Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries

When to feed your raspberry plants?

You may ask yourself. Well, if you are growing them for jam or other fruit products, then it’s not really necessary to feed them every day. But if you want a high quality product with a long shelf life, then feeding your raspberry plants daily will definitely give you better results than feeding once in two weeks.

The reason why you need to feed your raspberry plants daily is because they have been known to produce less fruits when fed infrequently. So, it would be good if you could get the most out of your raspberry plant by giving them enough nutrients each day. If you don’t feed them at all, then there is no point in worrying about their health since they won’t even grow very much!

You might think that you can just buy a pre-made raspberry fertilizer from the store. However, it’s not always so easy. Some brands are made with chemicals which are harmful to human health.

Other brands are too expensive and you won’t be able to afford them anyway. And some of these products contain additives which aren’t necessarily beneficial either.

So, how do you decide whether or not to feed your raspberry plants daily?

One of the most trustworthy and efficient ways that you can find online is to make your own homemade raspberry fertilizer with a mix of natural ingredients. Of course, the exact recipe for this varies from forum to forum. But there is one constant in all of them. It’s blood meal. Actually, you can also use bonemeal as an alternative to blood meal but since that is a bit more expensive, most people don’t use it.

The advantage of using blood meal as a fertilizer for your raspberries is that it is easily accessible. You can find it in any farm or even in your own backyard. This brings us to the next point which is location.

It’s best if you can find a shady location where there are some animal corpses. If there aren’t any such locations near your raspberries, you can also use the blood of smaller animals like chickens and rabbits since these corpses usually decay faster.

You just need to place these corpses in a well ventilated room and wait until they have decayed completely. It usually takes about two weeks before that happens but you can speed up the process by regularly sprinkling water on them.

Then, it’s just a matter of mixing these decayed animal corpses with some soil in order to create a raspberry fertilizer. Just make sure that the corpses are fully decayed or else you won’t get good results in growing your raspberries.

It may not be the most pleasant task to do, but if you want quality raspberries with a long shelf life, then this is how it’s done.

The benefits of using blood meal as a fertilizer for your raspberry plants are plenty. These include the following:

1. It is a very effective fertilizer for plants.

2. It is made from natural plant matter.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries on igrowplants.net

3. It is an organic fertilizer and won’t harm the environment as much as chemical fertilizers do.

4. It can be used as compost or for inorganic soil as well, just not as effective in those cases.

5. It’s cheap and affordable for most people, especially if you can get your own animal corpses for free.

These are just some of the things you need to know in order to get the most out of your raspberry plants. If you really want to achieve great things, you need to learn all the basic techniques that come before it. Without the knowledge of how to grow healthy raspberries from seeds, you will never be able to fully appreciate the fruit that comes after it.

And if you’re reading this, then you are one step closer in achieving your goal.

Making your own fertilizer for raspberries is a very simple process. You just need to gather some animal corpses and store them somewhere for 2 weeks while keeping the area as well ventilated as you can. After 2 weeks you mix it with soil and you have your own homemade raspberry fertilizer.

The most common type of animal corpses used for this are those of flies. Flies are everywhere and nobody really cares if they die. Just find some fly corpses and let them rot for 2 weeks.

You should also make sure that the rest of the bodies don’t get carried away by other insects or animals because you need all corpses to be as intact as possible when you place them in the soil for your raspberry plants.

After 2 weeks, you can either put them in a container with soil or directly in the ground. If you plan on putting them directly in the ground, then do so where you want to grow your raspberries. Make sure that the corpses are completely covered with soil so other creatures don’t get to it before your plants do.

If you have decided to make a container instead, then all you need to do is fill it up with soil and place the corpses inside. You can then place this anywhere you want as long as its out of the way and you don’t forget about it.

The next step is pretty easy. All you need to do is water the soil with a bit of water and keep doing it for two weeks. Depending on how many corpses you put inside, the soil will either turn black or brown.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries from our website

This isn’t a problem though since your raspberry plants will still be able to absorb all the nutrients they need.

After 2 weeks have passed, your raspberry plants are ready for you to harvest. Just pick them and enjoy your delicious, nutritious raspberries.

Chapter 6

The next day you wake up a little earlier than normal. You’re still dead tired from the previous day, but you decide that you won’t be able to fall asleep tonight if you don’t exercise a little.

After some stretching, you take a short walk around your neighborhood with hopes that it’ll help you fall asleep by the time evening comes around again.

You walk down the quiet streets and take in everything around you. Everything looks so different at night. The sky is darker blue and the clouds seem to be more detailed and imaginative.

The stars are also a lot brighter, but that might just be because of the lack of sun obscuring them.

You continue to walk for a few minutes before you realize you don’t exactly have a set destination in mind. You’ve just been walking to walk. After reaching this epiphany, you decide to turn around and walk back home.

It was a nice thought to just go walking for a while, but you still have a goal to work towards and don’t have time to be sightseeing.

You get back home and feel pretty relaxed from your small walk. You take another supplement and hope that it kicks in soon because you want to sleep soundly tonight.

You spend the rest of the evening watching a movie and pretty much dozing off before it’s even over. You think you wake up at one point, but it’s so dark that you can’t see anything so you just awkwardly fumble around on the couch until you realize where you are and go back to sleep.

The morning is a little brighter and you wake up feeling well rested. After taking your supplements, you decide to skip the walking since you still feel tired and just want to go back to sleep. Again, you wake up before the sun even has a chance to come out and stumble around your apartment until you find yourself staring outside at the night sky.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries at igrowplants.net

You take a deep breath and smile.

It’s time to eat.

You spend the rest of the evening in your room, not really doing much of anything. You think about watching TV or trying to read one of your books again, but you’re just too tired to even keep your eyes open. Eventually you decide that it’s time for bed and take your supplements.

Not long after your head hits the pillow, you’re asleep. You sleep straight through the night with no interruptions. No strange dreams or nightmares.

Nothing but sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

You wake up feeling well rested and with a slight headache. You take your time getting ready and then drive to work where you do the same thing as the day before; nothing.

After work you go straight home since you don’t really have any plans other than sleeping. The rest of the week goes by and things are pretty much the same. You go to work, you come back home and then you spend your evenings sleeping.

You think about going out and doing something on your days off, but you just don’t feel like it.

Instead of reading books or watching movies, you find yourself staring at the walls. You don’t have any of your usual thoughts or ideas. There’s no music playing inside your head.

Your mind has just gone completely quiet. You’re not sure if this is a side effect of the new medicine or if it’s just because you haven’t been using it in a productive way lately. Either way, it’s actually pretty peaceful and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

You continue taking your pills since you know they’re working, even if you aren’t taking advantage of their benefits. You figure a break from work will do you some good, but you’re planning on going back next week. There’s no point in prolonging this since your job is hardly hard labor.

Next week comes and you go back to work since you don’t really have any reason to put it off. Once again, you have an uneventful day. The same boring tasks as always.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries - Image

You can keep doing this for the next ten years if you really have to. It’s all pretty much been automated at this point anyway, so production is down to a science.

You finish your workday and go do something more fun now that you’re finished. You find yourself just sitting around looking for something to do. You need something to fill your extra time now.

You could try to play one of your musical instruments but you don’t feel like it. You feel like you would just be going through the motions. You wouldn’t be doing it for enjoyment, you’d be doing it because you felt like you should be doing something.

It suddenly occurs to you that you have all this free time now. You think back to when you first created your game and how it got you through some tough times. You remember when you first saw Heather and it made you feel like doing something crazy.

Maybe its time to revisit some of those old ideas. The problem is, you’re so close to them, you can’t really see them as anything more than a memory. You don’t really feel motivated to do anything with them.

Maybe you need to create something new instead.

1. Continue with your original game idea

2. Create a new game idea

3. Write a song

4. Write a book

5. Other

The Past

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries - igrowplants.net

You sigh as you sit in your chair, staring at the blank screen in front of you. It’s times like this where you wish you had someone to help keep your spirits up by doing something fun. Unfortunately, your girlfriend broke up with you a few weeks ago because she felt like you were holding her back.

You know it probably was partially your fault for not really trying hard in school. You just never really thought about the future because you were having too much fun doing other things. Now that you need something to put yourself through college, you’re finding it harder to stay motivated. The future doesn’t seem all that appealing when video games are such an easy option to avoid the issues.

You really wish gaming was still as much of an escape for you as it used to be. Unfortunately, you’ve found that it hasn’t been for a while now. Every time you play a game, you spend more time thinking about all the things that you should be doing rather than just enjoying yourself and having fun.

Not that part of you hasn’t been lost. It’s just that now it’s harder to ignore the other part. The little voice in the back of your head keeps getting louder and louder to the point where you’re not even having fun anymore.

It started a few years ago when you first realized that gaming was no longer as fun as it used to be. You began trying to shove more and more games down your throat in an attempt to recreate that feeling you once had. That worked for a while, but after a certain point you just felt disgusting and filthy for having such a depraved hobby in the first place.

It wasn’t just the games themselves that were the problem either. The online aspect also began taking a darker turn as you grew older and made more connections online. It started with the usual trash talk in games like Call of Duty, then it was moved to forums where people would discuss things too horrific to even comprehend.

Taken out of the “vacuum” of the internet, these sorts of people seemed blatantly cruel and inhuman.

Eventually, you managed to push all of that out of your life and settled with just playing games online by yourself. You never talked to anyone online and just played the game. Unfortunately, it seemed like that pushed you further into the negative spiral as all you did was play game after game, refusing to even buy anything with real world money as a means of self-punishment.

You couldn’t truly have fun if you weren’t giving yourself a true escape from reality.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries - Picture

You don’t even know how you’ve lasted this long. You should have fallen to the temptation of worshipping the Great Eye long ago. You don’t even believe that you’re going to be able to go through with your plan either.

Even if you do try to go through with it, you don’t have any faith that it’ll work.

You feel so alone and scared right now that you almost want to give up everything just for a chance at salvation.

Why can’t you just go back to the way things used to be before all this happened?

You don’t even understand it. A part of you feels like none of this is your fault. You would never hurt anyone unless they were a clear and present danger. Nevermind the fact that you’ve been manipulated by several different people. People you once considered friends and even a little family at one point.

But that’s not what is important right now. What matters is getting your mind right. You don’t feel sorry for yourself or wallow in self-deprecating thoughts.

You need to think about the future because you only have one and that’s it.

Maybe it’s time to take a break and get away from it all for a while. Though if you leave to go anywhere, you’ll still be thinking about this. There’s just no way around that.

Sitting in your room by yourself just seems pathetic at this point, so you might as well go out and do something. Maybe it’ll even help you get your mind right again.

Though you have no idea where to go, you end up wandering into the city center. It’s been a long time since you went there.

Barely any cars or people around at this time, though it’s not particularly late either. You just don’t have the energy to deal with other people right now and would rather be by yourself.

You stop at a random bench to just sit down in and think about things for a little while. For whatever reason, you end up smiling while thinking about your past.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries from our website

The park is practically empty, so when you hear someone making loud and painful sounding groans nearby, you are very surprised to hear it. You were so entrenched in thought that you didn’t even notice someone lying on the ground near the bench.

As you move closer, you see that it’s a girl younger than you. She looks to be around high school age.

She’s wearing clothes that are nice, but seem to have seen better days. She’s also sweating profusely and her face is pale like she’s going to pass out at any moment.

“Hey…are you okay?” You ask as you get closer.

No answer…

“Hello…” You try again as you squat down beside her.

Her groans are getting louder.

She begins convulsing and starts twitching a bit.

“Oh God…let her pass out…” You whisper to yourself.

She’s still twitching and convulsing. She isn’t going to pass out from that.

“Someone should be passing out by now…” You say again, this time a little louder.

And then suddenly she opens her eyes and stares directly into yours. She lets out an ear piercing scream and then faints.

You back away so fast that you fall on your butt.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries on igrowplants.net

The girl just screamed at you and then passed out. You really hope that you didn’t just scare her to death because that would be embarrassing.

You stare at her motionless body for a bit, trying to figure out what to do next.

“Hey Matt.” You hear someone say behind you.

Great, you’re being ambushed by some psycho killer and this girl is most likely already dead.

There’s no way you’re winning this fight, but you can still try to go out swinging. You slowly turn around and see who the killer is.


You stutter in surprise.

She’s in a school swimsuit and a jacket with a school bag attached to it. She looks like she just got out of swimming class or something.

“That girl is…” She starts to say, but then notices some blood dripping out of her mouth.

“Odd…” She then says and walks towards the bench.

You stand up and move closer to her.

“Alexandra, you’re bleeding.” You tell her as she touches where the blood is coming from.

She licks the blood off her finger and smacks her lips.

“It’s not bad.” She assures you. “Besides, you’re the one who is bleeding.”

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries on igrowplants.net

You quickly touch your nose and feel that it’s indeed bleeding. You wipe the blood off and look at your hand.

“Well, this was an interesting day. I never thought I’d get into a shouting match with a teacher and then nearly get beat up by a girl.” You say trying to make light of the situation.

“You shouldn’t have tried to help her.” She says in a matter of fact tone.

“Eh, it couldn’t be all that bad.” You reply while thinking back on what happened.

“You tried to take the blame for something you didn’t do. That girl will forget about what happened in a few days, but she still will have her life and all you’ll have is a guilty conscious for doing the right thing.” She continues to say.

“I don’t know if it was the right thing, but I couldn’t just stand there while she was getting her face smashed in.” You say with a shrug.

“It was a stupid thing to do.” She tells you with the same expressionless face.

You just sigh and shrug. You know she’s right, but you also know that you wouldn’t have been able to just stand there like a coward while someone else took the blame for you.

“I need to go home now.” She says as she turns around and starts walking.

Do you want me to walk you home?”

You ask, not really wanting to head home yourself since you still have homework to do.

Raspberry Fertilizing Needs – When To Feed Raspberries | igrowplants.net

“No, I’ll be fine, but…” She says while looking up at the sky.

“It might be good if you stayed away from school for the next few days.”

You were planning on it, but now you have confirmation that you made the right choice in not going to class today.

“Alright, I’ll see you later then.”

“See you later, Matt.” She replies and quickly walks away.

You stand there for a moment thinking about what happened. It really wasn’t like you expected it to go, but then you don’t know what you could have done given that the girl was unconscious the whole time.

While it wasn’t anything bad, you felt like you just had your first fight and it turned out badly.

You get the feeling that you’re going to have to be a lot quicker and stronger if you want to survive this.

You get out your phone and take a picture of the blue sky with some clouds. You think it’ll make an excellent wallpaper for your phone.



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