rose Beads From The Garden - Picture

* Water

* Glass Jar

* Dried Rose Heads (You can usually find these at most craft stores or florists.)

Step 1: Take a dried rose head and gently tear it off of its stem. Be sure to only take the petals and none of the green, leafy material! If you need additional help, check out the photo for a visual demonstration.

Step 2: Place the rose petals in a bowl and completely cover them with water. Allow them to soak until they are nice and pliable, approximately one to two hours. (Note: You can also microwave the bowl of water for about 2 minutes if you want to speed up the process. Just don’t let the petals boil!)

Step 3: Take the bowl of petals and the glass jar and place them both somewhere well-lit. Grab a few petals at a time and begin to tightly roll them between your fingers. Twist and turn them as you go, creating an intricate design. (Note: Be sure to leave the base of the petal relatively flat so that it has a chance to seal shut. Also, be sure to only twist in one direction; otherwise, the petal will not seal shut all the way!)

Step 4: When you’ve created your design, place it inside of the glass jar and continue this process until all of the rose petals are used up. You can now stop this process if you want to or you can place the jar somewhere safe and allow it to dry out a little more, just like a real flower!

Did you know?

The amount of twists you put in the petal reveals something about your personality!

* More than 10: You’re a very stressed out person and should try to get help.

* 5-10:

You’re fairly stress but who isn’t right?

* 1-4: You have almost no worries in life! Lucky you!

Have fun with this easy project and show it off to all of your friends!

Quick Facts: Roses

* There are over 100 different types of roses and almost as many varieties.

* The oldest fossilized rose dates back over 30 million years!

DIY Rose Beads: Learn How To Make Rose Beads From The Garden -

* It takes almost 10 years for a rose plant to produce its first bloom. (After that, they can produce a new one each year!

* There is almost a whole month of labor involved in making just one bottle of rose perfume!

* The most expensive rose sold at an auction was worth over $34,000!

Tips: How to Make Dried Flowers Last Longer

* Keep them out of direct sunlight. This will make them dry out and fade a lot quicker.

* Keep flowers away from heat sources as this makes them spoil faster.

* Check on them every once in awhile to see if they need more water, especially after being shipped around.

* Don’t use a fancy vase that has a lot of intricate details. Instead, keep the flower in something plainer and easier to clean.

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It’s a fun project that the whole family can get involved in and you can impress your friends by telling them exactly what kinds of flowers you’ve planted and why!

Fun Flower Facts

* The daffodil is also known as “Jonquil” which comes from a Dutch word that means “weakly.”

* The name “Zinnia” comes from a Persian word that means “life.”

* The national flower of England is the Rose.

* Tulips are considered the most popular flower in the world.

DIY Rose Beads: Learn How To Make Rose Beads From The Garden |

* The Rafflesia is a rare flower that is considered the largest in the world; it can reach up to three feet across and weigh up to 25 pounds.

* In America, the rose is the official national flower while in England, it is the Lotus.

* The pansy is a member of the Violet flower family.

* The Aztec civilization used to worship a god called Xochipili who they envisioned as a little boy with a large brimmed hat made of flowers.

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Certain flowers have long been given special meanings such as the Rose which is known for love while the Lily symbolizes purity.

Special Flowers

* African Violet: This flower is native to South Africa and gets its name from the fact that it has foliage which is a similar color to some types of African soil. It is known for being able to bloom indoors which makes it one of the most popular flowers to grow as a houseplant.

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