Christmas Cacti Poisoning To Cats?

Cats are not known to be very fond of Christmas trees. They will eat them if given enough time and they do so even when there isn’t any food around. There have been cases where cats ate their owners’ Christmas tree after it was left out too long! However, some cat owners don’t mind leaving their trees outside all year round. Some cats just like to go inside and play with their toys while others enjoy going into the garden during winter months.

There are many stories about how cats became addicted to Christmas trees. One story goes that one day a cat decided she wanted to get her paws on a Christmas tree but couldn’t because she had fallen asleep playing with her toy. She tried several times before finally succeeding at getting hold of one. When she got home, she proceeded to tear up the house and destroyed everything in sight. Her owner went out to look for her but didn’t return until morning.

After searching through every room, the owner found her dead body lying next to her Christmas tree. She had died from eating Christmas tree bark which contained toxic chemicals such as cyanide and hydrogen cyanide.

Another story tells of a cat named “Kitty” that loved to eat Christmas tree greens. After a few days her owners were surprised to find that she had stopped eating them altogether. They thought nothing more of it until their Christmas tree started to wilt and turn brown. They were about to throw it out until they realized that their cat was playing with it. It turned out the cat was eating the greens while the tree was in a corner of the room, out of sight!

Despite these stories, some people believe that the myths surrounding Christmas trees and cats are untrue. They admit that eating too much of the greens can cause a cat to become sick but they say that the greens are not poisonous at all.

As you can see, there are many myths surrounding these plants. Christmas cacti, or Euphorbia Pulcherrima, have caused many people to believe in their cat-toxic nature. In fact, the myths are completely untrue! Christmas cacti are safe to keep around cats and even dogs (though you should always check with your veterinarian first). Although they do contain a sap that can irritate your skin and eyes, the plant itself is completely non-toxic to animals.

Although there is no truth to these myths, it still wouldn’t be a good idea to have one around your cat.

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