Edible Weeds With Purple Flowers

Purple flowers are one of the most common types of edible weeds in your garden. They are also known as purple grass or purple flower weed. There are many varieties of these weeds but they all have purple flowers which make them look very pretty when blooming. Some kinds of purple flowers include:

Prunus spp.

Prunus species are the most commonly found purple flowers in gardens. These include:

Rosa damascena (Red-Velvet)

Rosa pedunculata (Sugar Cane)

Rosa rugosissima (Black Cottonwood)

Rosa californica (Yellow-Fever)

Rubirosa spp.

Eating Weeds – A List Of Edible Weeds In Your Garden at igrowplants.net

These purple flowers are not only beautiful but also useful. They can be used as a substitute for sugarcane in cooking. They are often eaten raw or cooked like spinach. Other uses include making a tea from the leaves and stems of these plants and even chewing on the flowers themselves! Purple flowers are quite easy to grow so they do well in almost any type of soil.

Lippia spp.

Lippia is a type of herb which has a very distinct smell. The flowers have a sweet smell, particularly in the evening when the sun goes down. This is when they release the most scent. They attract bees and other types of insects which help with pollination. This plant is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, as it can grow in many different conditions.

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